“I play my games all day.” Hideo Kojima became a guest of the show “Evening Urgant” [VIDEO]

The ordinary Japanese genius Hideo Kojima, as promised, visited one of the country’s most popular leaders, Ivan Urgant, becoming along with comedian Timur Batrutdinov an honored guest of the program “Evening Urgant”. Despite his status, the founder of the Metal Gear series and the leading developer of the potential hit Death Stranding were modest and friendly.

  • Hideo Kojima, Ivan Urgant and Timur Batrutdinov
  • Hideo Kojima and Ivan Urgant
  • Hideo Kojima and the dressing room
  • Hideo Kojima and a portrait of Milla Jovovich

Of course, Urgant did not miss the opportunity to joke on the theme of such a popular phrase "Kojima – genius." The game designer laughed heartily and said that he did not consider himself a genius at all, but he was trying his best to match this title. The Japanese also noted that the reputation of the luminary of the gaming industry dominates him, but he made a reservation that without this pressure it is impossible to do something really good, and therefore it should be taken solely as support.

In addition, the creator of Metal Gear told who he considers to be geniuses – the talented people who surround him, as well as great figures of cinema. For example, Andrei Tarkovsky, whose work inspired the game designer a lot. By the way, when the Japanese were asked who he would invite to take part in one of his own games – Alexei Serebryakov, Nikita Besogon Mikhalkov or Leonid Yarmolnik – Kojima replied that he would not mind working with the whole trinity.

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Among other things, the author of Death Stranding told how he approaches the creation of games. Once again, he recalled that he oversees his projects at all stages of production. Comparing his craft with directing films, the Japanese made a reservation that he was trying to “work with both hemispheres of the brain” when writing a script, inventing characters and working on gameplay — to think about everything at once. First, Kojima paints a big picture in his head, and then deals with the details.

However, the main question that Kojima answered was how much time a person should spend playing games. The genius admitted that he plays his titles all day long, which, according to Urgant, caused genuine delight among young people.

“I play my games all day.” Hideo Kojima became a guest of the show “Evening Urgant” [VIDEO]

In general, the release turned out to be surprisingly "tube". Ivan Urgant knew who he was talking to and asked the right questions, which Kojima was happy to answer, and before leaving, the game designer played with a TV presenter on a Street Fighter slot machine. The audience present on the set was also more than satisfied with the atmosphere of the show. Among them, by the way, prominent figures of Russian game journalism, including Anton Logvinov, also appeared.

Recall that this is only the beginning of the great Kojima journey. On Friday, the Japanese developer will hold a presentation at the Garage Museum, and on Saturday will perform at IgroMir, where he will tell gamers in detail about Death Stranding.