Ipad Does Not Turn On

Ipad Does Not Turn On

Sooner or later, some of the iPad users will encounter such a problem. Them iPad does not turn on. Moreover, this misfortune does not bypass the users of both the first tablet models, and the newfangled iPad Air, iPad mini 2, etc. What to do in such cases? Let’s try to figure it out together.

To answer the question, we need to try to understand why this could happen.

one. The most commonplace reason is iPad is dead (the battery is dead). Typically, in such cases, the iPad’s enough charge to show you an empty battery (but sometimes we don’t even see it). In any case, if you see only a black screen, I advise you to connect the iPad to a power source and wait at least 5-10 minutes (Apple recommends charging at least 20 minutes) so that it charges at least a little. After that, try turning it on.

If a red battery starts to appear on the screen – this is a good reason that the iPad is low. Just charge it. If it does not charge, then try changing the power source (change the USB input, if you are charging from a computer, change the outlet, change the wire, etc.)

2. The second most popular reason is iPad does not turn on after jailbreak procedure (or installing some tweaks from Cydia). And the third reason – some kind of unexpected glitch in the system (as a rule, this does not happen on its own, so this happens least often). Often this is accompanied by the appearance of a white apple on the screen or a wire, hinting about the need to connect to iTunes.

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In both cases, I recommend the following algorithm of actions:

a) Hard reset iPad. To do this, press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously on the iPad. Wait approximately 10 seconds. Even if there was an apple (or any other image) on the screen at that moment, it will disappear. This means you turned off the iPad completely.

Turn on the iPad by pressing the Power button.

b) If after a hard reboot the iPad still does not turn on, then only the iPad recovery will help you. In other words, a complete flashing of the device. But do not rush to run to the service, this procedure can be done at home.

If you are not strong in this topic, then I recommend reading the articles:

Ipad Does Not Turn On

These three articles are enough for you to feel confident and restore your iPad without any problems.

The only warning: after recovery, you will lose all your data if you do not back up. Be sure to try to make a backup in iTunes on your computer, if possible, and the iPad gives it to do (article on backups).

If the iPad still doesn’t turn on

If all else fails, then you need to contact an Apple Service Center to resolve the problem. Apparently, something serious happened with your tablet. In this case, I can only wish you good luck …