Huami smartwatch maker launches waterproof jacket

Huami smartwatch maker launches waterproof jacket

In addition to wearable devices, Huami Technology is also engaged in the production of clothing, and recently they announced the appearance of a waterproof jacket on the market


This version of the jacket is ideal for those who, despite all the changing weather conditions, are ready to travel and discover something new.
The Amazfit jacket is ideally ergonomic and does not restrict hand movement. A three-layer laminated fabric is used, which passes through several high-temperature hot presses and due to this, all three layers are tightly pressed against each other. Thus, thin outerwear is obtained, which is easy to fold and carry.

The moisture permeability of Amazfit Jacket fabric complies with the level 1 testing standard. It is weatherproof and you will not sweat in such a jacket when playing sports outdoors.

Huami Technology was founded in 2013. Last year, the company’s smart devices sold more than 27.5 million yuan, and its operating income exceeded 3.6 billion yuan. In the first quarter of 2019, Amazfit watches took second place in the Chinese adult watch market.

The cost of a jacket in China is 399 yuan (55).

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