How To Upgrade Iphone 4 To Ios 8 And Is It Worth It

How To Upgrade Iphone 4 To Ios 8 And Is It Worth It

Many consider the iPhone 4 the best model Apple has ever released. It combines beauty and functionality. The only drawback is that it does not keep pace with the times. Presented not so long ago, iOS 10 on the Quartet, of course, is not available. But users may wonder how to update "Iphone 4" to iOS 8 to catch up with innovations at least partially.

However, you may have heard numerous tips that it is better to stay on the old version of the firmware. Why is there such an opinion? Is the "eighth axis" contraindicated to the "fours"? Or just need to be able to properly configure your device?

How to prepare your phone for installing iOS 8?

If no doubt stops you, you should not rush to update anyway "Iphone 4" up to iOS 8 right here and now. To begin with, it is worth preparing the device, which will allow you to go through the upgrade process without unpleasant consequences.

  1. Whatever version of the “axis” you are updating, be sure to check compatibility for your “device”. In this case, we are talking about the eighth iOS. And as we see in the figure, it suits us.
  2. View the applications installed on your phone. Do you need all of them? Removing unnecessary applications and updating them for the latest versions is optional, but highly recommended.
  3. Be sure to backup! The functionality of the iPhone is configured in such a way that the backup in any case occurs from time to time. But before a risky upgrade, it’s better to play it safe twice. When you have a choice – create recovery using iTunes or immediately on your phone thanks to iCloud, it is better to use both options.
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How to update firmware using a computer?

If you decide to upgrade "Iphone 4" Before iOS 8, it’s best to do this using your computer. All you need is a lightning cable and iTunes installed. Before starting the manipulation, it is worth updating the program itself. You need to download the latest version from the official website of the manufacturer.

Further, the procedure to the disgrace is simple:

  1. You connect the “applephone” to the computer using a cable.
  2. Typically, iTunes starts automatically. Or you can open it without waiting for this moment.
  3. Wait about a minute until "IPhone" will be "discovered".
  4. As soon as authorization happens, a mobile phone icon will appear in the upper panel. When you click on it, the settings menu will open.
  5. You obviously need the “update” item. Click on it, read and confirm the user agreement.
  6. After the end of the “procedure”, the phone will reboot itself, after which it will be ready for use in normal mode.

How to update "Iphone 4" to iOS 8 without a computer?

As already mentioned, it is better to update "Iphone 4" Up to iOS 8 via computer to avoid unnecessary problems. Firstly, the device may become closed during the recovery process (you will learn why and what to do in the next section). Secondly, your battery may run out of style, due to which the update will be interrupted. To prevent this from happening, even a “fuse” is provided: when charging up to 50%, the “applephone” will not download the firmware update.

But if you have no other choice, of course, the phone can be “upgraded” using Wi-Fi:

  1. Go to your phone settings. You need the “General” section, the “Software Update” item.
  2. After you click on this inscription, the iPhone itself initiates the search for updates.
  3. Further, the process is intuitive: you click on "Download and Install", read and confirm the agreement and wait for the result.
  4. Get ready: updating the firmware is not a quick process. It will take at least 30 minutes, during which the phone cannot be used.
  5. Then the smartphone will reboot itself, and after it starts installing a new version of the “axis”. Literally after 7-10 minutes, the phone can be used in normal mode.
How To Upgrade Iphone 4 To Ios 8 And Is It Worth It

What can be the problems when updating via Wi-Fi?

Users who ignore the advice to update firmware through a computer sometimes encounter a serious problem. Them "Iphone 4" falls into the so-called "loop", or permanent recovery mode. At the same time, an “apple” or a cable connection icon lights up on the screen. The device itself becomes completely useless.

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The reason for this failure is quite simple. The new firmware "weighs" about 1 gigabyte (and this is only the archive itself). In order to update the "apple", you must have at least another 5-6 gigabytes. Simple arithmetic demonstrates that without first thoroughly cleaning the device, you simply will not have enough memory to complete the “upgrade”. From such a situation, the phone itself can send itself to recover, after which it closes forever in this mode.

Of course, the problem can be solved. Moreover, even to do this without contacting the service center – through iTunes. But there is a serious minus: in this case, absolutely all user data will be lost. That is why one of the points of preparation for recovery is the creation of a backup.

Is it worth updating the firmware of the Quartet?

When the letter “S” is present in the model name. this indicates the characteristic “speed”, that is, speed. However, if you upgrade iPhone 4S to iOS 8, this designation ceases to be valid. What can we say about ordinary "Iphone 4". Is everything really so critical, and why experienced people do not recommend updating firmware on this phone model?

Speed ​​tests demonstrate that "Iphone 4" with the updated "axis" it works a little slower than on iOS 7. The differences are small, but together they will leave an annoying impression of using the device. What do you get in return? A small set of features that owners of devices on iOS 8 rarely use, several application updates, a little faster access to the camera. That doesn’t sound very tempting. That is why those who carefully analyzed the feasibility of such a step or managed to take it, are advised not to update the "four" firmware.

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If you are thinking about updating "Iphone 4" Before iOS 8, just because the device began to work worse over time, such a step will not solve your problems. The fourth “apple” is indeed considered a reliable classic, but over the six years of its existence, obsolescence of technology is inevitable.