Huawei presented the “smart” TV

Huawei presented the "smart" TV

Huawei Vision has several versions: with a 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch diagonal. The screen refresh rate reaches 120 Hz. All TVs have a quantum dot matrix with 4K resolution.

The company positions the TV as a hub for a smart home. With its help it will be possible to control, for example, light. The TV is closely connected with other devices. So, you can start a video call on your smartphone and continue it on the big screen. Yes, Huawei Vision is also equipped with a retractable front camera. It is supplemented by a remote control with an NFC sensor, which allows you to transfer an image from a smartphone when approaching.

Huawei presented the "smart" TV

How much will the novelty cost, and when it appears on sale, Huawei has not yet told.

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