How To Install Whatsapp On A Samsung Phone

How To Install Whatsapp On A Samsung Phone

Whatsapp one of the most popular instant messengers in the whole world. It uses just a huge number of people, as indicated by indicators on Google Play and iTunes. But still, some users have problems installing this application. In this article we will solve the following question: how to install Vatsap on Samsung?

Download the program

There are two ways to download WhatsApp on Samsung:

  • From the Play Market;
  • From the official site.

To download from Google Play, you need a Google account. When you created it, go to Google Play, in the search bar we drive in the word WhatsApp. In the first place, the application we need will appear. Select it, and click the "Install" button.

If you do not have a Google account, then open any browser, and in the search bar we write the words WhatsApp. The first link will be to official site, we pass on it. At the top, click on the “Download” button. On the left there will be a window in which there will be download links for smartphones, various operating systems. Select “Android”. A download link will appear.

Note. If you downloaded WhatsApp through a computer, then you need to transfer the installation file to your phone using a cable. If you downloaded through the phone’s browser, then most likely you will find it in the Download folder.


We launch the installation file, and wait for the end of the installation. Then click "Open." After opening, in the free field, enter your phone number to which you will receive SMS.

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Press the “Next” button, and in the free field enter the code that you will receive by SMS. More often than not, the code is inserted automatically. You only need to set the avatar, and specify the name and surname.

This completes the installation. Now you can chat with friends using messages, or make regular and video calls.

If you downloaded the program from Google Play, then there will be no installation file, Whatsapp will be installed immediately on your smartphone. You only need to run it, and follow the instructions above.


That’s all. Now you know how to install WhatsApp on your Samsung phone, and there’s nothing complicated about it. The most important thing is the availability of a normal Internet, otherwise the messenger will not be of much use.