How To Set Up Wifi On An Android Phone

How To Set Up Wifi On An Android Phone

Most modern mobile devices cannot be imagined without a feature such as an Internet connection. Without it, the smartphone seems to be significantly limited in its capabilities, and it is difficult to even figure out how the user in this case can upload content to it.

We are used to the fact that our mobile phone is able to download updates from social networks, with it you can check mail, post photos to your news feed and conduct other operations that require network access.

Connection Types

There are two ways to connect to the network. The first. This is a connection to an existing Wi-Fi wireless network. About how to configure WiFi on the phone, we will describe in this article. Second. this is work with a mobile network that is capable of transmitting a signal in 3G / 4G format. Each of these methods has its own characteristics: advantages and disadvantages. Mobile Internet, for example, makes it possible to be online almost anywhere within a country. But the cost of traffic on a mobile network is much higher than a fixed connection. In addition, there is a speed limit.

Wi-Fi Benefits

If you are looking for how to configure WiFi on your phone, then the information about the advantages of this method of connecting to the network will be useful to you. Firstly, a Wi-Fi router is capable of transmitting a signal at a much higher speed than wireless communication over a mobile network. Secondly, Wi-Fi distributes stationary Internet, which, as a rule, is not limited in the amount of traffic and, again, has a higher connection speed. Finally, working with a phone via Wi-Fi is cheaper, since landline Internet costs less than mobile.

Wi-Fi Disadvantages

But the signal from the router, within the reach of which you can work with a mobile device, is limited to several meters. it is at such a distance that you can move away from the stationary access point without losing communication. It. The main disadvantage of this type of connection: lack of mobility.

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Instructions for connecting to Wi-Fi

However, we will not be distracted. once you read this information, it means you are interested in how to set up Wi-Fi on your phone. Let’s say right away: this is done very simply. Rather, it will be noted that you do not need to do anything. software developers have tried your best. Thanks to this questions on how to set up WiFi on your phone "Android"should not arise: all that should be done. this is to enter the initial data necessary for the connection (network name and access key to it).

Suppose, for example, that your network is called Network, and the password to it. digits from 1 to 9. Before you configure WiFi via your phone, you need to enable this feature on your device. This is done simply. in the settings or in the drop-down curtain on top (if we are talking about Android). After that, you will see a dialog box asking you to specify which network you would like to connect to.

Now, how to configure WiFi on a Samsung phone (or any other Android gadget), you will understand for yourself. It is enough in this window (where a list of available networks will be shown) to select your (Network); then enter the key in the appeared field for the password (from 1 to 9 in our example). Next, the system will signal that the connection is successful.


Of course, instead of a signal about a successful connection, you may see some kind of error. For example, it can be a Wi-Fi access icon with a characteristic “!” Symbol or some kind of cross. What is most important. in this case, you won’t be able to access the Internet using a browser or some social network application. In this situation, obviously, there are network problems.

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Alternatively, they may relate to the settings of your router or the configuration of your Internet address. Maybe you just ran out of money in your provider’s account. it happens. But what can I say for sure, the question of how to configure WiFi on the phone does not concern this, since the smartphone only receives the signal.

It is important to note that the setup instructions apply not only to the Android OS. In iOS and Windows Phone, the mechanism is the same. If you are looking for how to configure WiFi on your Nokia phone (where WP is preinstalled), you can re-read the information presented above. The same goes for the iPhone.

What to do if you do not see the network

There is such a possibility that the smartphone from which you will try to connect to the Internet simply will not see the desired network. This can happen, and there is nothing wrong with this situation. It is enough to know the name of the network to which you would like to connect, and if it is protected by a key, then it too.

How To Set Up Wifi On An Android Phone

Just on the wireless settings page, where a list of available networks will be visible, you need to click the “Add a new connection” button. She activates a window in which there will be two fields. network name and key. As you might guess, you need to fill them with the data of your network, after which the device should automatically determine the Wi-Fi connection with which you want to work.

Internet distribution

In addition to connecting to an existing network, your mobile phone can be a Wi-Fi modem, receiving a signal using a SIM card (that is, in fact, using mobile wireless Internet). To do this, you should read the instructions on how to configure WiFi on the phone (“Nokia”, “Samsung”, “iPhone” or “Lenovo.” It doesn’t matter) in modem mode. This is not difficult, and we will talk about this later.

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Setting the Wi-Fi modem mode on the smartphone

In general, the modem mode (in many phones it is called that way, and also “portable access point” or something like that) allows you to distribute your mobile Internet to other devices. For example, in this way you can create a network for your laptop computer that does not have network access. Or another example: so you are able to create a network connection for your friends, and in the future just tell them the access key. As previously reported, this is done very simply.

You need to go to the settings section, where there will be an item “Modem Mode”, and then select it. In the indicated menu there will be fields in which you should enter the name of your future network and access key. The latter will serve as a password in order to get into the network. And the name can be chosen randomly. Next, you need to click the button that saves the settings and activate the access point. In the list of available WiFi networks on other devices, you will see your name.

Don’t forget password

If you create your own access point for distributing the Internet to other devices, it is important not to forget to set a password (key) to protect the network from unauthorized connections. It will protect your Internet traffic from spending by unauthorized users who can connect to your network and start downloading large amounts of data. This warning is relevant for the reason that mobile traffic is expensive, and if it is spent, the connection is transferred to pay for the money. Thus, due to your carelessness, someone will be able to calmly “squander” all your traffic and money.