How To Remove An Application Or Game On Ipad

As you use the iPad, it accumulates a lot of different software and games that are used very rarely or not used by the user at all. That is why many users of Apple’s mobile devices have a question about how to remove the application on the iPad.

There are several ways to uninstall applications on iPad and iPhone:

  • in a standard way through the application menu interface;
  • Using device settings
  • by computer (laptop).

Immediately, we note that the methods for uninstalling applications on the iPad discussed below relate exclusively to the software that was installed by the tablet user during its operation. There are no safe and effective methods for uninstalling standard iOS applications (implemented by the builder in the system) without jailbreaking. They can only be hidden.

Removing iOS apps in a standard way

This method is perfect if you need to get rid of one or two unused applications. To delete, you need to click on the desired icon and hold your finger for several seconds. You need to release it after all the icons on the display begin to tremble. Above those programs that can be removed, a black cross will light up (in the upper left corner).

We click on the cross and in the pop-up window we confirm our intention to remove the application by clicking on the "Delete" button. The action selected by the user is confirmed, and there is no longer any unwanted software on the device.

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Delete using settings

This method is suitable if you need to remove the game from the iPad or get rid of a large number of applications. Removing programs using this method allows you to see how much space each soft installed on the tablet takes, therefore it is most rational in the case when you need to clear the space in the device’s memory to install new programs.

We go into the iPad settings and go to the "Basic" menu item. After a few seconds, the entire list of installed programs will be displayed on the screen, which will be sorted according to the amount of space they occupy. The first in the list will be the heaviest software.

Next, click on the icon "Show all ”, select the application to be deleted and click on the menu item“ Delete program ”. We perform similar actions with all unnecessary programs.

Important! If you want to learn how to remove games from the iPad correctly, then it is better to familiarize yourself with the following method of uninstalling applications, since it is the most optimal way to uninstall games.

Uninstall iOS programs using a computer

Although this method of uninstalling programs is the most time-consuming and not very convenient, it is its use that allows you to remove software correctly, that is, it is most safe for iOS stability.

Launch iTunes on your computer and connect the iPad to it. We go to the iTunes menu and go to the “Programs” item, click on it and see all the software that is installed on the apple device. We put checkmarks near the programs to be deleted or click “Delete” (depending on the version of iTunes). After selecting all the games and applications to be uninstalled, click on the "Apply" button. Next, the program will synchronize with the tablet and remove all unnecessary "junk".

How To Remove An Application Or Game On Ipad

If applications are not uninstalled

If you didn’t succeed in uninstalling games on the iPad or other programs using the methods described above, some restrictions preventing the execution of this operation are activated in the system. They must be removed. For this:

  • go to the tablet settings;
  • go to the "Basic", and then "Limitations";
  • enter the password;
  • click on the pop-up window “Allow uninstalling software”.
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The restriction is removed, unnecessary applications and games can be removed.

Nothing helps

If a game (in very rare cases, a program) does not want to be deleted even after disabling restrictions, then it takes more than 20 GB of memory. To uninstall it, you must disconnect the device from the Internet and apply any of the above methods.

Now you know how to uninstall the application on the iPad in case of any difficulties, without causing any harm to the device and the iOS installed on it.