How To Work With The Function – Find Iphone – Beginner’S Location, Activation, Management

How To Work With The Function - Find Iphone - Beginner'S Location, Activation, Management

In the modern world, a lost or stolen phone is a big problem for a person, as it can lead to various negative consequences. Not only is the loss of the device itself is no longer good, since the phone now costs a lot, and it’s a pity to throw your honestly earned money down the drain, and, secondly, the phone’s memory stores a lot of personal information that is not intended for outsiders for example, personal photos, correspondence, bank card details, etc.

So how to solve this problem? Apple has long envisioned this option and equipped the iOS operating system with the “Find iPhone” security feature.

Apple generally pays special attention to the security issues of its products, for example, consider a Mac computer, as you know, special anti-virus programs are not released for them, because they are not needed here because of the features of this operating system. The same applies to the iOS mobile operating system, the newer the iPhone or iPad, the easier it is to protect your smartphone from theft.

Help in finding an iPhone that has been lost or stolen will be provided by a special application developed specifically for the iOS operating system – “Find iPhone”, which we will talk about in more detail.

How the function works

The Find iPhone feature allows the user to:

  • Determine the geographical location of the lost device. However, there is one BUT, this can only be done on the condition that your lost gadget has access to the Internet. Perhaps in the future this feature will be upgraded, which will allow you to find out the location of the Iphone even without an Internet connection, it would be very convenient;
  • Wipe remotely all information from a smartphone;
  • Play a beep that will help you find your smartphone, if it is nearby. Or if you do not remember where you put your phone, then you can also use this function;
  • And most importantly, you can activate the loss mode, which will block the iPhone, and, as a result, it will not be possible to use this gadget, it can only be sold for spare parts for a penny.

How to enable the Find iPhone feature

To enable the “Find iPhone” feature, you will first need to enable it in your smartphone’s settings.

  1. Open the Home screen;
  2. Go to "Settings";
  3. Click the name of your account;
  4. And go to iCloud itself.

Scroll to the end, and there will be the cherished inscription "Find me", move the slider opposite it to the active position;

  • Next, a message appears on the screen stating that the Find iPhone feature has been activated. Confirm your action by clicking “OK”;
  • Now it’s also necessary to check whether the “Find iPhone” function is active in the geolocation of the smartphone. To do this, go again to "Settings" – "Privacy (or confidentiality)" – "Geolocation Services". There are many subsections in this section, including Find iPhone. You must allow access to this application by moving the slider to the active state or check the box next to the phrase “when using the program”. This check is necessary because if the “Find iPhone” function does not use geolocation, then you won’t be able to find the location of the lost gadget on the map.
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    And you’re done, you can get to work. On the “Home” screen there will be a shortcut to the “Find iPhone” function, click on it and sign in.

    How to use the Find iPhone feature through the app

    Device location

    For this method, you will need to borrow an iPhone or iPad from a friend with the Find iPhone application installed, if not, then download. Next, after entering the application, you need to log in using your Apple ID and after the login is completed, a map with the geo-location of your lost device will be displayed.

    Turn on sound

    If you click on the icon of your device, then three buttons will appear at the bottom, the first of them is to play the sound.
    After clicking on this button, a beep will sound on a lost smartphone. This is very convenient if you yourself have lost the phone, don’t remember where you put it in the apartment, etc., and it is unlikely that it will affect the thief.

    Loss mode

    When you enable the function of the loss mode, you can remotely display on the smartphone screen a message with your contact information. The text of the message can be invented independently, however, there is already a blank by default: “This phone has been lost. Please, call me".

    Erase iPhone

    The “Erase iPhone” function has become a very useful addition to the “Find iPhone” application, in another way it is also called “Activation Lock”, which first appeared only on iOS 7. This addition will allow you to lock your lost smartphone once and for all, i.e. in other words, turn the phone into a useless pile of spare parts. The gadget can not be brought back to life in any way, either by flashing it, or by restoring it in DFU mode.

    And if you imagine such a situation that the phone was stolen, the attacker, after you activated the “Erase iPhone” function, will understand that he has a dummy device on his hands with which he can not do anything. And the most logical solution for him would be to contact the owner and play the situation as if he had found a gadget, and even ask for a symbolic reward, at least somehow to make money.

    For those who are afraid that the phone is not recoverable, do not be alarmed; to recover it, it will be enough to know the password from Apple ID, so make sure that all logins and passwords you have written down. If you forget or lose your password, you won’t be able to return the device to work by yourself, even hackers and Apple support will be powerless here.

    Also keep in mind that after selecting the “Erase iPhone” function, you can no longer track the device’s geolocation. The smartphone will reset all settings and return to the original ones, and only a message about the loss will be displayed on the screen.

    How to find iPhone from computer via iCloud

    To determine the geolocation of a device and start tracking and searching for it, you must do the following:

    1. To get started, open the page in a browser.
    2. Log in using your Apple ID (username and password).
    3. After entering iCloud, the entire desktop of the smartphone will open on the screen, on which the Find iPhone application will also be located, enter it.
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  • After entering the application, a map with the location of the smartphone will open.
  • By clicking on the green circle showing the location of the device, you can find out more information. For example, the gadget’s charge level, or take precautions in advance: play sound on your smartphone, turn on loss mode, or use the “Delete iPhone” function.
  • Turn off Find My iPhone

    It’s possible that the “Find iPhone” application was activated by accident or, alternatively, access to your Apple ID account is not only yours, of course, no one wants anyone to track your location, but everything can be fixed – disable the find iPhone feature. There are 3 ways to do this.

    Disabling a feature by disabling all iCloud features

    1. On the “Home” screen, find the “Settings” shortcut and go there.
    2. How To Work With The Function - Find Iphone - Beginner'S Location, Activation, Management
    3. Click on your name and go directly to iCloud.
    4. We find the inscription “Find iPhone” and move the slider to the inactive state (it will turn gray, not green).
  • Then a window will open on the screen in which there will be a message asking you to enter the password of your Apple ID account. After entering the data, poke the erase button.
  • An e-mail associated with your account will receive a notification that the “Find iPhone” function has been disabled.
  • Disabling the function through the application

    1. On the “Home” screen, find the “Find iPhone” shortcut and log in to your account by entering your username and password.
    2. Under the map with the location of the smartphone, a list of all devices on which the “Find iPhone” function is enabled through your account will open.
    3. In order to remove a device from the list, it will be enough to select the desired device and swipe it from right to left, after this action a red “Delete” button will appear, click on it.

    You should be aware that the device that you want to delete from the list must not be connected to the Internet (Offline), otherwise the treasured “Delete” button will not appear.

    This is exactly the same minus of this method, because as soon as the remote device connects to the Internet, the function is activated again. Therefore, you can permanently disable the Find iPhone feature only in iCloud settings.

    Disconnect on Windows and Mac OS X

    1. Open in a browser on your PC and log in using your Apple ID.
    2. In the panel at the very top, expand the "All devices" tab.
    3. From the list that opens, you need to select the device on which you will disable the function.
    4. The next step will open complete information about the device and you will need to click on the "Delete" button and in the window that appears again confirm your action.
    5. In the additional window that opens, enter your password for the account.

    After such simple actions, a confirmation will be sent to your smartphone to disable the Find iPhone feature, and it will be deactivated immediately when the smartphone is connected to the Internet.

    Is it possible to disable the function without a password from Apple ID?

    It is impossible to disable the “Find iPhone” function without data from the account, such as password and login, and in general, the whole meaning of the “Find iPhone” function would then disappear. Fraudsters who stole the phone or found, but didn’t want to give it to the owner for some reason, would simply disable this function and everything, the device’s searches are doomed, the “find iPhone” application would be nothing more than a toy, or, in extreme cases, Assistant to find the phone in the apartment.

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    Important additions

    There are several important points arising from using the Find iPhone application that you need to know:

    1. Firstly, it should be understood that the data on the location of the smartphone presented by iCloud does not appear in real time, but only shows the moment of the last connection of the lost iPhone to the Internet.
    2. You can enable the acceptance of e-mail notifications from the application, this will allow you to quickly catch the moment when the stolen smartphone appears on the network and quickly lock the device and use the “Delete iPhone” function in order to delete all personal information.
    3. The “Find iPhone” function will be useless if the device was stolen by a resourceful thief and promptly reflash until you had time to notice the loss.
    4. And what is worth noting is that constantly turned on geolocation gives a strong load on the battery, as a result of which it discharges faster.

    Let’s also imagine such a situation that for some reason the owner didn’t turn on the “Find iPhone” function when buying a smartphone, then finding it, of course, will be more problematic, even almost unrealistic. But, nevertheless, it is possible to make life not so sweet for those people who find the device, but do not want to return it immediately. The fact is that on the official Apple website there is such a great opportunity – to change the password for your AppleID account.

    If everything is done promptly, it will instantly close access to many important functions. For example, to the AppStore, iTunes, iCloud, etc. Also, something to take care of is the change of passwords in the social network accounts so that your photos, correspondence are not made public and just do not fall under the wrong eye, and this can be quite easy to do from a personal computer.

    In this case, the most important thing is speed, since you did not take care in advance, did not play it safe from the phone’s loss by installing the “Find iPhone” application. And the faster the user locks his personal data remotely, the more likely it is that an unscrupulous person will return a smartphone, which he will not be able to fully use.

    A person who has installed the “Find iPhone” application on his device will have to be very careful and cautious about the safety of his personal credentials, do not pass them left and right. Because if your data is in bad hands, these hands, in turn, will be able to calmly block the gadget and, promptly changing the iCloud password, make further contact with the smartphone owner, blackmail him, that is, you. This type of fraud is now very relevant, unfortunately, since according to various sources, recently more and more injured users suffer from this kind of action.