HTC has new leadership and new strategy

HTC has a new leadership and a new strategy. Will it save from death?

HTC has announced staffing changes and a new business strategy. Its new CEO will be Yves Mater, who has worked in the telecom giant Orange for 14 years, in recent years as executive vice president of consumer equipment and partnerships.

HTC has new leadership and new strategy

Co-founder of HTC Sher Wong, who has been the CEO of the company since 2015, will remain in the position of chairman of the board of directors.

Under the new leadership, HTC will focus on the production of low-cost smartphones, and will also develop devices that support 5G and artificial intelligence. The company will also continue to produce virtual and augmented reality headsets, including for business, healthcare and education.

In 2018, HTC sold its smartphone business to Google. In recent years, demand for HTC products has fallen sharply, which is why the company shows only losses quarter after quarter.

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