How To Remotely Connect To Iphone 6

How To Remotely Connect To Iphone 6

Sometimes situations arise when you need to gain remote access to your (or someone else’s) iPhone. At first glance, it would seem, why is this necessary? Why voluntarily open to someone an outsider access to the “holy of holies”?

In fact, using remote access you can, for example, deal with many software problems on your iPhone. And for this you do not need to leave the house, carry the gadget to the service center, remaining for the duration of the service without a means of communication. And so, the wizard will be able to conduct diagnostics at a distance, give recommendations for troubleshooting. Surely many of you had to resort to the help of advanced computer friends who set up, "treated" your PC or iPad remotely, directly through the Internet – from your computer. All that was required of you was to allow them access by checking the necessary applications and entering a password.

Therefore, many are interested in the question, is it necessary to use another iPhone for this? However, there are no built-in capabilities for this in the "apple" operating system. And not every user is ready to jailbreak and tweak them – like Veency. Fortunately, this is not necessary, because third-party application developers offer many alternative options that will help you access your smartphone. And you can connect to it from an iPad, Mac or other PC.


One of the services with the described characteristics– Quicksupport, offers developer TeamViewer.
It allows you to check smartphone systems, view the list of processes running on it, the iOS configuration profile, receive and send files from (to) iPhone.

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In order for an outsider (a repairman, for example) to be able to connect to your device, he must also install a full version of this application on his computer (iPad, Mac) and run it.

On the screen of the smartphone, the password key of the secure connection channel will be displayed – for remote access – ID. The code must be reported to the master, who must enter it in the same line of the program from his computer. Thus, he gets through the Internet access to the menu of your iPhone.
After that, the wizard has the ability to remotely view information on an iPhone (regardless of whether it works on an iPad, Mac or other PC). You can now directly discuss the problems encountered in the chat with a specialist. It will help you start or stop running processes, get out of the “hang loop”, configure Wi-Fi Internet access points, check iOS for errors and much more. During the system check, you can take and send him screenshots of the displayed notification windows on the iPhone screen.

After reviewing the results of system diagnostics, it will be much easier for him to choose the most suitable solution to the problem. It can send you a message or configuration profiles that can help fix a system failure. Or having found out that it will not be possible to fix the problem at a distance, he will recommend contacting a service center.


A similar service is offered by the developer BomgarCorporation. This universal application is designed for both iPhone and iPad. Bomgar allows you to get expert help remotely, wherever the device is.
You need to pre-download and install Bomgar on your phone. Again, you need to install applications on two devices involved: an iPhone and a computer (or iPad).

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Also, to communicate with the technical support service, you will need a stable Internet connection. If it breaks, the gadget may freeze for a long time.

To exclude fraud interventions, both subscribers (owner and master) enter codes for connection.
Each communication session between the technical representative and your device is encrypted, and upon completion, he will no longer be able to remotely log into your iPhone until you again ask for help.
During the inspection, the specialist gets the opportunity to view information about the system, clean and update without your participation. You can discuss the problems encountered in a secure chat in real time by sending screenshots of the iPhone screen.

How To Remotely Connect To Iphone 6

Rescue Mobilefor iOS

A similar set of features is offered by the developer LogMeIn, Inc. His product is Rescue Mobilefor iOS allows you to remotely identify and fix most system problems.
This support client is ready to help your device anytime, wherever you are. There are several options for getting help: in the form of chat consultations, “co-browsing”, tips after examining screenshots of iPhone system notifications by specialists.
The main thing is to have a stable Internet connection and follow the assistant’s interactive prompts. The communication channel during communication is protected by a six-digit code that a technical support employee gives you. And again, at the end of the session, no one else can go to the smartphone menu until you enable it.

This utility is also free. Available for download from a safe source.
By the way, always remember about security. Once again, we remind you that you should not download such applications from dubious sites.

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Use only official sources. Do not trust the first "craftsmen" you meet, check the means they install, "filter" tips on the forums.

Because all kinds of software “upgrades” create a huge gap in the protection of user data, which iPhones are so famous for. Do not give scammers a chance to remotely connect and steal information from the device.