Ipad Mini Is Dead And Won’T Turn On

Ipad Mini Is Dead And Won'T Turn On

If the iPad does not turn on, try restoring it to work by yourself. Disassembling the device and pulling out the battery is not required for this.

Starting a morning with a cup of coffee is a tradition. Owners of the iPad and other gadgets from Apple have their own morning rituals. Why waste time if during the morning coffee you can watch the latest news, check your mail or wander through interesting forums.

With the Apple iPad, it’s so convenient that you can give up this habit only if you have really serious problems.

For example, if the ipad does not turn on. You get used to the quality and stability of Apple products very quickly, and the situation that is familiar to owners of gadgets from other manufacturers, the owner of the iPad can be confusing. After all, usually these devices work for months and even years without the need to reboot or reinstall the software.

And suddenly – a problem: the iPad does not turn on! What to do? Immediately look for an iPad service center, or try to reanimate the device on your own? Let’s figure it out!

Repeatedly pressing the power button, most likely, will not help. There may be a situation where the battery is completely discharged, and connecting to charging will bring the iPad back to life. But you probably already tried this option, and it didn’t help?

So if iPad does not turn on, try: simultaneously hold down the power button and the Home button (return to the main menu). You need to hold the buttons pressed for a long time, about 12 seconds. And, most likely, a miracle will happen: first an apple will appear on the screen, and then the download process will go, as if nothing had happened. And after that, your iPad will continue to work stably and without failures.

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By the way, the same recipe will work if the iPhone does not turn on. Please note that during this operation, the device should not be connected to the computer, otherwise the software update process will start. If you forgot to turn off the gadget right away – do not worry. Quietly turn it off and hold down the 2 treasured buttons again.

IPad earned? Perfectly! The question remains: “What was it?” Experts say that it’s okay. This is simply a failure, one of the possible causes of which is overflow of RAM. A signal to urgently need to look for a service to repair the iPad or even buy a new tablet, this failure is not.

But still, this recipe does not save in 100% of cases. If the tablet still doesn’t turn on, you’ll still have to search for the iPad service center. In fact, choosing it is not easy. If you browse one after another sites, it seems that all services are the same.

Meanwhile, the situation with the iPad, which does not turn on, is an excellent check of the repairmen for honesty. A good service will post information on how to revitalize the iPad on its website. Or for free, tell the tablet owner about this easy way. If you require money for pressing two buttons, think about whether to trust these masters with a serious iPad repair, and how much it will cost you.