Ios Updates Do Not Come, What To Do

Ios Updates Do Not Come, What To Do

While reading our news, you saw a message about the release of the next iOS update, but when you go to Software Update iPhone or iPad says “Latest software installed"Or long Check for Updates leads to nothing. In this article, we will try to explain why sometimes iOS updates do not come, and what to do in this case.

In most cases, this problem is due to the jailbreak on the iOS device and the confusion among the various types of iOS updates. So, first things first.

Types of iOS Updates

1. For everyone. These are familiar iOS updates for ordinary iOS users.

2. For registered developers. These updates can only be installed by users whose iPhone or iPad is associated with an Apple ID of a registered developer. In addition, updates for developers can be obtained if the UDID of an iOS device has been included in the list of gadgets taking part in testing a developer’s software project.

Developer updates are the very first and most raw.

3. For beta program participants. Everyone can get these updates, but you need to register with the Apple Beta Program. How to do this, we told here.

Consider the most common cases in which iOS updates may not be available in Settings.

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IOS updates not coming (Message: Latest software installed)

  • The user will see this message if the device does not already support new updates. Check if your iPhone or iPad really supports the latest iOS update. This can be done, for example, on this page.
  • Inscription Latest software installed can be confusing if a public version of iOS is installed on the iPhone or iPad (for everyone), and a user who is neither a registered developer nor a participant Beta programs, I saw the news about the beta version of the firmware.
  • On the other hand, this message may be indicated if a beta version of the firmware is installed on the iOS device. For example, iPhone 10.3 beta 6 is installed and at this time the final version of iOS 10.3 for everyone was released. In most cases, these two firmwares (the latest beta and final release) are identical, therefore, in the section Software Update the inscription appears Latest software installed.
  • In addition, the inscription Latest software installed may indicate that the current update is not yet available for your region. Try the verification procedure later.

How to upgrade iOS to the final version if beta is installed on the device

Ios Updates Do Not Come, What To Do

Method 1

one. Open the "Settings"And go to the"The main"And then in"Profiles";

2. In the profile list, select "iOS Beta Software Profile" and press "Delete profile";

3. When prompted, enter the password, then click “Delete»To confirm the action;

four. Reboot your iOS device;

5. Open the "Settings"And follow the path"The main"-> "Software Update".

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After that, the gadget will find the latest iOS update and install it.

It should also be remembered that as a result of the above procedure, your beta profile will be deleted. That is, updates related to platform testing will not come to the device. To resume the profile, you must use this instruction.

Method 2

You can also update your device using iTunes on your computer. Detailed instructions describing the procedure Updates and Recovery iPhone and iPad are available here.

Why iOS updates do not come (Message: Check for updates)

In most cases, this message may appear due to the jailbreak on the iPhone or iPad. Updating such a device is possible only through the procedure Recovery at DFU mode. Detailed instructions are here.

Long "Check for Updates"May also indicate a load on Apple servers (try later), as well as a low speed Internet connection.