iOS 13.2 – what’s new, release date

iOS 13.2 - what's new, release date

Already much is known.

Apple is actively developing iOS 13.2 – the second major update of the operating system iOS 13. The firmware has repeatedly appeared on the Internet – Apple employees go out with the iPhone under its control to the Internet. When will iOS 13.2 come out and what will be new? Some key innovations of iOS 13.2 are already known.

iOS 13.2 - what's new, release date

Siri learns to announce messages

In the first beta versions of iOS 13, there was a feature that gave Siri voice assistant the ability to read incoming messages. This option did not reach the final version of iOS 13. However, Apple said that the innovation will still appear in one of the next major updates to the operating system.

There is no function in iOS 13.1, so it’s logical to expect it in iOS 13.2. The innovation will allow not only to listen to messages immediately after receiving them, but also to instantly respond to them with a voice. Initially, Apple designed this feature for AirPods wireless headphone users. But it is possible that in iOS 13.2 the option will be available for use even without connected headphones.

"Sign in with Apple"

At the presentation of iOS 13, the "Sign in with Apple" feature was announced. It allows you to authorize on various web resources using your Apple ID account, similar to the "Sign in with Google" option. According to Apple, it makes the authorization process as secure and confidential as possible.

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iOS 13.2 - what's new, release date

But so far, such “Login with Apple” buttons have not appeared on sites on the Internet. Their full support in iOS is also not. It is expected that the innovation will begin to unfold just in conjunction with the launch of iOS 13.2.

Fonts for applications

With the launch of iOS 13.2 in the App Store, fonts should appear that can be used in applications on the iPhone. Apple announced such a feature back in June, but it still didn’t work.

It is noteworthy that in iOS 13.1 in the settings of each iPhone appeared the "Fonts" section. However, while it is completely useless. It is impossible to add fonts for subsequent activation in one of the applications.

New Emoji

In iOS 13.2, 59 new emojis will be added to the iPhone. This is a confirmed innovation, as before the Unicode consortium announced emoticons, and Apple confirmed that they will appear in iOS in the fall.

iOS 13.2 - what's new, release date

Among the new emojis will be: a sloth, a skunk, a swimsuit, another yawning smiley, a guide dog, a prosthetic arm and leg, and many other emojis.

IOS 13.2 Release Date

When will iOS 13.2 come out? The most likely release date for the next major iOS update is fairly easy to predict, and very accurately. Thank you for this emoji!

Apple traditionally releases a new version of iOS with another batch of emoji at the very end of October. Apparently, there is some kind of agreement between the company and the Unicode consortium.

See for yourself. iOS 11.1 with 70 new emoji was released on October 31, 2017. iOS 12.1 with a similar replenishment of 70 emoticons was launched on October 30, 2018. In both cases, it was Tuesday, the day of the week on which Apple usually launches new firmware.

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We conclude. IOS 13.2 release date – October 29. This is what follows from an analysis of Apple’s habits of launching firmware.

When the beta version of iOS 13.2 comes out

Apple usually takes exactly a month to beta test the October iOS updates. Expect a beta release of iOS 13.2 from day to day.