How To Remotely Connect To Pc With Iphone Or Ipad

How To Remotely Connect To Pc With Iphone Or Ipad

There are a lot of good utilities for remotely connecting to a Windows computer using iPhone and iPad, there are plenty to choose from. However, few know what to choose, and even more so to buy one of such funds is not necessary at all. The built-in Windows remote access feature works great with Apple mobile devices. In this instruction, we will talk about an extremely simple process for setting it up.

Computer settings

To enable remote access to a computer from iPhone and iPad, you need to perform only two simple settings. First of all, you need to allow your computer to accept remote connections:

Step 1. Go to the menu “Control Panel"→"system and safety"→"System"→"Configure Remote Access".

Step 2. Activate the item “Allow remote connections to this computer".

Step 3. Click “To apply»To save the changed settings.

In addition, you must make sure that a password is set on your computer. Without it, a remote connection will not be possible.

Step 1. Go to the menu “Control Panel"→"user accounts"→"user accounts"→"Manage another account".

Step 2. Select your account.

Step 3. Click “Change Password"And specify the desired password.

Done! All preparations necessary for making a remote connection from iPhone or iPad to a computer are completed.

Create a connection

Step 1. Download the free Remote Desktop (Microsoft) application from the App Store.

Step 2. Launch the application, click on the “"In the upper right corner and select"Desktop".

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Step 3. Indicate the name of your PC in the column of the same name. You can find out the name of your computer by going to the menu "Control Panel"→"system and safety"→"System". There you can change the name of your computer.

Advice! Instead of the computer name in the "PC Name" column, you can specify the IP address of your computer. To find out the IP address of a computer, type in the command line ipconfig.

How To Remotely Connect To Pc With Iphone Or Ipad

Step 4. In the “User account»Add your account by entering username and password.

Step 5. Return to the first settings window and click “Save".

Note that before saving you can specify some additional connection parameters:

  • Choose a friendly name for the connection to more easily find the desired desktop on the main screen.
  • Set up a gateway.
  • Select the device on which the sound will be played (computer or iPhone / iPad).
  • Change mouse button assignment.
  • Enable admin mode.

Start a remote connection

In order to access the computer remotely from your iPhone or iPad, you just have to click on the icon that appeared on the main application window. In the window that opens, you will be required to enter a password (which the system allows you to remember), after which it will be possible to control the computer from a mobile device.

Remote control is as intuitive as possible, and most importantly, very fast. Many third-party specialized solutions work much slower, and in fact, when connecting remotely, speed is the main parameter.

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