Ipad Is Slowly Charging From A Network Cause

Ipad Is Slowly Charging From A Network Cause

Agree, modern mobile device batteries do not hold a charge for as long as old cell phones. It is rare when the charge of a mobile device, with constant use, can last more than a day. Today, the operating time and battery life of smartphones and tablets is decreasing so quickly that we charge the smartphone more and more. However, if your device cannot charge fast enough, then this becomes a problem. If your battery is charging slowly, here are some tips that can help you charge quickly.

There is no single solution to how to quickly charge your iPad, but we can offer ways to reduce charging time.

Make sure you use an official Apple connector or cable

Prior to firmware 7, users could use third-party cables to charge and synchronize their devices without any problems. However, everything has changed with firmware 7. Now that you are using a third-party / unofficial iPad cable, you will see an error message that the cable is not supported (although there is a Cydia tweak that bypasses the error message). Even with an error message, you can sync or charge your iPad, but it will be much slower.

Eliminate third-party / fake cables in order to quickly charge your iPad, it is safer and will increase battery life.

Turn off iPad

Turning off your device while charging is by far the fastest way to fully charge your iPad. Since the iPad does not use any resources when it is turned off, so it charges up to 100% faster.

Enable Airplane Mode

Turning on Airplane mode will prevent the iPad’s from constantly searching for cellular and Wi-Fi signals, which will also reduce the use of resources on your iPad. With iOS8 firmware, you can easily enable / disable Airplane mode through the Control Center.

Charging from ordinary outlets

A wall charger is a great way to quickly charge your iPad. Many people constantly charge their devices from a computer / laptop using USB, but they do not know what to charge from the outlet as a whole faster. In case you have no choice but to charge your iPad through your computer, make sure you remove other connected USB devices for a faster charge.

Observe proper battery maintenance

To achieve maximum battery performance on your iPad (including charging time), you must perform proper battery maintenance. Here are some general tips for improving performance:

  • Upgrading to the latest software version
  • Do not use or hold the iPad in extreme temperatures
  • When charging, pull the device out of the “battery case” (which must be charged separately)
  • Carry out at least one full charge cycle per month (charge your iPad to 100% and work on it to 0% until it turns off the discharge)
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Do not use iPad while charging

Many people, as a rule, when it comes to charging do not part with it, even while charging. Give your iPad a break, refrain from checking your iPad every hour to check your social networks and more. Also stop watching movies, listening to music and playing games while charging.

Modern tablets have both a number of advantages and disadvantages. This also applies to "apple" tablets, whose users are faced with a specific problem. iPad is charging slowly. Some still think (from old memory) that the device must be brought to full discharge two to three times in a row. This practice was acceptable for devices with nickel batteries. Tablets with lithium batteries are not recommended to be brought to a charge level of less than 10%.


The main factors that affect how long an iPad charges for are the following:

  • charging from a PC via USB;
  • uncertified charger;
  • use of an uncertified USB cable;
  • Inappropriate charger model or cable;
  • prolonged inactivity of the tablet;
  • application of the adapter for the "American" entrance to the "European".

How to fix the problem

If you are tired that the iPad is charging for a long time, follow certain recommendations for saving energy on the device. In this case, you should pay attention to:

If after following the above tips, the user still wonders why the iPad is slowly charging, it is better to go to the official page of the "apple" company, the "Support" section. Here it is recommended to perform a certain procedure:

  • First of all, it is worth checking whether there is any damage on the cable and USB adapter.
  • If you charge your iPad from a simple wall outlet, you need to make sure that the charging cable and USB adapter are correctly connected to the outlet.
  • Try changing the outlet.
  • Clean the charging port from the bottom of the device from dirt, then firmly insert the charging cable into the outlet.
  • Put the tablet to charge for 30 minutes. If after this the iPad still does not respond, you must force restart it (simultaneously press and hold the “Sleep / Wake” and “Home” keys for 10 seconds until the company logo appears).

Use at least some of these tips – and you can significantly save your battery life.

iPad does not charge from USB: Video

iPad is a toy that not everyone can afford. But here you still decided and purchased this tablet. Use it, enjoy the excellent quality of the products. But after a while, insert the USB cable into the sync slot, and nothing happens. The screen does not light up and there is no charge icon. Agree, a very unpleasant situation. But do not despair, because there are several reasons for such a breakdown. Some of them can be solved independently without contacting a service center. Let’s look at the reasons why the iPad does not charge, and the solutions to these problems.

Reasons and solutions

There are several reasons for the "apple" tablet to not charge. The most common cause is elementary clogging of the nest. When carrying the gadget in a pocket or bag, various fibers, dust particles, etc. are gradually packed into it. Layering and gradually ramming, as a result, they begin to close the terminals, which leads to a failure of the system to charge. To solve this problem, you just need to take a toothpick and remove the resulting felt from the connector. But this is only one of the cases of malfunction, which is most easily eliminated. Let’s look at more serious options when a simple toothpick is indispensable.

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Among the most common causes are:

  • charger failure;
  • damage to the connector;
  • moisture penetration through and failure of the lower loop;
  • not original adapter;
  • condensate on the main board.

We will deal with these problems and determine what solutions are available to eliminate them.

Charger damage

This problem is the most common cause. In this case, be sure to check the charger. To do this is very simple with the help of a tester and on your own. If you do not know how to use – ask someone who knows how. If the adapter is not working, you just need to purchase a new device.

Connector damage

The battery charging process on the iPad may be absent due to mechanical damage to the connector itself. This occurs due to careless use. In the case of confirmation that this particular malfunction is the cause of the breakdown, there is no way to do without a service center. Professionals will replace the connector with a new one and the gadget will be charged again.

Moisture from the outside and failure of the lower loop

In some cases, water can enter through the connector itself, resulting in a failure of the lower loop. Also, the reason may be the same sloppiness of using the tablet. The only solution is to completely replace the loop in the service center.

Using a fake adapter

Very often, in an effort to save money, owners purchase a cheap "Chinese" adapter. It does not always meet the required parameters and as a result the power controller fails. This breakdown is eliminated only by replacing this part, which is also done only in the service center.

Ipad Is Slowly Charging From A Network Cause


In some cases, with sudden changes in temperature, inside the case. On the board, condensation forms, which leads to breakdowns. This problem is solved by blowing the smartphone with warm, dry air. At the same time, you need to take your iPad to a service center in the near future to clean the board from salts and other contaminants.

Other malfunctions

In some cases, when you connect the iPad to a computer via a USB cable, a message appears on the tablet’s screen that charging has not started. In this case, you should not look for a problem, since everything is charging, but very slowly. Yes, it will take longer to fully recharge the battery than from a standard adapter.

In some cases, a cable fracture is also to blame. But it immediately becomes noticeable if you slightly move it around. If the charging jumps go, then the reason for this is to change the cable.

In the end, I would like to give some recommendations. First, never open the tablet yourself. You can lose the warranty on the device and at the same time break something else. Secondly – try to handle the gadget carefully, because it is an expensive and fragile thing with many small details. And thirdly, if you suspect an adapter failure or a broken cable, try to take similar working elements from a friend for testing. This will allow you to more accurately determine the cause, and you will not need to contact service centers.

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The iPad is charging for a long time – many users face this problem. Popular rumor in such cases is peremptory: "the battery has run down." However, in fact, there may be several reasons. And the most commonplace is dirt. Yes, ordinary dirt that accumulates in the connector.

Wherever you carry the device — in a bag, in a backpack, or even in a suede case — it will everywhere “find” dust, as well as various organic and inorganic residues. The easiest way to help the tablet is to clear the lightning cable port. In extreme cases, even a regular toothpick can be suitable for this purpose. Of course, this seemingly uncomplicated operation requires utmost attention and caution.

What is the reason that iRad 4 charging slows down?

Easy home diagnostics for charging

How long does the iPad charge in normal conditions?

However, the battery life of a tablet computer is from 2 to 7 days, depending on the nature of the load, which is comparable with the best models of "adult" laptops. The battery has an impressive capacity: 11560 mA / h. These weighty consumer plus levels out minor disadvantages. However, if the full charge of your iPad lasts much longer than 6 hours and this causes you inconvenience, contact our service center. We will quickly find out the reason and eliminate the flaw qualitatively.

The autonomy of the "apple product" is known throughout the world. Even during the presentation of this “miracle of technology”, the developers proudly announced: the tablet can work up to 8 hours. But what if the iPad charges slowly and lacks patience to fully nourish it with energy?

In order to determine if a real problem exists, you need to find out how you charge the gadget:

  1. From a computer using a USB cable.
  2. From the mains using a charger

In the first case, the “recharge” of the tablet goes through the port. The gadget is in sleep mode and usually charges up to 12 hours. This is the normal time period required to charge the device from scratch.

If it is slowly charging from the network, then this fact should be perceived as an alarm bell. After all, a full charge of the device connected to the outlet should take no more than 5 hours.

Causes and Possible Consequences

A few more reasons may be added to this list. After all, only a professional can understand the complex structure of the device and understand why the gadget is “sick”.

How can I help my tablet?

Noticing that your tablet takes a long time to charge, you can purchase a new charger (preferably, the original one from Apple). If the cause of the problem was in insufficiently powerful charging, then this action should help you.

The remaining repair attempts are best avoided. Even self-cleaning the connector can result in a complete shutdown of the device. In order not to tempt fate, it is better to trust professionals. They have all the necessary equipment and experience to conduct diagnostics and complete repair of the gadget.