Ios 11 Update Errors, Their Solution And Answers To Questions

Ios 11 Update Errors, Their Solution And Answers To Questions

Hello! Every year, Apple updates the operating system for its mobile devices. it’s good. And every year she fails to do it without errors. This is bad. And although iOS 11 was released recently (and at the time of writing, it’s still in the preliminary beta testing stage), each user can install it and “touch it”. so what’s new for us to cook apple?

True, both at the installation stage and during the use, various problems can arise with updating iOS 11 on the iPhone and iPad. Some of them are serious, some are simpler. In general, it is necessary to understand and correct all this disgrace. How? And now I will tell. Let’s go quickly and decisively!

Some useful information:

Devices you can install iOS 11 on

Not all gadgets support the new Apple operating system; an update is available for:

If in the table you did not find a mention of your device, then, unfortunately, iOS 11 is not available to you.

Error "Failure to check for updates to iOS 11"

So, you have not yet installed the firmware itself (only expressed a desire). the problems are at the very beginning. And they consist in the fact that:

An error occurred while checking for a software update.

It turns out that the iPhone or iPad do not find the new firmware (although it is!). How to fix it?

  1. Make a hard reboot.
  2. Check your internet connection. Use a different Wi-Fi network to download.
  3. If this is a beta version, then check for the appropriate profile. If the final one. lack of any profiles.
  4. Try updating through iTunes.
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You also need to remember that at the time of the release of the firmware, a huge number of people are trying to download a new version of the software. Apple’s servers can’t stand it and there may be failures in their work (how to find out their current status). In this case, we can’t do anything. it remains only to wait.

Error downloading update

So, the iPhone or iPad “saw” iOS 11 and started downloading it. However, here we can expect a surprise in the form of an error downloading the update.

What are the reasons for this behavior?

  1. There is not enough memory on the device. If the download occurs “over the air”, you need to free up space for the software installation file. Do not want to delete anything? Use iTunes.
  2. Unstable or weak internet connection. breaks during download.
  3. The notorious overload of Apple servers. We are waiting for some time and try again.

Do not want to wait until the failures pass? You can always “trick” Apple and download the firmware from third-party resources (for example,, and then “slip” it into iTunes. Here it is written how to do it.

iOS 11 is not installed

So, we still downloaded the new version of the software and everything is ready for installation. We begin to install and. two options are possible:

  1. The “Error installing iOS 11 update installation” error crashes.
  2. The update starts to install, but the indicator moves too slowly.
Ios 11 Update Errors, Their Solution And Answers To Questions

What can be done?

  1. Hard reset the device.
  2. Check battery charge. it should be more than 50%.
  3. Again, pay attention to the Internet connection.
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Nothing helps? Everything is frozen and the strip does not move for a long time? We enter the iPhone or iPad into DFU mode and update via iTunes. this is the only way to “revive” the device.

Update on iOS 11 via iTunes. recovery failed

This error is especially relevant for those who constantly use beta versions of software. So, when you try to "roll back" to a stable version of the firmware via iTunes, you may encounter the fact that the iPhone or iPad "hangs on the cord" and the recovery will fail.

  1. Enter the device in DFU mode.
  2. Download the previous version of the firmware (if you have the 2nd beta installed, download the 1st one).
  3. Connect to iTunes, hold down the Shift key (for Windows) or Alt (for Mac) and click the Restore button.
  4. Select the downloaded firmware.

After installation, reconnect to iTunes and restore the device in the usual way.

Perhaps this is all for now. Since iOS 11 is currently in the testing phase, it makes no sense to consider “glitches and bugs” in the work of the iPhone or iPad. too many of them. But if they remain after the release of the final version. I will supplement this article.