Internet Does Not Work On Iphone In Moscow

Internet Does Not Work On Iphone In Moscow

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Apple produces high-end smartphones, but this does not exclude the problem that gadget users sometimes encounter – the Internet does not work on the iPhone. The problem arises with different mobile operators. Most often this is due to incorrect settings, but there are also more serious reasons. Follow simple instructions to understand why the Internet sometimes doesn’t work well on smartphones and how you can troubleshoot your iPhone yourself.

How to identify a problem

Problems with unlimited mobile Internet are quite simple to distinguish from any others. Key symptoms of malfunctions:

  • You cannot access the Internet on your iPhone (via 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi)
  • the modem mode does not turn on (or the iPhone does not work as a Wi-Fi access point)
  • the Internet is working intermittently or if there is a connection icon on the screen of a mobile phone, pages are not displayed

If you encounter a system error, just restart the smartphone – after switching on, the unlimited Internet function should work as usual. Also, sometimes it helps to switch to the "Airplane" mode, and then return to normal mode. If simple actions didn’t help, you should look for the error in the phone’s settings, software or hardware.

Why LTE stopped turning on

The reasons why the Internet does not work on the iPhone are different. The most common problems iPhone users face are:

  • error in wireless settings or 3G connection
  • iOS system error
  • iPhone hardware breakdowns
  • SIM malfunction
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In most cases (especially when it comes to software problems), you can fix the situation yourself.

There is network coverage, but the Internet does not work

Errors in the LTE connection most often come from the mobile operator. Typically, a similar problem occurs after a hard reboot of the device or a reset. Even with good network coverage, unlimited Internet may not function. It is easy to distinguish this problem from others – the antenna of the cellular network is displayed in the status bar, but the icon disappears. The following actions will help correct the situation:

  • go to the iPhone settings
  • select the "Cellular Network" tab
  • find the "Data Transfer" menu
  • print the APN and username, having previously specified them with your mobile operator

However, before checking the settings, make sure that you have paid for the Internet, there is network coverage, and the operator provides this service. Specify details about mobile tariffs. If your Internet often does not work correctly, discuss technical assistance with your mobile operator. Some users, in order to eliminate the problems that arise, change the mobile operator to a more suitable one.

If the 3G icon disappears

When the 3G icon in the status bar is displayed, but the browser does not load the page, you should eliminate the problem with the browser. The easiest way is to download all the proposed updates to the application or delete it and reinstall it. If you are using a standard browser, try the following steps:

  • disable javascript in browser
  • restart the phone (Power Home)
  • close the browser by double-clicking on the Home key and swiping the application tab with swipe up
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Many iPhone owners faced poor page loading and following links after upgrading the operating system to version 9.3. Updating the iOS system to the latest version will help solve the problem.

The methods described above are relevant only if the problem is caused by a browser error, and from the side of the mobile operator there are no problems with LTE mobile communication. If the network or cellular data icon still disappears, you should look for other reasons.

Data Network Issues

An internet connection may not be available if the cellular data network is disconnected. Look in the settings of the mobile phone – if it is disabled, then the icon in the status bar disappears. To connect the network, follow these steps:

Internet Does Not Work On Iphone In Moscow
  • go to the connection settings menu
  • make sure that in “Cellular data” and “Enable 3G” the slider is in the activated state
  • turn on cellular information if necessary

Even if the cellular communication worked properly, the coverage of the cellular network may be different, because of which the smartphone does not always receive a signal. Operators cannot provide equally good cellular reception in different parts of the city. If the 3G icon changes to E or H, this is not considered a malfunction.

How to connect modem mode

If the mobile Internet on your smartphone does not work in modem mode or the device does not allow you to connect to the network in access point mode, make sure that the corresponding function is enabled. Make it simple:

  • go to settings menu
  • select "Modem Mode" or "Cellular Data" – "Modem Mode"
  • move the slider to the on position
  • check the settings and password that your mobile phone will generate
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If everything is in order, you should restart the phone. Typically, the modem mode function is then restored. The same actions are recommended to be performed in the absence of the possibility of creating access. Another way is to reset the settings to factory defaults and then enter all the parameters manually.

What to do if the smartphone stops accepting cellular communications

If you rebooted the phone and even reset it to the factory settings, but the problems still remain (the 3G icon is not in the status bar, there is no Internet access), the problem may lie in the hardware of the smartphone. Fixing the wireless module or other elements on your own can damage the manufacturer’s seals, therefore it is better to contact the service center with iPhones for warranty.

If you don’t want to wait long, then check the settings and repair the gadget, in which there are problems with network coverage or lack of access to unlimited Internet, help registered to Yuda artists performing repairs iPhone. They work with smartphones in a professional manner:

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