How To Identify Iphone Restored Or Not

How To Identify Iphone Restored Or Not

Using a non-original iPhone device is not very pleasant. Therefore, users are trying to figure out how to find out the restored iPhone or not. You can do this in accessible ways. How this is done can be considered on the popular iPhone 5s and 6 models. At the same time, it is advisable to understand common terms in order to navigate.

How to find iPhone restored or not

This concept refers to the likelihood that the iPhone was once used. The warranty period for the device allowed it to be returned to the manufacturer due to a number of reasons, now this device has been finalized, non-working parts have been replaced, and the case has been updated. Only the new owner may not know about this. The issue of replacement parts applies only to officially restored devices. Do not forget about the Chinese clones of phones and about Chinese refineries.

Apple Recovery

Using refurbished devices from a popular company is becoming a trend today. Many models of such iPhones are sold at a reasonable price with consistent quality. The first in the line of such restored devices was the iPhone 5S, then the sixth model came out. They are not very different in cost compared to new devices. They work well. If necessary, the old parts are replaced with new components directly at the factory. Such smartphones have a warranty period of service from the moment of activation.

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Refurbished, like new phones, can receive updates. And in the box you can find the same kit as in the packaging of the new device. A logical question arises – how to find out a restored iPhone or not. Let’s start with a simple tip – if the recovery was official, then the box will not have a phone image. Refurbished smartphones can be purchased from authorized dealers – in Svyaznoy, in Eldorado, in M-video, etc. However, it is worth recalling that the models of the sixth iPhone in the first lots are also available in white boxes, without drawings.

How to recognize refineries

How to distinguish a new iPhone from a restored one

Now about how to understand whether the restored iPhone. You can distinguish the officially restored gadget from the new phone by marking and drawing. The new smartphone, of course, will have a lot of advantages. It is clearly clear that buying phones from unofficial dealers is not worth it, this will lead to trouble. There is a maximum probability of getting a restored device. Nevertheless, it is possible to distinguish cheap Chinese refineries from products of other manufacturers. You need to carefully study the device and accessories when unpacking.

Pay attention to the box and kit

  1. The box the phone is packed in, can tell a lot about the life of the device. Since refineries use only cheap materials, the box will look a little presentable. Especially if you take into account the long route of the product to the Russian market. Pictures may be missing, the bezel with a characteristic backlight, too. Therefore, sellers are not allowed to turn on the gadget.
  2. Need to check, find the serial number, understand how much memory is on the device and compare this information with the data on the case. You need to enter the iPhone settings, go to the "The main", Find the item"About this device". Incorrect spelling or the absence of at least one point should suggest. Without a doubt – this is a Chinese refinery.
  3. Accessories – Another important element in the study of the device. The box must be fully equipped. It should contain all the factory elements: charging unit, USB cable, iPhone and stickers with an instruction manual (with a clip that is needed to open the SIM card slot) The absence of at least one element from the components should alert the buyer.
  4. Still worth paying attention to charge unit weight. In refineries, it is much lighter and looks cheaper. The charger cable can also look very unsightly, as it is being replaced by a cheap analogue. In general, Chinese elements by the touch seem more "wooden" in contrast to the original ones.
  5. TO headphone You can also make a complaint. As in the previous case, they are very light, in shade – either too light or gray. Original devices have light cream headphones. If possible, it is worth checking the sound quality: the buyer will not hear bass and bass.
  6. You can not pay attention separately to the box, paper clip and stickers, as they are almost similar to the original ones. You can only glance at the quality of these products.
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IPhone Check

Having studied the box and accessories, you can check the operation of the device itself. Here, too, there are many interesting points on how to distinguish a new iPhone from a restored one.


When using a modern iPhone, there is not always confidence in its originality. Doubts about whether the gadget is restored can be dispelled at the purchase stage. If this is not a new original device, but the iPhone meets the basic requirements, then why not use it. The only thing you should not use is Chinese refineries. How to find out the restored iPhone or not – we already know. Let it be a restored product, but with the mark of official restoration.