If The Ipad Charges Slowly

If The Ipad Charges Slowly

Modern tablets have both a number of advantages and disadvantages. This also applies to "apple" tablets, whose users are faced with a certain problem – the iPad is slowly charging. Some still think (from old memory) that the device must be brought to full discharge two to three times in a row. This practice was acceptable for devices with nickel batteries. Tablets with lithium batteries are not recommended to be brought to a charge level of less than 10%.


The main factors that affect how long an iPad charges for are the following:

  • charging from a PC via USB;
  • uncertified charger;
  • use of an uncertified USB cable;
  • Inappropriate charger model or cable;
  • prolonged inactivity of the tablet;
  • application of the adapter for the "American" entrance to the "European".

How to fix the problem

If you are tired that the iPad is charging for a long time, follow certain recommendations for saving energy on the device. In this case, you should pay attention to:

    Display. If you adjust the brightness correctly, you can significantly reduce battery consumption. Of course, a bright screen uses more energy. To configure the display, go to "Settings", the item "Screen and brightness". After that, a slider should appear, with which you can change the brightness level.

  • Firmware. If your iPad is slowly charging, think about the updated firmware, as after this procedure some functions may affect the level of energy consumption.
  • Resource-intensive devices and applications:
    • 3G adapter. If you are not going to use the device, it is better to turn it off, since in the on state the device consumes more charge.
    • Bluetooth When this option is enabled, the battery consumption also increases. To disable it, you need to go to "Settings", the item "Bluetooth" and move the slider to the "Off" state.
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    Notifications. Often on the Internet they ask a question why the iPad takes a long time to charge, despite following the recommendations from the manufacturer. But users forget that over time, new applications appear on the tablet, most of which constantly send any notifications to the screen. To disable this feature, you must go to "Settings", select "Notifications" and disable those that you do not need.

    Auto lock It is recommended that you enable this mode, but set the value to the minimum interval – two minutes: go to "Settings" – the "Basic" item – enable auto-lock with the necessary interval.

    Recommendations from the manufacturer

    If after following the above tips, the user still wonders why the iPad is slowly charging, it is better to go to the official page of the "apple" company, the "Support" section. Here it is recommended to perform a certain procedure:

    • First of all, it is worth checking whether there is any damage on the cable and USB adapter.
    • If you charge your iPad from a simple wall outlet, you need to make sure that the charging cable and USB adapter are correctly connected to the outlet.
    • Try changing the outlet.
    • Clean the charging port from the bottom of the device from dirt, then firmly insert the charging cable into the outlet.
    • Put the tablet to charge for 30 minutes. If after this the iPad still does not respond, you must force restart it (simultaneously press and hold the “Sleep / Wake” and “Home” keys for 10 seconds until the company logo appears).
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    By the way, the above recommendations will also work if your iPad 3 is slowly charging.

    Use at least some of these tips – and you can significantly save your battery life.