How To Set Up Xiaomi Mi Wifi 3 Router

How To Set Up Xiaomi Mi Wifi 3 Router

As you know, Xiaomi is able to surprise with its innovative solutions. The most successful example is smartphones, which captivate with amazing technical characteristics and relative cheapness. At the same time, Xiaomi does not stop there, so it is actively expanding the list of devices and devices produced under this brand. Among these devices, one cannot fail to single out routers that may interest our compatriots.

First of all, routers are very cheap, but their characteristics, according to the best traditions of the company, are very attractive. One of such routers Xiaomi Mi WiFi 3 or 3s, class ac1200, can be purchased for just a few thousand rubles, using the promotional offer from the well-known Internet resource AliExpress. Before agreeing to a purchase, we draw your attention to the fact that instructions and manuals for use are offered exclusively in their native language, that is, Chinese. If this does not bother you at all, then you should definitely consider this high-tech product in detail.

Features of the router from Xiaomi

Let’s move on to the key features of this router.

  1. The processor MT7620A with a frequency of 580 MHz.
  2. 128 MB RAM.
  3. 128 MB flash memory.
  4. Wireless radio units – one with a frequency of 2.4 GHz and providing a connection speed of up to 300 Mb per second, and the other – 5 GHz and high-speed capacities of up to 867 Mb per second.
  5. Two LAN ports and one WAN, each of which provides a speed of 100 Mb / s.
  6. USB 2.0 port.

It is worth noting that the listed characteristics are almost identical to those that the Mi WiFi Mini router offers. However, judging by external data, there are differences. The case in Mi WiFi 3 has become noticeably larger, and the number of external antennas has increased to four.

A pleasant surprise for interested citizens will be the price category, which turned out to be Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router 3. Only $ 30, which is not so much for such a balanced device. Among its clear advantages is the operation of one of the radio units, which is capable of operating at a frequency of 5 GHz. On the one hand, speeds up to 867 Mb / s will only occasionally be fully disclosed. The reason for this is the limits for LAN and WAN ports, which can only issue 100 MB per second. On the other hand, it is better to purchase a router with such an opportunity, albeit situational, rather than be content with its complete absence.

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What Xiaomi Mi Router 3 is capable of

Of course, with port capacities in the region of 1 Gb / s, the value of this router has increased markedly, but at the same time it is possible that the cost would also be revised. Based on the current parameters, the functionality of the processor used ensures stable and practically without any excesses work. By adding the optimal firmware version here, overall performance will benefit.

During a series of tests, it was found that in IPoE and PPPoE modes, the router is capable of providing a router speed of 90 MB per second. This is true for one-way speed transmission. Speaking of full duplex modes, you can get even more impressive results. The hardware accelerator installed in the chip played an important role in this.

But if you switch to using L2TP and PPTP, you will have to be content with modest speed capabilities. The good news is that it was not possible to achieve such wide distribution for these modes, so they were even devoid of basic optimization. Thus, for full work it is enough to use IPoE and PPPoE.

When connecting via VPN, you can equally use the data download from the Internet and the local network provided by the provider. At the same time, the speed not only does not decrease, but also in some moments demonstrates its growth. Given the presence of USB-ports, you can connect the printer without any problems.

Testing the capabilities of the radio units, it was possible to find some interesting details. Firstly, at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, the speed varies at around 60-65 Mb per second, which operates under the conditions of a single stream. By increasing the number of streams to 8, the high-speed frames will expand to 70 Mb per second, and sometimes this mark can reach 90. Secondly, at a frequency of 5 GHz, it will be possible to get no more than 90 Mb / s when one stream is loaded. For the simultaneous operation of eight streams, the total speed will reach 160 Mb / s. All this suggests that the radio unit with increased frequency cuts the speed due to the presence of restrictions.

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Xiaomi Mi WiFi 3 router setup

We return to one remarkable detail related to the language. Taking into account the ability to connect the Xiaomi Mi router online and configure it online, you can quite easily and quickly translate Chinese labels using all kinds of services, such as Google Translate. If you don’t know how to connect the router to the Internet, you will have to try hard to get acquainted with the router’s interface and perform the following steps in the correct order. Another advantage of using an Internet connection will be that you can update the firmware to the current version.

So, setting up Xiaomi Mi WiFi is as follows. First of all, we need the site, which will act as the online interface of the router. After entering all the necessary data, including passwords for wi-fi and the admin panel, the router will begin to automatically configure. Upon completion of this installation, an inscription appears on the screen indicating that the router will be rebooted.

The next step will be another connection, using previously set passwords. As soon as you enter the control panel, you can see several tabs: routing status, memory status, general settings and advanced settings. First of all, you need to go to the third tab, filling in all existing fields. These steps will help in the future to automatically connect the Xiaomi WiFi router to the network.

As you familiarize yourself with other tabs, you can add and edit whitelists and blacklists, set ranges for valid IP addresses, update firmware and make a backup, and activate or deactivate VPN services. Separately, you should dwell on the Advanced Settings tab, where you can detect QoS – smart speed.

How To Set Up Xiaomi Mi Wifi 3 Router

Making any changes here is highly discouraged if you are seeing the router settings for the first time. Otherwise, plug-in options will lead to a sharp decrease in speed frames.

Features of alternative firmware

Despite the fact that it is desirable to use the standard version of the firmware, which is in a stable branch, there is the possibility to switch to another one. This is a special version for developers, thanks to which it will be possible to use the console for the embedded OS. The main advantages are stability, high performance, extreme speed characteristics and wide functionality for subsequent changes.

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Unfortunately, it is impossible to find a finished version of such firmware. Therefore, you will have to use open source sources to recreate the prototype firmware and use the configured device for your needs. And who said that setting up the router would be easy? It turns out that this will take a considerable amount of time and effort. But the end result of such work will certainly bear fruit!

In the future, you will be able to be satisfied with the following: get one of the proposed interfaces to choose from – Russian and English, PPTP / L2TP support, great options for configuring and working with many USB devices, as well as edit user scripts to create key events.

The specialist who set up the router using non-standard firmware notes that the independent change of certain settings may not only not lead to the desired results, but also to situations in which the router will be completely stopped. And in such cases, the efforts of qualified masters who have to recover data from flash memory can no longer do. In addition, rash actions when setting up the device yourself can deprive you of managing services remotely and working with special options for mobile gadgets. The latter factors play, rather, a formal role, but still they will negatively affect the comfortable work with the router.

Collaboration with Mi WiFi

Surely, many are familiar with the Mi WiFi device, which repeats the actions of the main router. If some call it a repeater, then others call it a Wi Fi signal amplifier, which will not be entirely appropriate, based on its features. To expand the coverage area, the Mi WiFi 3 router should be used together with Mi WiFi. The last gadget is interesting in that it costs only 7-8 dollars, and its compact size will not cause any difficulties with subsequent operation.

Thus, Mi WiFi 3 is a worthy representative of middle-class routers. Excellent technical data, reasonable price, reliability and practicality in use, as well as decent speed parameters with additional features from Mi WiFi – all this suggests that Xiaomi is able to make not only smartphones and tablets.