How To Turn Off The Computer After A Certain Time

How To Turn Off The Computer After A Certain Time

There are many situations when a computer needs to be left unattended. For example, it may be the need to download a large file at night. At the same time, having completed the plan, the system should complete its work in order to avoid downtime. And here you can not do without special tools to turn off the PC, depending on the time. This article will discuss system methods, as well as third-party solutions for PC shutdown.

Shutdown the computer by timer

You can set the auto-completion timer in Windows using external utilities, a system tool "Shutdown" and "Command line". There are a lot of programs that independently shut down the system. Basically, they perform only those actions for which they were invented. But some have more features.

Method 1: PowerOff

We will begin our acquaintance with timers with a rather functional program PowerOff, which, in addition to turning off the computer, can block it, put the system into sleep mode, reboot and force it to perform certain actions, up to disconnecting the Internet connection and creating a recovery point. The built-in scheduler allows you to schedule an event for at least every day of the week for all computers connected to the network.

The program monitors the processor load – sets its minimum load and its fixing time, and also keeps statistics on the Internet. Facilities include: daily planner and setting Hotkeys. There is another possibility – control of the Winamp media player, which consists in ending its work after playing a certain number of tracks or after the last of the list. A dubious advantage at the moment, but at the time when the timer was created – very useful. To activate the standard timer, you must:

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  1. Run the program and select a task.
  2. Designate a time period. Here you can specify the date of operation and the exact time, as well as start a countdown or program a certain interval of inactivity of the system.

Method 2: Aitetyc Switch Off

The Aitetyc Switch Off program has more modest functionality, but is ready to expand it by adding custom commands. True, while in addition to standard features (shutdown, reboot, lock, etc.), it can only launch the calculator at a certain point in time. The main advantages are that the program is convenient, understandable, supports the Russian language and has a low resource cost. There is support for remote timer management via a password-protected web interface. By the way, Aitetyc Switch Off works fine on the latest version of Windows, although even the “ten” is not listed on the developers website. To set the timer task, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. Run the program from the notification area on the taskbar (bottom right corner) and select one of the items in the schedule column.
  2. Set time, schedule an action and press "Run".

Method 3: Time PC

But all this is too complicated, especially when it comes only to the banal shutdown of the computer. Therefore, hereinafter there will be only simple and compact tools, such as the Time PC application. A small violet-orange window does not contain anything superfluous, but only the most necessary. Here you can plan a shutdown for a week in advance or configure the launch of certain programs. But another is more interesting. Its description mentions a function “Shutting down the computer”. Moreover, she really is there. It just doesn’t turn it off, but enters into hibernation mode with all data stored in RAM, and wakes up the system by the scheduled time. True, this has never worked with a laptop. In any case, the principle of the timer is simple:

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  1. In the program window, go to the tab “Off / On PC”.
  2. Set the time and date of turning off the computer (if desired, set the parameters for turning on) and click "Apply".

Method 4: Off Timer

Free software developer Anvide Labs did not hesitate for a long time, naming his program Off Timer. But their imagination appeared in another. In addition to the standard functions provided in previous versions, this utility is entitled to turn off the monitor, sound and keyboard with the mouse. Moreover, the user can set a password to control the timer. The algorithm of his work consists of several steps:

  1. Task setting.
  2. Select timer type.
  3. Setting the time and starting the program.

Method 5: Stop PC

StopPiSi switch causes mixed feelings. Setting the time using the sliders is not the most convenient. BUT "Hidden mode", which is initially presented as an advantage, constantly trying to hide the program window in the bowels of the system. But, whatever one may say, the timer copes with its duties. Everything is simple there: the time is set, the action is programmed and pressed "Start".

Method 6: Wise Auto Shutdown

Using the simple Wise Auto Shutdown utility, you can easily set the time to turn off your PC.

  • On the menu “Choice of a task” put the switch on the desired shutdown mode (1).
  • We set how long the timer should work (2).
  • Push "Run" (3).
  • 5 minutes before turning off the PC, the application displays a warning window.

    Method 7: SM Timer

    SM Timer is another free timer shutdown solution with an extremely simple interface.

      We choose at what time or after what time it is necessary to finish the PC, using the arrow buttons and sliders for this.

    Method 8: Standard Windows Tools

    All versions of the Windows operating system incorporate the same timer shutdown PC command. But differences in their interface require clarification in the sequence of specific steps.

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    Windows 7

    1. Press the key combination "Win R".
    2. A window will appear "Run".
    How To Turn Off The Computer After A Certain Time
  • We introduce "Shutdown.s.t 5400".
  • 5400 – time in seconds. In this example, the computer will be turned off after 1.5 hours (90 minutes).
  • Windows 8

    Like the previous version of Windows, the eighth has the same means for scheduled completion. Search bar and window are available for user. "Run".

      On the initial screen in the upper right, click on the search button.

    Enter the command to complete the timer "Shutdown.s.t 5400" (indicate the time in seconds).

    Windows 10

    The interface of the Windows 10 operating system, when compared with its predecessor, Windows 8, has undergone some changes. But the continuity in the work of standard functions has been preserved.

      On the taskbar, click on the search icon.

  • In the line that opens, type "Shutdown.s.t 600" (indicate the time in seconds).
  • Select the proposed result from the list.
  • Now the task is scheduled.
  • "Command line"

    You can set the computer to turn off the computer using the console. The procedure is much like turning off the PC using the Windows search window: in "Command line" you must enter the command and specify its parameters.

    To turn off the PC on a timer, the user has a choice. Standard OS tools make it easy to set the computer shutdown time. The functional continuity of different versions of Windows is manifested in relation to such tools. In the entire line of this OS, setting timer parameters is approximately similar and differs only because of the interface features. However, such tools do not contain many useful functions, for example, setting a specific time to turn off the PC. Third-party solutions are deprived of such shortcomings. And if the user often has to resort to autocompletion, it is recommended that you use any of the third-party programs with advanced settings.

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