How To Save Progress In Games On Android – Reserve Gameplay

How To Save Progress In Games On Android - Reserve Gameplay

Well, in fact, it’s a shame when you develop land, get, get resources, bent the enemy, seizing its territory, and – on you! What happened, and all your efforts, as they say, went to dust, and to start the game again, even your hands drop …

Therefore, the question – how to maintain progress in games on android is far from idle. Moreover, this is one of the questions frequently asked by users, and it is time to dedicate an article to it in our section “Knowledge Base”.

How to save progress in games on Android

By reinstalling the application

To perform the recovery process of the game process in this way on the same device or any other of the same type, we need to do a few simple steps:

Download and install the game through a Google account (the one that was used for the previous game).

Then we go through the first three levels (a stable Internet connection is required).

After that, a window will open in which you will be asked to continue the game to restore progress:

How to restore progress in games on Android on the server

If you save the current state of the game directly on the server, in your Google account, then we can continue the game on any device from the moment it stops. What do I need to do:

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We log into your Google account, open the Home tab, go to the Play Games application, call up the menu (three-dash icon), go to the My Games section, select a game, and the save will be shown in the About tab.

Note: If you continue the saved game on another device, you need to make sure that you are in the same account, because all achievements, as well as records and results that were saved on the server, are linked to a Google account.

How to remove game progress on Android on the server

To delete all information about the game process from the server, go to the Google Settings on your device, click on the “Menu” icon located in the right corner of the display (it may differ depending on the gadget model), and select the line “Delete application data”.

How to save progress in games on Android (with ROOT)

Unfortunately, the previous method does not guarantee one hundred percent preservation of progress, therefore, we will consider the most popular among gamers.

To be able to apply this method, the following conditions are necessary: ​​to get ROOT access and install the Titanium Backup application, it is mandatory for the PRO version, otherwise, with the game saved, the passage itself will not be saved.

Then we proceed as follows:

We launch the Titanium Backup program, open the “Backups” tab and select the game (or any application you need) that we will backup (save), click, in the window that opens with the selected game, activate the “Save” button:

The backup process begins immediately. I must say that it can last quite a long time (depends on the capabilities of the device and the weight of the game itself). Upon completion of the procedure, in the “Backups” tab, you can see the number of backups created (in the screenshot – 1 rk), the date and time of creation.

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When the question arises, how to restore progress in the game on Android, open this section (backups), click on the desired game or application, and in the window that opens with possible options, select:

  • “Only data” – in the case when the game itself is installed and only progress is needed.
  • "Submitted" – to restore the game with all the data.
  • “Only software” – when only a game is needed:

All in this case, backups are created on the sdcard. If the game you are interested in takes up a lot of memory, then it can easily be stored on a PC by moving it using a USB cable to your computer.

How To Save Progress In Games On Android - Reserve Gameplay

How to save and restore progress in games on Android (without ROOT)

In this part of the article, we will talk about the Helium program – App Sync and Backup. This utility makes it possible to save the gameplay on a non-rooted device, therefore it represents a serious competition for Titanium Backup.

Helium setup:

Download the Helium application and install it on your Android device. The next step is to download and install the Helium Desktop App on your desktop computer or laptop (you can skip this step if your device is root). If necessary, if ADB drivers were not installed on the PC, then we find them on the manufacturer’s website, download and install.

Now you can start creating backups:

We connect our device to the computer via a USB cable, launch Helium by clicking on the application icon on the desktop. We skip the proposal to install the program on the PC on the screen (we did it), open the menu (three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the display), select "Backup" and in the list that appears check off the applications or games whose backups we will do. After that, the “Reserve” button located in the lower right corner of the screen will become active, click on it. A window will open in which you will be asked to choose a location for storing backups:

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Then the data backup process will begin, at the end of it a message will appear on the completion of the procedure. What you need to do to restore copies. Launch Helium again, press the menu button and select the "Restore and Sync" item:

We select the storage in which we saved the data, select the desired game (or application), put a checkmark, after which the "Restore" button will become active. We click, wait for the end of the process, and enjoy life:

To send a backup copy of the data to a PC, we need to open the menu, select “Download PC”, after that a server will be launched that displays the IP address. It must be copied and placed in the address bar of your browser. By entering the address, a page with a simple and intuitive interface will open, through which you can backup.

Watch a video on the topic:

Write, if something remains incomprehensible, we are always in touch, good luck!