Ipad 3 Is Charging Slowly

Ipad 3 Is Charging Slowly

And is this a big problem? Let’s figure it out At some point, the happy owners of the iPad are faced with the problem of a lack of charge on their device. The iPad does not charge, and at first this raises a logical question – why does it not charge? Or there is no contact in the cord, or something broke in the gadget, etc. No need to panic.
When faced with this kind of situation, of course, you don’t need to fly anywhere headlong, since everything is normal with the device. The reason that the ipad does not have a charge from lies directly in the computers themselves.
“Apple” tablets need more energy to charge than, for example, That’s why, iPad can take charge from a computer only in standby mode, lock.

IPad is not charging, how to be?

Owners of the MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook, who saw the world from 2011 onwards, do not face such a dilemma. Their devices are equipped with powerful ports that provide the iPad with the amount of energy that it needs. Well, in parallel, you can play games.
The USB port, in standard mode, is able to provide operation of all connected devices, the power consumption of which is up to 2.5 watts. Such power is not enough to, because its charge is provided by the power supply, with a power of 10 watts.
When the charge time of the iPad does not matter, you can safely connect it to the computer. He will take charge slowly , but do not forget to press the sleep key (display lock), otherwise the problem pops up again – why is the ipad not charging?

What if the iPad slowly takes charge

You need to try connecting the USB cable to all available ports on your computer. Therefore, you should know exactly the characteristics of all the USB connectors that a computer has. Modern hardware comes with three varieties of USB. Two of them, 2.0 and 1.0 , provide current strength up to 500 mA, and 3.0 USB port give out almost twice as much – within 890 mA. Naturally, from 1.0 USB iPad will take charge throughout, and charging from port 3.0 will be much more efficient, especially in terms of time.
You can purchase a double USB-adapter – this is a Y-shaped wire, because it makes it possible to take 2 times more energy.
This kind of adaptation solves the problem of practicality and mobility at the same time. Its name is dictated by the fact that the device has 2 inputs – for data and power, well, but there is only one output. It looks like letter Y
To solve the problem, when the ipad has no charge, the manufacturer modified its motherboards. Special programs were also released. They are able to transfer the USB port to a different mode, respectively, so the necessary power is provided.
Based on all of the above, it is worth remembering:
– All iPad devices are quite slowly taking charge from the computer;
– the icon appears on the display of the iPad that “no charge” is not a cable or device breakdown. When the ipad does not charge, this is completely solvable.

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Video on why the iPad is not charging

Agree, modern mobile device batteries do not hold a charge for as long as old cell phones. It is rare when the charge of a mobile device, with constant use, can last more than a day. Today, the operating time and battery life of smartphones and tablets is decreasing so quickly that we charge the smartphone more and more. However, if your device cannot charge fast enough, then this becomes a problem. If your battery is charging slowly, here are some tips that can help you charge quickly.

There is no single solution to how to quickly charge your iPad, but we can offer ways to reduce charging time.

Make sure you use an official Apple connector or cable

Prior to firmware 7, users could use third-party cables to charge and synchronize their devices without any problems. However, everything has changed with firmware 7. Now that you are using a third-party / unofficial iPad cable, you will see an error message that the cable is not supported (although there is a Cydia tweak that bypasses the error message). Even with an error message, you can sync or charge your iPad, but it will be much slower.

Eliminate third-party / fake cables in order to quickly charge your iPad, it is safer and will increase battery life.

Turn off iPad

Turning off your device while charging is by far the fastest way to fully charge your iPad. Since the iPad does not use any resources when it is turned off, so it charges up to 100% faster.

Enable Airplane Mode

Turning on Airplane mode will prevent the iPad’s from constantly searching for cellular and Wi-Fi signals, which will also reduce the use of resources on your iPad. With iOS8 firmware, you can easily enable / disable Airplane mode through the Control Center.

Charging from ordinary outlets

A wall charger is a great way to quickly charge your iPad. Many people constantly charge their devices from a computer / laptop using USB, but they do not know what to charge from the outlet as a whole faster. In case you have no choice but to charge your iPad through your computer, make sure you remove other connected USB devices for a faster charge.

Observe proper battery maintenance

To achieve maximum battery performance on your iPad (including charging time), you must perform proper battery maintenance. Here are some general tips for improving performance:

  • Upgrading to the latest software version
  • Do not use or hold the iPad in extreme temperatures
  • When charging, pull the device out of the “battery case” (which must be charged separately)
  • Carry out at least one full charge cycle per month (charge your iPad to 100% and work on it to 0% until it turns off the discharge)

Do not use iPad while charging

Many people, as a rule, when it comes to charging do not part with it, even while charging. Give your iPad a break, refrain from checking your iPad every hour to check your social networks and more. Also stop watching movies, listening to music and playing games while charging.

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If the iPad quickly discharges, then it becomes uncomfortable to interact with it – you constantly have to think about the charge level and keep the charger with you. However, this is not the only problem: many users are also interested in why does the iPad charge for a long time and then quickly discharges?

Quick discharge

If the iPad began to discharge quickly, then the reason for this may be:

  • Battery wear.
  • Install the new version of iOS.
  • Active use of 3G, LTE.
  • Included geolocation.
  • Non-optimal settings.
  • Background work of an energy-intensive application.

Typically, the user can cope with the fast discharge of the battery on their own. But if there was a sharp drop in battery life, you should contact the service center – you may need to replace the battery.


If the iPad began to discharge quickly after installing the new version of iOS, then do not take any action. This is a common problem that will be fixed in the first update. This has already happened, and every time the media and ordinary users raised a panic, demanding answers from Apple developers. The answer came quickly enough in the form of a bug fix.

Another reason is the active use of mobile data. Operating time up to 10 hours is indicated for surfing when connected via Wi-Fi. On cellular networks, the iPad runs up to 9 hours, but most often the value drops to 8 hours. Therefore, if you do not use the cellular data module, do not forget to turn it off.

In addition to 3G and LTE, a lot of energy is taken away by the work of the geolocation service, thanks to which the iPad determines the approximate location. Some programs that use geolocation can eat up to 30% of the charge per hour. To disable a service:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Go to the "Privacy" section.
  3. Go to the "Location Services" submenu.
  4. Leave applications that really need geolocation enabled.

You can disable all services, but then you will not be able to use navigators. However, this does not prevent you from seeing the route on the map, if you already know where you are.

There are simply energy-intensive applications that, without any geolocation, take many percent of the charge. To calculate them, go to Settings – General – Statistics – Battery Usage. Evaluate which programs are in the top of energy costs. If you can refuse to use them, then uninstall these applications. Or at least close them completely so that they do not work in the background.

It would be useful to tune the system a little, optimizing power consumption. The first is brightness adjustment:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Select the Wallpaper and Brightness section.
  3. Decrease the brightness or turn on automatic setting of parameters.

The next step is to reduce movement. You can enable it in the "Universal Access" section in the main settings. Lastly, turn off content updates in the background. You can also do this in the main settings. These steps will help answer the question of why your iPad is quickly discharging and eliminate this shortcoming.

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Slow charge

If the iPad is slowly charging and then quickly discharging, then the cause may be:

  • Using an uncertified charger or USB cable.
  • Inappropriate iPad model charger.
  • Using an adapter for an “American” input on a “European” model.
  • Battery wear.
  • Problems with the power controller.

You need to understand that from a USB tablet it takes longer to charge than from a wall outlet. In addition, if the iPad has been idle for a long time, then even after connecting the charger, it will not turn on right away – it takes a certain amount of time to accumulate the necessary charge level to continue working.

To speed up charging, try charging the device off or use some energy saving tips.

If you know when the iPad is quickly discharging, what you need to do, then you can already significantly reduce the load on the battery. Try the following tips as well:

  • Disable unnecessary notifications in the settings.
  • Turn on auto-lock with a minimum interval of two minutes (Settings – General).
  • Disable Bluetooth and other communication modules.

All of these steps will be meaningless if you use a non-original or damaged charger, or if the iPad has problems with the battery and power controller. Therefore, first of all, make sure there are no hardware malfunctions that need to be fixed at the service center.

The autonomy of the "apple product" is known throughout the world. Even during the presentation of this “miracle of technology”, the developers proudly announced: the tablet can work up to 8 hours. But what if the iPad charges slowly and lacks patience to fully nourish it with energy?

In order to determine if a real problem exists, you need to find out how you charge the gadget:

  1. From a computer using a USB cable.
  2. From the mains using a charger

In the first case, the “recharge” of the tablet goes through the port. The gadget is in sleep mode and usually charges up to 12 hours. This is the normal time period required to charge the device from scratch.

If it is slowly charging from the network, then this fact should be perceived as an alarm bell. After all, a full charge of the device connected to the outlet should take no more than 5 hours.

Causes and Possible Consequences

A few more reasons may be added to this list. After all, only a professional can understand the complex structure of the device and understand why the gadget is “sick”.

How can I help my tablet?

Noticing that your tablet takes a long time to charge, you can purchase a new charger (preferably, the original one from Apple). If the cause of the problem was in insufficiently powerful charging, then this action should help you.

The remaining repair attempts are best avoided. Even self-cleaning the connector can result in a complete shutdown of the device. In order not to tempt fate, it is better to trust professionals. They have all the necessary equipment and experience to conduct diagnostics and complete repair of the gadget.