How To Reset Settings On Android

How To Reset Settings On Android

Hello, dear visitors of! Want to learn how to hard reset on Android? You have come to the right address. Sometimes tablets and phones running the Android operating system fail. And the owner of the device decides to reset the settings to Android in order to return his smartphone or tablet to the factory settings. Often it is necessary to reset the settings on Android due to an application error or if a virus infected the operating system (for example, resetting the settings can help if a banner virus has entered the Android that blocks the screen). Perhaps a similar situation has occurred with your gadget or you just want to delete all the information from the internal memory of your tablet or phone.

Various factors can cause a system crash. This may be the general clutter of Android due to the frequent reinstallation of applications and the installation of a large number of programs and games on the internal memory and memory card. Or, which, in general, is quite rare without outside interference, this may be an internal system error. Such critical errors may occur due to interference with the structure of the operating system. And even if you didn’t do anything, critical damage in Android could cause malware or a game that you downloaded from an unreliable source. It is for such situations on Android that you need to reset hard reset. What is this we will now explain.

What happens resetting on Android

In addition to problems with the operating system, your tablet or phone may not turn on at all. If the gadget is slow, freezes or unstable, then a hard reboot of Android can also help it. As the name implies, a Hard Reset reset is a hard reset of the entire system. But what exactly does reboot and what happens on the phone or tablet? Here it is worth explaining that there are two types of factory reset on tablets and smartphones for Android. System settings can be reset by software and hardware. And these methods have differences.

On some firmware with a soft reset, you can select the desired removal options. In this case, all information is deleted from the memory card and internal memory of the Android operating system. When a hardware reset is made through a special menu of a phone or tablet of Android System Recovery, there are no such options, so SMS messages, phone contacts, applications and games can be saved. Nevertheless, before making a software or hardware reset of Android to the factory settings, we still recommend that you make a backup of important data for you as much as possible and save it. As a result of the reset, the following data will most likely disappear: installed applications and games, Google account and all data associated with other accounts, your personal data (contacts, SMS messages, notes on the calendar), data on the system and application settings.

If you want to reset the settings in order to return the old firmware of the device, then you are forced to disappoint. Neither hardware nor software reset will help to return the old firmware. It can only be restored by manually flashing the gadget. For those who have forgotten the digital or graphic access code for the system, we have good news. Hard reset should help in this situation and unlock Android. Next, we will consider both ways to reset Android settings and start with a simpler, software reboot of the system.

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How to programmatically reset settings on Android

If your tablet or phone boots up, it’s easier to do a soft reset to the factory settings than to call the hardware system recovery menu. To perform a software reset on Android, you need to enter the menu of your smartphone or tablet.

After you get to the device menu, find the settings shortcut and click on it.

In the settings you need to find the menu item ‘Accounts’ or the option ‘Personal data’ (it depends on the firmware of your phone or tablet). And after that, select the menu item ‘Restore and Reset’ or another name which may be ‘Backup and Reset’.

Next you need to find the menu item ‘Reset Settings’ (it may also be called ‘Reset Data’). As can be seen from the explanation in the picture below, all parameters will be reset and all data on the device will be deleted.

By going to the data reset menu item, you can reset the device to the Android factory settings. We draw your attention again to the annotation. All information will be deleted from the device’s memory, including a Google account (this does not mean that it cannot be returned later), data and system and application parameters, as well as downloaded applications: music, photos, other user data, a decryption key files on the SD memory card (after resetting the device, you will not be able to use encrypted files on the SD memory card).

After clicking on the reset button of the device, Android will ask for confirmation ‘Delete all personal data and downloaded applications? It will be impossible to restore them ’to completely reset the operating system.

By clicking on ‘Delete All’ (or on ‘Erase All’) you will begin the procedure for resetting Android settings. In principle, this description of the software reboot of the system can be completed. Let’s move on to hard reset.

Hardware Hard Reset on Android

If your phone or tablet does not turn on and does not start, then the reason may be due to an Android software failure, and not a hardware malfunction of the device. For this, the developers have implemented a special system menu that can be called up by pressing the buttons on the gadget. Unfortunately, there is one pitfall. As you probably know, tablet computers and smartphones under Android are produced by many manufacturers: ASUS (Asus), Acer (Acer), Alcatel (Alcatel), Dell (Dell), Digma (Digma), Explay (Express), HTC, Huawei, LG, Lenovo (Lenovo), PiPO, Philips (Philips), Prestigio (Prestigio), Samsung (Samsung) or Sony (Sony) are just some of them.

Therefore, writing instructions for resetting all of them within the framework of one article is somewhat unrealistic (if you need to know how to reset settings for a specific model, ask a question in the comments). Nevertheless, we will try to cover several manufacturers of Android gadgets and make our instructions universal. Although manufacturers go their separate ways, there is a certain pattern in launching the Android System Recovery menu. For most devices, the following button combinations and subsequent menu call are suitable. You must turn off the device. We advise you to charge the device before entering the menu if it is very discharged.

  1. To enter the reset, hold down the volume up button (or volume down key) and the power button. Or we do the same thing, but after pressing the power button, we continue to hold the volume key.
  2. The second option is similar to the first, you need to press and hold the decrease and increase the volume, and after that just press the power key of the device.
  3. The third option to start the recovery menu is to hold down three keys simultaneously: the main screen button, volume up, and the power key.
  4. The fourth one is similar to the third option, you need to press the ‘Home’ button and decrease the volume at the same time, then press the power key, wait for the manufacturer logo to appear and release the power button. After the Android icon appears, you can release the remaining two keys and wait for the recovery menu.
  5. The last option. Press the power button and hold for 1-2 seconds, then hold down the volume up and down buttons and the power key, and hold until the recovery menu appears.
How To Reset Settings On Android

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After that, the device will either simply reboot and reset automatically, or the recovery menu will appear. After you get to the recovery menu, you need to select the Wipe data / Factory reset item with the volume up and down keys, click on it and agree to delete the settings on the phone / tablet.

Now consider a few manufacturers of gadgets separately. Let’s start with a description of how to reset hardware on Android in smartphones and tablets from the company Samsung (Samsung). Turn off the device. To enter the recovery menu, you must simultaneously press three keys: the button to call the main screen of the device, increase the volume and the power key. The settings are reset using the Wipe data / Factory reset item, which can be selected using the volume up and down buttons. Then we agree to erase the data and reboot the device using the menu item ‘Reboot now’.

On phones from HTC settings are reset as follows. Turn off the device. To get to the recovery menu, press and hold the volume down and volume up buttons and just press the smartphone’s power button. We are waiting for the inscription ‘Warning’ while holding down the volume buttons. After the inscription appears, you need to press the volume up button to reset the settings. An alternative option is to press and hold the volume down key, after that you need to hold down the power button of the device and wait for the Android icon. After the Android logo appears, release the power and volume down buttons, and then press the volume down again. Select ‘Restore Original Settings’ and press the gadget off button.

On devices from the company Acer The reset procedure looks like this. Turn off the device. For smartphones: press and hold the volume up and power on keys. After the menu appears where you need to select Recovery Mode and press the volume down button. Next, the logo of the lying Android with a red triangle on its stomach should appear. After its appearance, you need to press the power button of the device. After that, Android System Recovery boots up, where we select ‘Wipe data / Factory reset’ and agree to erase the settings. For tablets, it’s a little different. It is necessary to switch the display lock lever to the left position. Then simultaneously press the volume up and power buttons, and constantly hold them. The tablet should vibrate. After that, you need to change the position of the screen lock lever left / right so that the lines ‘Erasing Userdata’ and ‘Erasing Cache’ appear on the screen. Actually, these lines mean that the removal of settings has begun.

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Now let’s see how the settings are reset on devices from Asus. Turn off the device. In order to make a hard reset for Android on Asus and get into Android System Recovery, you need to hold down the volume down button, and then press the power key for three seconds. After that, release the power button, and hold the volume down key until the recovery menu appears. In the menu that appears, select Enter recovery mode, then Wipe data / Factory reset and confirm data deletion. After completing the reset procedure, you need to restart the gadget using the menu item ‘Reboot system now’.

On company gadgets Sony (Sony) Reset Android to factory settings as follows. It is necessary to connect the device to charging and make sure that the indicator lights up. Next, you need to restart the gadget with a paper clip, pressing the paper clip into the hole that is located on the case and is called ‘Reset’. The display should go dark. Hold the power key for three seconds, after which you need to have time to press the volume up button several times until the Android download. Next, in the Recovery menu, select ‘hard reset’ and erase the settings. After the reset procedure, we reboot the device. An alternative option to boot the recovery menu: hold down the power and volume up keys. When the device screen lights up, release the power button, and hold down the volume up and down buttons. After which the recovery menu should appear.

Here’s how to reset settings on Android in devices from the manufacturer Alcatel. Turn off the device. We simultaneously clamp the volume up and power buttons. After that, the Android System Recovery menu should appear, in which you need to select ‘Wipe data / Factory reset’ using the volume keys and agree to erase the system settings by pressing the power button. After we reboot the device using the ‘Reboot system now’ item.

As you can see, the reset methods for different manufacturers are similar. We hope you managed to enter the recovery menu and reset the settings on Android. If you have a question about a specific phone or tablet model, and you don’t know how to reset to factory settings yourself, ask a question in the comments.