How To Install Whatsapp On Ipad

How To Install Whatsapp On Ipad

Today, during the development of information technology and the Internet, ordinary mobile phone calls are gradually fading into the background and giving way to special applications. Such applications that help people communicate with each other are called instant messengers. At the moment, one of the most popular instant messengers in the world is WhatsApp. Therefore, in today’s article we will talk about how to install Vatsap on the iPad.

Is it possible to install Vatsap on iPad

The installation process of WhatsApp on the iPad is associated with some difficulties. WhatsApp is a very popular messenger that supports a wide variety of devices, but not all. Unfortunately, it does not have an iPad compatible version. In this regard, the question may arise whether it is possible to install Vatsap on the iPad in general. The owners of this device can be calm, because for a long time an option has been invented how to fix this oversight and run the messenger on the iPad.

How to install Vatsap on iPad: step by step instructions

An important point, to use this method, you must have not only an iPad, but also an iPhone in use. If you don’t have it, then you can try to recreate it on special emulators of mobile devices.

In order to understand how to install Vatsap on iPad, perform the following procedure:

  1. To get started, you need to download the WhatsApp app from the stationary version of iTunes.
  2. Then you will need to download and install the iFunBox app.
  3. With this application, you will need to install a messenger, for this you need to connect your iPad to your PC and run the application.
  4. Immediately after starting iFunBox, click on the install button.
  5. Find yourself where the WhatsApp installation file is stored, and therefore the easiest solution will be to “go down” to the root of the system drive of your device and enter “whatsapp"
  6. If you have multiple files in the search results, then you need one whose extension is “.ipa"
  7. At the end of the installation, the WhatsApp icon will appear on your desktop, but the instructions do not end there, since this shortcut will not work.
  8. Now you need to install WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  9. If the application has already been installed on it, completely uninstall it, and then reinstall it.
  10. During the installation, you should be asked to register by phone number, but if instead you are offered to restore your account from iCloud, then refuse and reinstall the application again.
  11. Then launch the messenger and activate it via SMS.
  12. Now connect your iPhone to your computer and use the iFunBox software again.
  13. Here, in the left panel, select “Userapplication”, And WhatsApp on the right.
  14. From here copy the folders “Documents”And“Library”And save them somewhere on the computer.
  15. Now reconnect your iPad and launch iFunBox.
  16. Repeat the twelfth step.
  17. From here, completely remove “Documents”And“Library”, And instead transfer them, those that have copied before.
How To Install Whatsapp On Ipad

After that, WhatsApp must earn money on your iPad. If it does not start, then try to restart the device, and try again. If it does not work even after a reboot, then most likely you made a mistake somewhere and you need to start again.

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How to install whatsapp on iPad: video

It is worth noting that this procedure is suitable not only to solve the problem of how to install Vatsap on iPad, but also for iPod touch. With it, you can guaranteedly run the messenger on any iOS device, up to the latest version, the main thing is to strictly follow the instructions.

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