How To Set Up A Huawei Ws330 Router

How To Set Up A Huawei Ws330 Router

Huawei WS330. router review and setup instructions

Due to the depreciation of the ruble and the steady growth in the price of household appliances and electronics, devices of purely Chinese origin are gaining more and more popularity. There are not so many purebred Chinese in the network equipment segment. Therefore, the products of such a renowned manufacturer as Huawei were popular in the best of times. And now, when the price of a more or less normal router has approached 3000 rubles, I think that even more consumers will pay attention to them. In the budget segment, the market now has a line of three Huawei models – WS319, WS329 and WS330. The difference in price between the first and the last is about 500 rubles. Why? But because it is almost identical in terms of hardware devices. At least in terms of performance. There are actually differences, although not so obvious. First of all, it is performance. Each next model has a more efficient chip, which undoubtedly affects the switching speed of WAN-LAN. In terms of RAM – they are also the same. Let’s take a closer look at our experimental subject.

The fiery motor of the hero of our review is the Broadcom BCM5357C0 chip with a clock frequency of 300mHz. The amount of RAM in the router (RAM) is 32 MB (Winbond W9425G6JH-5), the amount of flash memory is 4 MB. This is at least an outdated, but stable platform on which Linksys E1200 v2, Linksys E900, ASUS RT-N12 rev C1, TP-Link TL-WR940N are built. Yes, of course not a fountain and it does not stand out with special performance. But no one is attempting to lead the market. The goal is an inexpensive hard worker for the average user. And the developers have achieved this goal.

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By ports – everything is as usual: 1xWAN and 4xLAN, all ports of a 10/100 Mbit / s network switch. Wi-Fi module in the 2.4 GHz band with full support for the standard 802.11N (Wireless N300). A big plus is two antennas with a coefficient of 5dBi. And this means that the average three-room apartment will be fully covered by wireless network:

There is a WLAN \ WPS button on the rear panel of the router case, which allows you to long-press (15-20 seconds) to disable the Wi-Fi module in hardware if it is not needed or not used.

Software and setup:

The current firmware version of the Huawei WS330 router is index V100R001C199B012 and has an English-language interface. The functionality is very good – the device can work in the network of any Russian provider, including tagging 802.1Q VLAN traffic. There is full support for IPTV digital television with the ability to allocate separate ports for connecting an STB set-top box.

The IP address of the router on the local network is, the login to access the web interface is admin, and the password is admin.

The first thing you will see in the web interface is this start page:

From here you can launch the Quick Setup Wizard, check the connection status and Enable / Disable the wireless network. To configure the Internet connection, go to the menu section "Internet".>"Internet Connection".

Dynamic IP

This type of connection is used, for example, in TTK-Ural, Rostelecom Udmurtia and soon Beeline will switch to it completely. In the subsection “Internet Connection” you can either delete the existing connection and create a new one, or simply edit the existing one by pressing the “Edit” button:

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We check “Enable Connection” and “INTERNET.” In the “Connection Type” list, select the “IP routing (IP)” type. We look for the NAT Type to be “NAPT” and the “IPv4 addresing type” to “DHCP”. Click the “Save” button.

PPPoE configuration

This is the most common type of connection, which is used in, MTS and in most branches of Rostelecom, TTK. We create a new connection or edit an existing one:

Check that the “Enable Connections” and “Service Type” – “INTERNET” checkboxes are selected. In the “Connection Type” list, select the “IP routing (PPP)” type. Opposite the “PPP trigger mode” parameter, select the “Always online” check box. In the “Username” and “Password” fields, enter the network details given to you by the provider when you connect. We save the settings using the “Save” button.

Digital TV Connection

To configure IPTV on you must go to the IPTV Service section:

Check the box “Enable IPTV”. Now below, in the list of “LAN Interface”, check off the port to which the STB-box is connected. The parameter “Connection type” in the vast majority of cases should be set to “Bridge Mode”.

If your provider uses tagged multicast traffic, and you need to specify the Vlan ID, then check the "Enable WAN" box

In the “VLAN ID” field, indicate the number of the virtual network that you first need to find out in the technical support of the provider. We set the priority of 802.1P 4. Press the “Save” button and check the operation of the television.

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WiFi wireless network

Go to the "WLAN Setting" section. Here you must have a tick “Enable WLAN 2.4 GHz”:

How To Set Up A Huawei Ws330 Router

Below, in the “SSID” field, specify the name of the Wi-Fi network being created and check the “Enable SSID” checkbox. In the “Security mode” list, select the “WPA2-PSK” standard, and the encryption type “WPA encryption mode” – “AES”. It remains only enter the password for WiFi in the "WPA pre-shared key" field. As it is best to use a mixed alphanumeric sequence of characters no shorter than 8 characters. Press the "Save" button.

Note: If you do not use WPS technology, then it is better to disable it by unchecking “Enable WPS” in the “WLAN Access” subsection:

This completes the basic configuration of the device. You can connect the provider’s cable to the WAN port and check access to the Internet.

How to set up a huawei ws330 router

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