How To Set A Password For Wi-Fi On A Tp-Link Router

How To Set A Password For Wi-Fi On A Tp-Link Router

This guide will focus on setting a password on the TP-Link routers wireless network. It is equally suitable for various models of this router – TL-WR740N, WR741ND or WR841ND. However, on the other models everything is done in a similar way.

What is it for? First of all, so that strangers do not have the opportunity to use your wireless network (and you lose Internet speed and stability because of this). In addition, setting a password on Wi-Fi will also help to avoid the possibility of access to your data stored on your computer.

Setting a wireless password on TP-Link routers

In this example, I will use the TP-Link TL-WR740N Wi-Fi router, but on other models all the steps are completely similar. I recommend setting a password from a computer that is connected to the router using a wired connection.

Default data for entering TP-Link router settings

The first thing to do is go into the settings of the router, for this launch the browser and enter the address or, the standard username and password are admin (This data is on a sticker on the back of the device. Please note that for the second address to work, the Internet must be turned off, you can simply remove the provider’s cable from the router).

After logging in, you will be taken to the main page of the TP-Link settings web interface. Pay attention to the menu on the left and select “Wireless mode”.

On the first page, “Wireless Settings”, you can change the name of the SSID network (by which you can distinguish it from other visible wireless networks), as well as change the channel or operating mode. (You can read about changing the channel here).

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In order to set a password on Wi-Fi, select the “Wireless Protection” sub-item.

How To Set A Password For Wi-Fi On A Tp-Link Router

Here you can set a password for Wi-Fi

On the Wi-Fi security settings page, you can select several protection options, it is recommended to use WPA-Personal / WPA2-Personal as the most protected option. Select this item, and then in the "PSK Password" field, enter the desired password, which should consist of at least eight characters (do not use the Cyrillic alphabet).

Then save the settings. That’s all, the Wi-Fi password handed out by your TP-Link router is set.

If you changed these settings wirelessly, then at the time of their application, the connection with the router will break, which may look like a hung web interface or an error in the browser. In this case, you should simply reconnect to the wireless network, already with the new settings. Another possible problem: The network settings stored on this computer do not meet the requirements of this network.