How To Revert Previous Ios Version

How To Revert Previous Ios Version

Many users of Apple’s mobile devices are wondering: how to return the old version of iOS? Usually this is due to the fact that, having upgraded to the new version, a person has claims to an unusual interface, poor compatibility with specific devices or bugs that have appeared.

Apple product developers themselves do not welcome the option of switching to an older version of the software. Yes, they provide the opportunity to roll back to the old version of the operating system immediately after the release of a new update (a certain test mode, when developers finish iOS, eliminating bugs, glitches). But a certain period will pass – two weeks, and it will be impossible to return the old version already. Therefore, users of branded devices find workarounds for rollback to the old version of iOS. This article presents the simplest and most effective method of returning to an older operating system than the one currently available on your Apple device. Well, we solve your problem: How to install the old version?

Data backup

In order not to lose the data stored in the device’s memory, you need to copy them to a safe place. Make a full backup of the contents of your gadget in iTunes on your PC and in iCloud storage. These actions will allow you to return all the files and personal data when you roll back to the legacy iOS version. Rollback involves the complete erasure of all information on the device, leaving only clean software.

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After copying the data in two ways, you need to go to iCloud settings, find the iPhone or iPad there (depending on which device you have) and turn it off. This is done in order to remove protection from the software available on the device. Otherwise, you can’t return the previous version of iOS in any way. But do not worry about this, because protection is removed only during the installation of the old version, and upon completion of the rollback, the protective function will be turned on automatically.

Start installing old iOS

So how to install the old version? This is done in a few simple steps. You will also need a computer, a USB cable, and iTunes (the latest). First of all, check the table ( which old firmware your Apple device model supports. Then you can go directly to the beginning of the installation of the desired iOS.

Step one – download the firmware file

We go to the website, here we download the old version of ios. The site is in Russian, I don’t think there will be problems. We select the type of device, model, select the firmware that is needed.

Step two – the rollback process to the old version of iOS

1 way

Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable. In iTunes, you need to open the device management page. Next, you need to hold Shift (Alt on Mac), and then update the device control window by clicking the appropriate button. An Explorer (Finder on Mac) opens, where you need to select the old operating system file that you previously downloaded. Confirm the installation of an older operating system.

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2 way – using RecoveryMode

To enable the system emergency recovery mode (RecoveryMode), you need to do the following: while holding the HOME button, connect via USB to the computer (first you need to turn off the mobile device). Next, launch iTunes, in the “restore iPhone or iPad” window that appears, click “ok,” File Manager will appear, where you will need to select the firmware you downloaded. Then everything is clear: confirm, installation begins.

General recommendations for rollback

That’s all, installing the old version is not at all difficult, you can observe the progress of the process in the iTunes window, at the top of it. In no case do not interrupt the installation process: do not disconnect the gadget from the computer, do not run any programs until iOS is installed. It will be possible to use the device immediately after iOS rolls back. You will learn about the completion of the installation when a white screen and a greeting appear. After that, you need to activate your device and use the newly installed iOS without any problems.

Now you can easily run the old version of the application and use the interface that you are used to and refused because of the update. If for some reason you were unable to roll back the software, describe your problem in the comments. We will help you figure it out.