How To Set Up A Wi-Fi Router (Asus, D-Link, Tp-Link, Zyxel) On Mac Os X (Macbook, Imac, Macpro)

How To Set Up A Wi-Fi Router (Asus, D-Link, Tp-Link, Zyxel) On Mac Os X (Macbook, Imac, Macpro)

In this article you will find useful and necessary information on how to set up a Wi-Fi router ASUS, D-link, TP-Link, Zyxel on Mac OS X using Apple products. Do not think that this article is a detailed and step-by-step instruction on installing the router specifically on Apple devices, no. It was created only to help in some general aspects, since setting up a router on Mac is not too different from setting up on Windows, so you can safely use it, and I hope it helps you.

Connector Types:

So, first you need to figure out what kind of connectors are on Apple computers and what they are for. The computers of this company have standard RJ-45 connectors for the network, where you can naturally connect a Wi-fi router. This connector is shown below in the picture:

And the same connector looks on a Mac-mini:

What we do to configure the router:

  • First you need to connect the router and your device using a special cable. Usually it is sold along with the router itself. We activate the router and launch the browser (on Mac standard Safari)
  • In the search bar, enter the IP address of your modem, which can be found by looking at the bottom of the device. Usually it is or If you encounter problems, read the instructions: enter the router at and enter at
  • Following on the screen should appear questions about the username and password. Use the standard original password and login if you have not changed them. You can also see them on the case.
  • You will be taken to the settings page of your device, so then everything is done according to the instructions. Here is an example: setting up TP-LINK TL-WR940N
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What to do if there is no connector?

Such a rare enough problem may arise that your laptop, computer or other device does not have a suitable connector. What to do?

There is an answer. You can also connect and configure your modem, just for this you will have to take some other steps:

How To Set Up A Wi-Fi Router (Asus, D-Link, Tp-Link, Zyxel) On Mac Os X (Macbook, Imac, Macpro)
  • You can try to connect to any network (it will not have a password, since this is the main, original network) and also start the settings menu.
  • You can also do this over any wireless network, but you cannot update the firmware, since this can only be done when there is a cable, otherwise you will inevitably have problems. Perhaps not immediately, but later they will certainly show themselves, which can lead to damage to your devices.

For a computer or any other Apple device, you should not look for special unusual settings, since all computers have one mechanism, and you can configure your router correctly according to the same principle as is done on computers running Windows.

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