How To Install Whatsapp On Ipad

How To Install Whatsapp On Ipad

It is difficult to overestimate the value of mobile instant messengers these days. In addition to the obvious savings on voice calls and SMS / MMS messages, which you have to pay for a mobile network operator, using these applications makes communication much more convenient.
One of the most popular and most common messengers in the world is WhatsApp. The application provides high-quality voice and video communication between users and has a wide range of additional functions. For owners of most mobile devices, installing the application does not require any complicated actions, just download it from the Play Market or the App Store. Difficulties with installation arise only for iPad owners, and given the popularity of the tablet from Apple, the question: “How to install Vatsap on iPad?” Is very relevant.

Can I install Vatsap on iPad?

WhatsApp’s only drawback is its incompatibility with the iPad. Many believe that you can install it on this device exclusively using Jailbreak. However, for iPad owners, there is another way to take full advantage of the messenger on their device.

Install WhatsApp on iPad
To install the application on your device you will need:

  • PC or laptop running Windows or Mac;
  • ITunes app;
  • File Manager iFunBox;
  • iPhone
  • iPad
How To Install Whatsapp On Ipad

iTunes and iFunBox can be downloaded from the official websites of developers. Be sure to make sure that you are going to download versions specifically for your operating system. Install the downloaded applications on the computer.
Before installing Vatsap on iPad, launch iTunes and download the messenger from the App Store. Right-click on the icon of the downloaded application and select "open in finder / explorer" (the first option for Mac, the second for Windows). We find the WhatsApp.ipa installation file and drag it into some easily accessible directory, for example, on the desktop.
We connect the iPad to the computer and launch the iFunBox file manager. We select the “Installation” item, find the WhatsApp.ipa installation file on the desktop and run it. When the process is complete, the WhatsApp icon will appear on the tablet’s desktop, but when you try to start the application, it will give an error. The fact is that the messenger must be activated before use, but this can only be done with the iPhone.
We take the iPhone, download WhatsApp from the App Store and launch it. The application will require activation by phone number. We indicate the SIM card number and enter the code received via SMS into the corresponding window. After that, connect the iPhone to the computer.
Open iFunBox, make sure that the connected device is detected, go to the "Application Programs" tab. We find WhatsApp and double-click on the shortcut to go inside the folder with the application installed. We find the Libraries and Documents folders, copy them to the desktop, and then disconnect the iPhone from the computer – it will no longer be useful to us.
We connect the iPad to the computer and in the same way using iFunBox we get to the folder with the WhatsApp application installed. Replace the Libraries and Documents folders with the ones copied earlier from the iPhone. We disconnect the tablet from the computer, run the messenger and get a fully functional application – we enjoy using it.

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Important! If you plan to use the same Vatsap account on both iPhone and iPad, make sure that the application does not run on both devices at the same time. This can lead to confusion in the message history, and in some cases even to account blocking.

Thanks to these simple actions, we see how to install Vatsap on the iPad without resorting to Jailbreak. After spending just a few minutes, you will get the opportunity to use your favorite messenger from your Apple tablet.