How To Install Whatsapp On Ipad

How To Install Whatsapp On Ipad

How to install whatsapp on iPad

How to install Whatsapp on iPad if you want to do it without jailbreak? It will not be possible to install the official version of Vatsap on the iPad tablet for iOS 9 or iOS 10, since the developers have not yet released such a version. But you can use a completely safe way to install using the iPhone with any version of the operating system.

To figure out how to install Vatsap on iPad, you need to know some subtleties, for the application of which you will need an iPhone of any version and a computer with any operating system. This method is without jailbreak, that is, you do not need to crack the protection of your tablet and lose access to technical support and warranty.

Installation steps

1. Download and install the iFunBox program on a computer, which is a file manager for ios devices, and will allow you to transfer the necessary files from iPhone to iPad.

iFunBox is designed for both Mac and Windows computers, so no matter what OS is installed on your computer. Just download for your version from the official website (link below). Next, run the downloaded file, select the Russian language during installation and wait for completion.

2. Download the Watsup installation file using iTunes to your computer. To do this, go to the iTunesStore section and find the application there through the search.

3. Connect the iPad to the PC using the data cable and open the iFunBox. Press the “Install the application"And find the Whatsapp installation file with the ipa extension, click the"Open". We are waiting for the installation to complete on the iPad.

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4. As a result, the installed messenger will appear on the tablet, but it will still not be possible to use it, as an error will be issued stating that your device and software are not compatible. To fix this problem you need to copy files from iPhone.

5. Go to the iPhone and remove the installed Vacap from it, if it was installed, and install it again. Please note that you must refuse the offer to recover data with correspondence from iCloud in order to achieve the appearance of a standard registration window.

6. We carry out the activation of the account on the iPhone, wait for SMS messages with the code, enter it and connect the iPhone to the computer via cable.

How To Install Whatsapp On Ipad

7. Now we move on to copying files from iPhone to iPad. To do this, go to the iFunBox program, look in the menu "Application programs»And find the application we need. Copy the folders with the names "Documents "and"Library»To the computer in any convenient folder and disconnect the IPhone from the PC.

8. And the last step – copying folders on the iPad instead of the same ones created during installation. We connect iPad to the computer, go to iFunBox and press the button "Copy from», Select the desired folders and wait a bit.

9. After a full copy, restart the iPad and run a working program for communication. Now you can take advantage of all its advantages, but with one drawback – messages will come to the device from which the last message was sent.

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How to Install Without IPhone

If you want to install Whatsapp without a computer or without an iPhone, then the third-party messenger WhatsApp, which has a tablet version or any other with a similar feature, is best for you. This software is also installed using the file manager, but does not require the transfer of folders or jailbreak.