How To Roll Back Update For Any Application On Iphone And Ipad

How To Roll Back Update For Any Application On Iphone And Ipad

Recently, Apple has opened access to all versions of mobile software for iOS. Charles Proxy is a useful tool for Mac and Windows with which you can download older versions of games and applications from the App Store.

In what situations can this come in handy? The need for a rollback from the latest releases may be due to the appearance of software restrictions in updates (such as deleting the VKontakte music section) or various kinds of crashes.

Below is an instruction on how to downgrade applications on iPhone and iPad:

Step 1: Download, install and launch Charles from this link. On a Mac, click the Grant Privileges button and enter the administrator password.

Step 3: In the Charles window, you will see several servers that iTunes connects to, you need to find the one that has the word "buy" in it. Right-click on it and select Enable SSL Proxying.

Step 4: Return to iTunes and stop downloading the application.

Step 5: Again, find this application in iTunes search and click Download.

Step 6: Go back to Charles and look for the lines with the word "buy". In the program window you will see the second object with the inscription "buy". We need him. Return to iTunes and stop downloading.

Step 7: In Charles, open the branch with the word “buy” to the end and find the line buyProduct. Right-click, then Export, and specify the desktop as the location to save the file.

Step 8: On your desktop, you will see a new XML file. Open it in any text editor and find the field:

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Below you will see lines like:


These are different versions of your application, from the oldest to the newest. Copy the desired version number (at random) to the clipboard.

Step 9: Return to Charles, right-click on buyProduct and select Edit.

Step 10: Click the bottom of the Text and find the following line at the top of the page:

At the top between the XXXX keys you will see the value. Replace it with the one you copied it in step 8. After that, click Execute at the bottom.

Step 11: Scroll down on the Response tab to the line bundleShortVersionString Below you will see the numerical value of the application version. If this is not the version you need, repeat the procedure from step 8, copying another value to the clipboard.

Step 12: Right click on buyProduct again, but this time select Breakpoints.

Step 13: Switch to iTunes, find your application and refresh the page. Click the Download button.

Step 14: Go back to Charles, select the object with the word "buy", and in the right part of the window switch to Edit Request -> XML Text Here, in the XXX field, paste the code copied in step 8 from the buffer. Click the Execute button.

Step 15: When you see Breakpoint, click Execute again.

Step 16: Return to iTunes: download should continue.

Step 17: Look at the My Programs tab where the program will be downloaded. Find it in the list and right-click – Details. Pay attention to the version field: it must be an old build of the program.

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Step 18: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and transfer the application icon to your device. Before synchronizing your gadget, be sure to remove the newer application from the device. After synchronization is complete, your gadget will have an old version of the program.

Step 19: Close and uninstall Charles.

Below you can watch the video tutorial on downgrade from iDB: