How to remove geolocation tags from photos and videos in iOS 13? 4

If you are not paranoid, this does not mean that you are not being watched. Fortunately, Apple also understands this, so they are constantly working to improve privacy. The new version of iOS at number 13 was no exception, in which, despite the fatal build number, they nevertheless provided and realized a number of useful features for everyone who would like to share with all their photos and videos, but at the same time not to shine their geodata, remaining “in the shade”. Previously, it was impossible to erase the location metadata, but now this wonderful option has finally appeared. Considering how attackers can use information about the user’s whereabouts, the standard function of tracing the traces will definitely not be superfluous, especially since you can enable it on the new firmware in just a couple of clicks.

How to remove geolocation tags from photos and videos in iOS 13? 4

iPhone In hand with a running Photo application

All photos and videos shot on an iPhone or iPad contain a lot of information, including the one where the picture was taken or the video was recorded. This information is called metadata. Using geolocation data from pictures or videos, anyone can find out where you are right now, or were a few hours ago. Which, you see, is in itself very unpleasant. But besides geodata, the files also contain a lot of other information that helps, for example, with sorting photos, organizing a photo library so that the user can easily access pictures sorted by certain parameters. For example, by date, time of year. If you want to post new photos and videos to social networks, but don’t want someone to know where you are, all you need to do is use this quick guide.

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Launch the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad. By the way, did you notice how it changed?

How to remove geolocation tags from photos and videos in iOS 13? 4

Photo open in the Photos app

Now select one or more photos and videos that you would like to send to someone. If you select one photo, just click the “Share” button in the lower left corner, after which you will be asked to select several more files.

How to remove geolocation tags from photos and videos in iOS 13? 4

The photo is almost ready to send

When done, click on the “Options” button, and then in the window that opens, deactivate the switch opposite the treasured “Geo-position” parameter. On the same tab, you will see the option “All photo data”, it is needed to transfer files via AirDrop, but geolocation is also needed to activate it, so there’s nothing wrong with it being turned off.

Everything, you are amazing! Now no one will know where exactly you were and photographed, as well as filmed your vidos, unless you tell about it yourself. Share your files through iMessage, Gmail, Twitter, WhatsApp and through everything that comes to mind – the files do not have any geometries. You can post a couple right now on Facebook or VK to see this again.

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