How To Install A Router On The Phone

How To Install A Router On The Phone

Hello friends! I’m probably tired of you with my routers and their settings :), but nevertheless, it’s also useful for people who are interested in the article about setting up the TP-Link TL-WR841N router how to set or change the password for a Wi-Fi network. I decided to write in a separate article on how to install, or change the password using the TP-Link TL-WR841N as an example. I think that for all TP-Link brand routers, this procedure is not very different.

Bit of theory &# 128578; , if you got to this page, then I think that you already know why to set a password on Wi-Fi. You can, of course, leave the network unprotected, but we are not a charitable organization to distribute our Internet to neighbors who have not yet installed a Wi-Fi router.

You tell me, but the Internet is unlimited, it’s not a pity. So it is true, but over time, someone will definitely connect to your insecure network, and the speed of your Internet connection will suffer from this, an extra load will appear. Do you need it?

Therefore, I advise you to put the password on the network, even in the process of setting up a Wi-Fi router. It is also worth remembering that an evil hacker neighbor can crack your password, even for the sake of sports interest :), therefore, if you noticed any oddities in the Internet, or even for prevention, it would be nice to change the password for your Wi-Fi network . What will we do now.

How to set or change the password on a Wi-Fi network?

In fact, nothing is complicated, you just need to go into the settings of the router and on the corresponding tab, change, or set a password.

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To enter the Wi-Fi settings of the router, you need it to be connected to the computer via a network cable, you can also access via Wi-Fi, but it is better to use the cable to configure it. Enter the address of the router in the address bar of the browser. Usually it is, or works for me. A window will appear in which you need to enter a username and password to access the settings of the router. If you have not changed them yet, then the default is admin and admin. Enter them and click “Submit”

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Immediately open “Wireless” on the left and go to the “Wireless Security” tab. We are interested in WPA / WPA2 protection, so we check this item, set the settings under it as in the screenshot below, and opposite “PSK Password:” we invent and enter the password. Come up with a good and long password, not 123 … After everything is set and registered, click on “Save”.

A window appears in which the router informs that it needs to reboot, click “OK”

On the same page, a red inscription will appear, click on the blue “click here” link in this inscription, the router will reboot.

After rebooting, the new password will be valid. If you already had a password for your home Wi-Fi network, and you want to change it, then simply erase the old one and write down the new password. Do not forget to write down the password somewhere, and do not lose that small piece of paper :). Well, if that, then read the article on how to find out the password from your Wi-Fi network.

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Important! After changing the password, or type of security / encryption, you need to on all devices that were previously connected to the router, remove the connection and reconnect by entering a new password. Otherwise, there may be problems with the wireless connection. Here is a detailed instruction to remove the connection on the computer

You can also for security purposes, enable the filter by MAC addresses, about this and other ways of additional protection, you can read in the article how to protect a Wi-Fi network? Basic and effective tips. But, this is already if you have a lot of neighbors without the Internet and with computer education :), and there will be enough password. Good luck and take care of your internet &# 128578; !


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