How To Flash Or Reflash A Fly Device Yourself

How To Flash Or Reflash A Fly Device Yourself

Introduction The "flying" world of Fly

Fly is a fairly popular and recognizable brand in Russia. This is not surprising, because the company produces inexpensive models of devices at an affordable price for a Russian person. Even in the near 2014, the company managed to take second place in sales in Russia, leaving behind such sharks as Apple and Nokia. This is not so easy to believe, however, facts are facts. Fly was able to “fly up” quite high at the time, but, as everyone knows, the higher you fly, the more painful it is to fall. And here the British company for the production of smartphones, phones, tablets and other equipment is no exception. Today Fly has lost its celebrity due to other budget devices entering the Russian market.

Fly is a very popular company that makes fairly high-quality products.

Like most of these phones, Fly comes with a pre-installed operating system from Google – Android. Of course, it’s definitely not worth waiting for global updates on your smartphone, because budget devices simply will not draw the power of modern OS. But users can still count on minor upgrades.

Fly fs501

Today we will consider flashing smartphones, phones and tablets Fly on the example of one of the most famous devices – Fly fs501, aka Nimbus 3. This budget smartphone offers its owner the ability to solve many everyday simple tasks at a nice price. That is, you will have access to the Internet, and communication on social networks, and the installation of ordinary games and applications (of course, not Injustice, but what did you want for its price?). The device is definitely not suitable for those people who require a lot from their gadget. His camera is very modest, so when shooting text, you may encounter a problem such as poor readability. We will not consider the device in detail, but rather we will move on to how to flash or reflash Fly fs501.

Initial training

First of all, you need to learn a certain set of rules and laws that you can’t violate in any case (unless, of course, you want to break your phone). If you have previously tried to perform a similar operation on other phones running the Android operating system, then it will be much easier for you, because the principle of operation is almost identical. But if you only had to deal with Apple devices before, then here you have to sweat just like people who had nothing to do with flashing gadgets in principle. So, what do you need to learn, dear friends?

  1. The main thing with firmware is ensuring the smooth operation of devices that are actively involved in this, including yourself. But putting aside the jokes, let’s say in simple terms: charge your Fly device 80–90 percent. If you use a laptop, then make sure that it does not discharge at the most inopportune moment (in case of flashing using a PC).
  2. The second, but not the least, is the original cord for connecting to a computer via USB (also in case of flashing through a computer). Of course, you can try to dispose of a non-original cable, and perhaps you will succeed. But there is always one BUT that pops up at the most unfavorable moment. Therefore, it is recommended to use only original accessories.
  3. To update the firmware without a computer or laptop, you will need an unlimited Internet connection via Wi-Fi.
  4. And finally, do not forget that "patience and labor will grind everything." Therefore, we believe in our strength and go to the end!
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Firmware without a computer

This is actually not firmware, but a simple update of the operating system. It’s just that some people can unknowingly enter the wrong query in the search engines and thereby arrange unforgettable adventures for themselves. For example, a certain Nikolai just wants to update the OS, but does not know how to do it. He writes: how to flash Fly fs501? But in fact, this is absolutely not what he needs. And so he reflashes his device, and there bam – all his information disappeared, and Nikolai sits in bewilderment, blaming the site and the people who wrote the instructions for him. Therefore, we draw attention to the fact that here we are considering the official update of the operating system of a Fly smartphone or tablet.

  1. We are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Just in case, we save all the important data to an external medium (computer, hard disk, flash drive, and so on).
  2. Go to the "Settings". This item is easy to find in the main menu of the device.
  3. Now we are looking for "About the device", where there is a tab "Update". Click on "Update". If your smartphone says that updates are already installed on your device, then there are no available firmware for your device. That is, the latest available version of the operating system is installed, otherwise you need to agree to download updates and wait for it to complete. At the end, click on the "Install" button.
  4. We are waiting for the installation to complete. Then you can continue to work with the updated device.
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Firmware SW08. Using computer

How To Flash Or Reflash A Fly Device Yourself

So, now we are already moving on to a real flashing of the device and playing as an adult. If you are prepared as described above, you can proceed to the following steps:

  1. To get started, download the official SW08 firmware, which also includes a special program for working (
  2. Download the driver for your computer so that it can recognize your Fly Nimbus 3 fs501 phone (
  3. Now open the UpgradeDownload.exe file and click on the first button. Here you will need to select the firmware that you downloaded in the first stage (pac format), and click OK. You will need to wait a bit until the files are uploaded.
  4. At this stage, everything is ready, you can click on Start Downloading.
  5. Now pick up your fs501 smartphone and remove the battery. Then connect it to the computer using the original USB cable, then hold the volume up button on the phone and insert the battery back. As soon as the firmware starts, you can release the volume up button.
  6. The result of a successful operation will be the inscription in the Passed firmware line. Only then click on Stop Downloading.
  7. Disconnect the device from the computer. Now distort the battery, then turn on the device.
  8. Congratulations, you have successfully upgraded your Fly fs smartphone. We hope you succeed the first time.

Firmware SW10. Using computer

  1. Naturally, download the firmware file itself ( It should be like an archive, and you don’t need to unpack it.
  2. Copy this archive to the device’s flash card, then turn off the phone.
  3. Hold the power button and after a couple of seconds the volume up button. Please note that when the phone vibrates, you will need to remove the battery from the gadget and repeat this item again. The fact is that vibration is a signal that the smartphone just turns on as usual, and not in Recovery mode. And we need to get into this mode.
  4. If everything worked out, then you will see the Fly screensaver, after which you can release the power key. But keep holding the volume up button until you see the Android sign that lies.
  5. Now release this button, and then click on it again.
  6. Use the volume buttons to move the selection to apply update from external storage. Now click on the power button.
  7. Again, use the volume buttons to move the cursor and the power key to confirm, select the firmware file that you recorded on the memory card in the second paragraph.
  8. Wait for the running process to complete and select reboot system now (in the same way as in the sixth and seventh paragraphs). Done!
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To summarize

Today we learned how to update the operating system of any Fly smartphone and tablet, as well as how to install SW08 and SW10 firmware on a fs501 smartphone. Now you will not have problems (if they were before), and your device will glow with an update. Do not forget to share your opinion and impression in the comments. Also tell us which firmware and why did you choose SW08 or SW10? Good mood to you, dear friends!