How To Reset Htc To Factory Settings

How To Reset Htc To Factory Settings

Sometimes the only way to restore the smartphone to normal operation is to reset all the changes that you made in it. This is true in the case when the smartphone cannot be fully used on its own, and HTC Sync Manager does not see the phone at all. Sometimes it is necessary to update the HTC phone correctly.

Consider how to reset HTC to factory settings when necessary and what needs to be done before and after.

Reset to HTC factory settings

Let’s start with the bad news. Reset means that the smartphone will be completely cleaned. All programs and games that you installed, all music and video, all photos – all this will be deleted from memory without the possibility of recovery.

How to avoid this?

  • Back up data using HTC Sync Manager
  • Activate cloud saving of contacts, mail, other data on a Google server
  • Connect services that allow you to automatically backup photos (Google Photos, Dropbox, QuickPic, etc.)
  • Install applications for backing up programs along with settings (for example, Titanium Backup)

Ideally, set up backups to remote cloud drives (Box, Dropbox). Note: for the operation of Titanium Backup you need a root!

Before starting the procedure, make sure that valuable data is saved. This is a responsible matter, almost like disassembling HTC – only you can’t disassemble the case into the software part of the device.

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HTC One V: Factory Reset

And yes, do not forget to download HTC Sync Manager from the official website, install it and back up the data. If you need to recover data on a smartphone, the program will facilitate this process.

Alas, it will not help if the phone does not turn on. But you can save the device itself in this case. To enter the recovery menu, hold down the Volume down plus Power buttons. Wait until the image of the three Android symbols appears on the screen, and then release the buttons. Do not mix it up: another combination (volume up button and power) is used to take a screenshot on HTC (however, on many other smartphones too).

Use the volume buttons to select "Restore Original Settings". Remember: in recovery mode, the touch screen does not work. Use the volume buttons to navigate the menu, and the power button to confirm your selection.

After that, your smartphone will reboot with a reset of all settings. This may take some time, but this is normal.

Reset to factory settings HTC Incredible S

The popular HTC Incredible S smartphone is a rather old model, released back in 2011. Nevertheless, the smartphone remains relevant, and many connoisseurs still use it. Making a reset on HTC Incredible S is as simple as on a much more recent One V, but it has its own nuances.

How To Reset Htc To Factory Settings

Initially, the smartphone came out running Android 2.1 with an official update to 2.2, but later enthusiasts made firmware for it based on even Android 5.1.1. Few people today will use the archaic Android 2.x, when much newer and more current firmware options are available for the smartphone, and the hardware power allows them to be used comfortably. Therefore, a reset via the settings menu will be generally similar to a One V reset, but may vary slightly in different versions.

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On the initial firmware you need:

  • enter Settings
  • select the item Memory
  • Press “Reset to factory settings”
  • confirm reset by clicking “Reset phone settings” and “Erase everything”

If your Incredible S does not turn on, then the reset procedure is fully consistent with the One V phone reset described above. This method works with almost all HTC Android smartphones.

What to do after reset

If you were going to part with a smartphone (sell or donate it), then nothing needs to be done. But if you are going to continue to use it, you need to restore your working environment on it. data and applications.

Have you already downloaded HTC Sync Manager for Windows 7? If not, then you can always do this on the official website. Remember to backup all data before starting a reset (if possible). If it does not work out, then you can restore the smartphone from the last saved copy.