How To Make An Apple Tv Remote

How To Make An Apple Tv Remote

The remote control thing is small and easily lost. Having diligently looking for him in the bowels of the sofa, the situation can be corrected. If the user lost the remote control and did not find it, or it just does not work, there are several ways to turn on the Apple TV without the remote control.

If the Apple TV remote does not respond, do not rush to sound the alarm. Let’s analyze the options for adjustment. Try to troubleshoot the following actions. If your Remote Control is white or aluminum, rearrange all the furniture elements (decor) that impede the signal to the Apple TV, TV, receiver and soundbar. If the device does not respond, hold down the buttons on the left and Menu panels for six seconds. Check performance. If it does not work, unplug the TV from the wall outlet for six seconds and turn it on. Replace console batteries.

If the Siri Remote is the model for the Siri Remote, free up space in front of the appliance for free signal flow. Stay within Bluetooth coverage. Charge the console for half an hour. At a distance of seven cm from the TV, press the “Menu” and “volume” keys on the remote control for 5 seconds (a pair is created). Unplug the TV from the wall outlet for 6 seconds, then turn it on again. Check if the device is working.

Configuring and operating the console from Apple TV

  • For the 4th generation. As a 4-character code is displayed on the TV screen, enter the code on the paired i-device. The code may not be displayed if the pair is configured automatically.
  • For 2nd and 3rd generations. After the code appears on the i-gadget, open the settings section, click "basic". Go to the "Remote Controls" on TV. Indicate the name of the i-device and enter the code of 4 characters.

To use the Remote program, click “Set Up Home Sharing” (enable home collections). Enter the username and password for the account ID. Click “ok” and the TV will appear in the list. If it doesn’t appear, start iTunes and go to “File”, then “Home Collection”, “Enable Home Collections”. To manipulate the cursor on the monitor, click on the button in the upper right corner (4 arrows) on the mobile i-gadget. The control will open: the menu and the play / pause keys.


We analyze the reprogramming of the working console from the TV using the Remote program. Set it up like this: take a new console and go to the Apple TV settings using Remote. Further to the item “Remote controls” through the “General” section. Then find “Remote Control Setup”. Click "Start." Hold each button to program a command. Set up the basic buttons for how to respond, then set the name of the remote. Next, you will be prompted to configure additional keys.

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Therefore, if you want to simplify the management of your entertainment center or you just don’t like the control option through Siri, then you can easily “teach” your work with universal remote controls.

There are many universal remote controls on the market. They are all different. And although almost all of them are able to control your Apple TV, you should double-check their capabilities and compatibility. Below you will find instructions on how to set up the universal remote control to work properly with your Apple TV.

  • Being on the main screen of the Apple TV, go to the "Settings";
  • In the menu that appears, select “Remotes and Controllers” (Remotes & Devices);
  • Select "Learn Remote" (Learn Remote);
  • Make sure the remote control is turned on;
  • Using the universal remote control, press “Start” to start the learning process;

Follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Next, you need to alternately select the appropriate control keys "up", "down", "right", "left" on the remote control. You can choose any keys, but it’s more logical, of course, to choose those that are most suitable for this;
  • We first hold one button and wait until the system fixes it, then select another, third and so on;
  • If desired, you can give a name to the control panel;
  • After that, click the “Done” button;
  • Similarly, we configure the playback control buttons;
  • At the end of the settings, click OK.

Over the years of its existence on the market, the Apple TV multimedia set-top box has received many improvements, including Siri voice assistant support, a lot of applications and a touch panel. But not a single device is faulty, and owners of Apple TV periodically face various problems. Fortunately, most of them can be handled by users.

Just like in smartphones, applications on the Apple TV can “slow down”, completely freeze or work incorrectly. In such a situation, the best way to solve the problem. force close the application. To do this, double-click the "Home ”, Swipe left or right to the application and swipe up on the touchpad of Siri Remote.

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Apple TV is slow, buggy, and not working properly

Not only applications can hang, but the set-top box itself. In such cases, just reboot the device. There are two ways to do this: by opening "Settings "→"System "→"Reload »Or while holding the buttons Menu and "Home »Until the light on the Apple TV starts flashing quickly.

When you release the buttons, the Apple TV will restart.

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Apple TV does not turn on (indicator blinks)

Multi-user Apple TV users report that after several months of use, the set-top box suddenly stops turning on, while the indicator on the front panel blinks. In this case, do not rush to contact the service. Usually this is due to a software failure, which can be solved by restoring (flashing) the set-top box in DFU Mode. We talked about this in more detail in this material.

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Remote control does not work for Apple TV

If the Siri Remote stops responding, first try recharging it through the Lightning port on the bottom of the chassis. The charge level can be checked in the "Settings "→"Remote controls and devices »On Apple TV, using the iOS device as a remote control.

In case the problem persists, try resetting the Siri Remote by pressing the button at the same time Menu and buttons volume up Hold the buttons for 2 seconds.

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Missing sound on Apple TV output

In some cases, the Apple TV stops playing audio for no apparent reason. If you encounter a similar problem, try restarting the TV and all speakers connected to the Apple TV. This is usually enough. If the indicated method didn’t solve the problem, restart the Apple TV and make sure that all audio settings are set correctly. To do this, open "Settings "→"Audio & Video ”And make sure that the“ Audio output ”parameter is activated and the correct columns are indicated, and in“Audio mode "Selected option"Automatically ".

I am surprised that so much time has passed, and the small control panel has not been lost or broken for a long time, although I have two children.

And now the Apple TV remote still disappeared, and unlike when I lose my iPhone, I can’t call the remote to find it. A thorough search in the rooms, including a deep immersion in the bowels of the sofa, gave out several small coins, many parts of Lego and a lot of dust, but not a tiny silver remote.

If the remote control is missing (or broken), you have three options for replacing it, and two of them will not cost you a dime.

1. Using the Remote application.

After installing the application, click "Enable Home Collection" (Set Up Home Sharing), and then enter your Apple ID and password. Press button "OK", and you will see that your Apple TV appears on the list. If you do not see it, make sure that "Home collection" enabled, and also check that it is enabled on Aityunze. Open iTunes and select "File> Home collection> Enable Home Collection".

Click the Apple TV icon to connect your iOS device to it. The home collection allows you to share iTunes libraries with Apple TV. The Remote application opens on a screen that displays some of the contents of the iTunes library. In my case, it showed a screen "Albums" my music collection.

To use the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to control the cursor on the TV screen, press the small button in the upper right corner with four arrows, this will open a screen with the familiar menu and play / pause buttons. Instead of four arrow keys, the application highlights a place on the display where you can slide your finger to move the cursor, and here you can click on the screen to select the desired item.

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2. Reprogramming the remote control from an old TV or from a DVD player.

Take the old remote and on the Apple TV use the Remote app to go to "Settings> General> Remote controls> Set up the remote control (Learn Remote)". Press button "Start", then press and hold the buttons to assign each function. You will first configure the main buttons: up, down, left, right, selection and menu.

Next, Apple TV will ask you to name the new remote. Thus, you can find it from the list of remotes and change how the buttons are displayed or disable it.

After assigning a name, you will be asked to configure the buttons: play, pause, fast forward, rewind, rewind and 30-second jump back and forth. This gives you more functionality than the minimalist Apple TV remote offers. Plus, the clumsy old DVD remote is harder to lose.

How To Make An Apple Tv Remote

3. Buying a new Apple TV remote.

Even if not, it doesn’t hurt to have a fallback in the form of your iPhone. Setting up a smartphone as a remote control is very easy, first you need to download a special application from There are two different applications, and both of them are free.

Download the Apple TV Remote App

The Apple TV Remote application is designed specifically for the Apple TV, so setting it up is extremely easy.

Setting up Apple TV Remote

Turn on your Apple TV and go to the application. It should automatically detect your Apple TV. If this does not happen, check that the smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Apple TV.

Using Apple TV Remote

To use the app, just swipe the screen. To open the Apple TV application, tap the screen.

The application has a Menu button, as on the Siri remote. There are also buttons to play and pause, go to the TV application and activate Siri.

Download iTunes Remote App

If you want more features, download the iTunes Remote app. You can control not only Apple TV, but also iTunes. There are two different ways to configure an application.

Setup through Family Access

If you have Family Sharing enabled, this option will be the easiest.

one) In iTunes Remote, click Customize Home Collection

2) Enter your Apple ID and password.

3) After confirmation, click Ok , and then click the icon Apple Tv

Manually Setting Up iTunes Remote

one) In the application, click Add device

2) On your Apple TV go to Settings > Remote controls and devices > Remote Control Program

3) Select your smartphone from the list.

four) Enter the code that appears on the smartphone screen in the application.

Using iTunes Remote

To use the application, also drive across the screen. To open the Apple TV application, tap the screen. There are other main buttons in the application. To quickly see all the available gestures, click on the question mark.