How To Update Ios Through A Computer And Via Wi-Fi – Detailed Instructions

Updating iOS

Sometime, every owner of an iPhone smartphone or iPad tablet is faced with the need to update the software on their device. Updating iOS is required when the user gradually delves into the features of operation and realizes that he cannot see new games and programs without fresh iOS firmware. If the firmware of the iPad 0.3 or iPhone 4, 3g is old, then applications may refuse to install due to iOS incompatibility. But there are no old versions of games or programs in the App Store – old versions are deleted after new ones appear.

There are several ways to upgrade your iPad 0.3 or iPhone 4, 3g. This is a wireless update method over the air (via Wi-Fi) and a method through a computer. Surely you ask why update your iPad 0.3 or iPhone 4, 3g through a computer, if you can do it via Wi-Fi. The fact is that owners of older versions of the iPhone (3g and below) and iPad (0, 2) do not have such a function. Therefore, they can only update iOS through a computer with iTunes installed. Before the process begins, you need to find out your version of iOS and make a choice – by air or through a computer. In this review we will consider both methods. The difference is that most users will be able to update via Wi-Fi, but updating via a computer may puzzle some users of the iPad 0.3 or iPhone 4, 3G. So, we will look at how to update iOS 6 and how to install new firmware via Wi-Fi.

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Instruction manual

So, you need to update version 6 (or lower) of the operating system. We hope that your computer has high-speed Internet. Get your USB cable ready, the latest version of iTunes. We connect our iPad 0.3 or iPhone 4, 3g to the PC. One warning: such an update can be made only to those who have on their hands unlocked iPhone 3g, 4, 5 s / c. Otherwise, the update will make an ordinary player out of your phone. Updating your iPod or iPad 0.3 will not bring any problems to these devices. Therefore, you can safely proceed:

  1. We connected our iPhone 4, 3G or iPad 0.3 to the PC and turned on iTunes. If your files on the device are dear to you, then do not forget to make a backup in iTunes and iCloud. If you do not need music, photos, applications and contacts, then you can safely update. In addition, it is likely that after the update completes, these files may remain safe and sound.
  2. How To Update Ios Through A Computer And Via Wi-Fi - Detailed Instructions
  3. After entering iTunes, we need to select our gadget (iPad 0.3 or iPhone 4, 3G). In the overview tab, click the "Update" button. You may need to enable an additional panel on the left if you do not see keyboard shortcuts. Before updating, we read the data, which says that iOS 6 will turn into iOS 7.
  4. iTunes should display a message where we need to click on the “Continue” button. The notification will tell you that on your iPad 0.3 or iPhone 4, 3g, purchased content was found that was not transferred to the library. Transfer these objects to your library before updating your gadget.
  5. The next message, where we clicked on “Update”, will inform you that updating ios 7 will remove all programs and media files, including purchases from the App Store / iTunes. To save all this data, you need to synchronize the gadget with the PC on which the installation of 6 or 7 iOS.
  6. Without synchronization, SMS messages, calendars, contacts and other system settings will be saved. Most importantly, do not interrupt updates – it may take an hour or more, so be prepared.
  7. A window will appear with the installation of new software, here you can find out what innovations the OS version 6 or 7 will bring. If you are updating, for example, from 4 to 6 iOS, then the list of innovations will be huge. Click on “next”, get acquainted with the license agreement, and then accept it and go for a walk / read / sleep. ITunes itself will load the new system from the Apple server, at the top of the screen you can see the loading bar and the approximate remaining time. The scale will crawl for a long time, so you have to wait a long time.
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What can cause dissonance is an error that will report that there was a problem loading the software due to an excess of connection time. Do not be alarmed. First, check if the Internet is working, if there is a terrible yellow triangle on the connection icon. If the Internet is functioning, then most likely the error is either due to exceeding the download limit from the Apple server, or the connection is not stable. And in the first and second case you need to wait. Then again go from 1 to 6 points.

After an hour, you can return to the PC. If everything went well, then in the "Overview" tab of the iTunes service you will see a new iOS 6 or 7 and an inscription telling about the new software. Now you know how to update iOS on iPhone.

How to install a new system via Wi-Fi

Upgrading your iPad 0.3 or iPhone 4, 3g by air is much easier. If you have iOS 6 or 7 for an iPhone, you can simply go to the device’s parameters, find the dispatcher there and find the automatic update and click “start”. Remember to save all important data. Installing 7.1 is as easy as other versions. You can use the same instructions to install new software on an iPhone 3g, 4 or iPad 3, 0 via PC or via Wi-Fi. Now you know how to put 6 OS "over the air" and how to do it through a comp. We hope you succeed. The main thing is to follow the instructions, and after a few clicks you will have a brand new 6 OS.