How To Set Up Apple Watch Charging, Turning On, Pairing With Iphone And Installing Programs

How To Set Up Apple Watch Charging, Turning On, Pairing With Iphone And Installing Programs

Do you have a brand new Apple Watch? Congratulations! Sit back and set aside all things. You will have to: pair with the iPhone, update watchOS, configure the Apple Watch for yourself and, of course, install some cool applications. I’ll talk about all this now.

My bad first setup experience

The first setup of the Apple Watch was not as fast as I expected. The process itself is very easy, but the speed of rebooting, charging and synchronization takes some time. Therefore, when you buy a new watch, do not think that you will set it up in 5 minutes in the nearest cafe for a cup of coffee and go for a walk with them around the city. In any case, I did not succeed.

I bought an Apple Watch at the airport when there were more than two hours left before boarding. And all this time I spent on charging, setting up and updating watchOS.

The stumbling block was the charging itself. The clock was discharged into the trash and did not even want to turn on. I partially charged them from the "bank". Doing it on the go is a test. Magnetic charging does not hold well and constantly falls off the clock.

After charging the watch to about 20 percent, I started the process of installing a pair of Apple Watch from the iPhone, but at the end of the synchronization of applications the clock was exhausted again and the whole process had to be started from the very beginning. Including charging itself.

From the second time everything turned out, but updating to the latest version of watchOS took some more time. As a result, after almost 2 hours, I got the Apple Watch ready for use with almost empty batteries, so the next 2 hours of the flight I spent again on fully charging them.

But in reality, everything is not so bad. Connecting the Apple Watch to the iPhone is much faster if you don’t make my mistakes. It took me 15 minutes to recreate the pair of Apple Watch with the iPhone. But by this time, you need to add charging, time to install applications and update watchOS. In any case, I recommend making coffee. Let’s go!

How to connect Apple Watch to iPhone

You will need a charged Apple Watch, a phone with Bluetooth running and the Watch app. Pairing devices is very intuitive: the clock and phone themselves tell you what to do and where to click. To connect the Apple Watch to the iPhone, do the following:

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  1. Charge your Apple Watch at least 60%. Synchronization with iPhone, setting quickly "eat" the battery. Yes, and possible updates watchOS requires the watch to be charged at least 50%. This is a very important point that will save you a lot of nerves. It takes approximately 55-60 minutes to charge the Apple Watch from 0% to 60%;
  1. Turn on the Apple Watch, holding the side button for a long time (if they do not turn on, then, most likely, they are very discharged and you need to charge the Apple Watch again). The watch will immediately ask you to choose the interface language and go into pairing mode with the iPhone.
  1. Launch the Watch app on the iPhone and click on the “Pair with Apple Watch” button and point the video finder of the iPhone camera to the “galaxy” on the watch screen. The process is similar to scanning a regular QR code. That’s it, your watch got acquainted with the iPhone. But this is just the beginning of the fun.

    Follow the prompts on iPhone, to complete the pairing process. You will be asked to perform a series of actions that many are already familiar with by activating an iPhone or iPad.

    Hand setup and selection. If this is your first watch, then click Configure As New Apple Watch. If the configuration was performed earlier, you can click "Restore from backup" and follow the instructions on the screen. Then tap “Left” or “Right” on the iPhone to select your hand.

    1. Enter Apple ID Password, to use features like Digital Touch and Handoff. If the Find My iPhone service is not enabled on the iPhone, you will also be asked to enable it.

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    1. Pcheck the settings. IPhone settings configured on the Diagnostics and Usage, Geolocation Services, and Siri screens will be transferred to the Apple Watch and vice versa. Therefore, if the settings of these services on one device are changed, they will be updated on the second.
    1. Create password. If you click "Create Password" or "Add Long Password" on the iPhone, you can create a personal code using the Apple Watch. Then you need to decide whether the iPhone will automatically unlock the watch.
    1. Sync programs. Click Install All to sync your Apple Watch compatible iPhone programs. Click Later to synchronize only basic information such as Mail, Contacts, and Messages.

    The duration of this process depends on the amount of data being synchronized. Devices should stay close to each other until you hear a beep and feel the ripple of the Apple Watch.

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    The watch has turned on. What’s next?

    Next, Apple Watch needs to be customized. And how to do this I will tell you on my personal example. In fact, my changes concern almost all the settings, so setting up the clock according to my instructions you will immediately get acquainted with all the settings of the Apple Watch.

    We will do all the clock settings through the Watch app for iPhone. Something can be set directly through the clock, but working with a small screen is not as convenient as with phones. So open the Watch app again and get started.

    How to update Apple Watch

    To begin with, it is worth checking whether there are fresh firmware for the Apple Watch and will be updated to the latest. For this:

    1. Open app Watch
    2. Go to the tab "My watch"
    3. Choose "Basic"
    4. Click “Software Update”

    If there is an update for the watch, then the iPhone will notify you of this. To install it, simply follow the instructions on the screen and the iPhone will do everything by itself. But remember that to set the clock and phone must be at least 50% charged.

    How to install programs on Apple Watch

    If you missed the automatic installation of all Apple Watch compatible programs when setting the clock, you will have to install them manually.

    All compatible programs are available in the “My Watch” tab and are conditionally divided into two categories: Apple software and everything else. To install the program on the Apple Watch:

    1. Open app Watch;
    2. Go to the tab "My watch";
    3. Select any application from the list (bottom);
    4. Click Show on Apple Watch.
    How To Set Up Apple Watch Charging, Turning On, Pairing With Iphone And Installing Programs

    That’s all. After a couple of seconds, the program will be installed on the Apple Watch and appear in the list of applications.

    In some applications, you will see additional options like “Show in Preview” and etc. We will return to these parameters a little later.

    How to automatically install programs on Apple Watch

    If a new application appears on the iPhone that has a version for the Apple Watch, then it can be automatically installed on the watch. For this:

    1. Open app Watch;
    2. Go to the tab "My watch";
    3. Select "Basic";
    4. Select "Install Programs";
    5. Turn on "Auto-install programs."

    How to sort apps on Apple Watch

    The list of all applications on the Apple Watch can be seen if you once click on the Digital Crown. In the center there is always a circle of clock icons, and around them icons of other applications appear.

    In order not to search for the necessary program for a long time, I place the most necessary clock icons around, that is, in the very center. For this:

    1. Open app Watch
    2. Go to the tab "My watch"
    3. Choose Appearance
    4. Arrange the icons in the desired order.
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    How to set up notifications on Apple Watch

    When the necessary programs are installed, I proceed to configure notifications. By default, they are completely duplicated from your iPhone. But I prefer to leave only the really most important. This is not only less distracting, but also saves the battery of hours.

    1. Open app Watch
    2. Go to the tab "My watch"
    3. Select Notifications

    Scroll to the bottom and turn off those notifications that you do not want to see on the Apple Watch. I got a couple of dozen of them.

    How to change the brightness of the screen Apple Watch

    The Apple Watch does not have manual brightness control in the usual sense, it always changes automatically depending on the ambient lighting. But you can choose one of three automatic brightness algorithms. This can be done both on the watch itself and in the Watch application on the iPhone.

    1. Open app Watch
    2. Go to the tab "Brightness and text size"
    3. Set the required parameters

    Personally, I set it to a minimum and do not experience any inconvenience, even at the equator. In the sun, the display is a little faded, but the information is still visible.

    What Apple Watch shows when activated

    Apple Watch automatically activates when you raise your hand to look at your watch. By default, the dial is displayed. But I love the last running application to be displayed. For this:

    1. Open app Watch
    2. Go to the tab "My watch"
    3. Choose "Basic"
    4. Select “Activate Screen” (bottom)
    5. Choose your desired action

    Yes, by the way, when you are on the screen with a dial, then a double tap on the Digital Crown wheel will open the last launched application.

    How to change the dial of Apple Watch

    Unlike all the previous paragraphs, the Apple Watch dial is set on the watch itself. To change the dial on the Apple Watch, press the screen with a little effort until you feel vibration feedback (pressing Forth Touch, as in the iPhone 6s). You will see a menu with a choice of possible dials. Choose your favorite and click “Configure”.

    Swipes to the left and right will move you between the settings of the dial, and you can adjust them by turning the Digital Crown wheel.

    Most dials have a place to display extensions from third-party applications. These settings are on the last screen and are also changed by the Digital Crown. To save your changes, press the Digital Crown, then tap the dial.

    In conclusion

    Whatever you need for the first launch of Apple Watch. Now you can proceed to independent research programs. Many of my favorite iPhone apps already have versions for the Apple Watch, so you have something to play with.