How To Unlock Iphone 4s, 5s If You Forgot Your Apple Id Password

How To Unlock Iphone 4s, 5s If You Forgot Your Apple Id Password

Activation Lock is a feature built into the iPhone (starting with iOs version 7 and above) that protects personal data from unauthorized access and prevents the device from reselling. It turns on if the password for the account is entered incorrectly. Next, we will tell you how to unlock iPhone activation lock if you forget your Apple ID.

Apple ID Recovery

Activation Lock is activated if the iPhone is tied to an Apple ID and the user entered the account information incorrectly. If you forgot your username or password from your account, then try to recover. To do this, follow these steps:

  • If you don’t remember the identifier, you can see it through the settings of iCloud, iTunes Store or App Store. But only if you are successfully authorized on another device.
  • You can see the ID using previously purchased materials in iTunes. To do this, select the file through the library and go to the "Edit" – "Information" menu. Here, go to the file tab and find the line “Buyer”.
  • Restore your Apple ID using the official site. To do this, you must specify the name, prospective email address.
  • If you have forgotten your password, then reset it. The procedure differs depending on the authentication method selected. The recovered password will be sent to the email address specified during registration.

Once you recover your Apple ID account information, try to bypass the iPhone activation lock. To do this, specify a new identifier and password. After that, you will get access to the device.

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Unlock via iTunes

If you previously used iTunes to synchronize data and the desired Apple identifier remains in the program, then you can remove the block using the following steps:

  1. Connect the smartphone to the computer using a USB cable (use only original cords).
  2. Turn on iTunes and wait for the device to appear in the list of active. Locking the screen is not necessary.
  3. A system notification will appear on the smartphone screen, which will say that the iPhone is in recovery mode.
  4. Confirm the action and agree to a full recovery.

After that, user data will be automatically destroyed, and the latest version of iOs is downloaded to the phone. If you used the backup function before, then the information can be transferred back.

Unlocking the iPhone is available only to the owner. If Activation Lock was enabled through the loss mode (using the “Find iPhone” service), then it will not be possible to restore it.

Checking Activation Lock Status

The status of an iPhone or any other iOS device can be found on the official Apple website. If you want to check your iPhone via IMEI for activation lock, then follow these steps:

  1. Log in to iCloud and go to the Activation Lock page.
  2. Specify the serial number or IMEI of the device you want to check.
  3. In addition, enter the code from the image to confirm the action.

After that, the tab will automatically update, and the status of activation lock (on, off) will appear on the page. The service is recommended to be used before buying an iPhone “with hands.

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Contact Support

How To Unlock Iphone 4s, 5s If You Forgot Your Apple Id Password

If you don’t remove Activation Lock and restore your Apple ID, you can remove it by contacting the official Apple support team.

Contact the company’s specialist through the form on the website (but best by phone) and prove the fact that you are trying to restore the device that belongs to you.

To do this, provide all the necessary documents, including a photo of the box with the serial number, iPhone data and other information (do not forget the purchase receipt). If everything is in order and the smartphone is really yours, then employees will remove iCloud Lock or help regain access to Apple ID.

Lock bypass

If you are using someone else’s device, then “Activation Lock” may appear if the previous owner did not remove the iPhone from the list of attached devices. To reset the lock, ask him to do the following:

  1. Log in to the official icloud website and enter your Apple ID (identifier, password).
  2. Go to the “Find iPhone” tab and select “Show all attached devices” (at the top of the page).
  3. A list of available iPhone, iPad and other devices based on iOs (which are tied to your account) will open.
  4. Select the iPhone you want to untie from the icloud service and click "Remove from account."

When the previous owner does the described actions, the smartphone must be turned off and then back on. After that, activate it, as new. To do this, create your Apple ID or use an existing one.