How To Flash Fly Fs505 Nimbus 7 Smartphone

How To Flash Fly Fs505 Nimbus 7 Smartphone

Quite often, Android smartphones of the lower price range during operation begin to perform their functions not quite correctly due to insufficiently well-developed system software manufacturer. This, fortunately, can be fixed by flashing the device. Consider in this aspect the common model Fly FS505 Nimbus 7. The material below provides instructions on reinstalling, updating and restoring the smartphone OS of all hardware revisions.

If the Fly FS505 Nimbus 7 stops working normally, that is, it freezes, processes user commands for a long time, suddenly reboots, etc. or even does not turn on at all, do not despair. In most cases, resetting to the factory state and / or reinstalling Android solves most software problems and the smartphone works quite stably for a long time after the procedure. It should not be forgotten:

The following procedures carry a certain risk of damage to the device! Manipulation according to the instructions below should only be fully aware of the possible consequences. The administration of and the author of the article are not responsible for negative results or the absence of a positive effect after following the recommendations from the material!

Hardware revisions

Before embarking on a serious interference with the Fly FS505 Nimbus 7 system software, you need to find out exactly which hardware platform of the smartphone you have to deal with. The main thing: the model can be built on completely different processors – MediaTek MT6580 and Spreadtrum SC7731. This article consists of two sections that describe how to install Android, which differ significantly for each processor, as well as system software!

    Finding out which chip is the basis of a specific instance of the Fly FS505 Nimbus 7 is quite simple using the Device Info HW Android application.

      Install the tool from the Google Play Market.

After starting the application, pay attention to the item "Platform" in the tab "GENERAL". The value indicated in it is the CPU model.

In the event that the device does not boot into Android and the use of Device Info HW is impossible, you should determine the processor by the serial number of the device, which is printed on its box, and also printed under its battery.

This identifier has the following form:

    For devices with a motherboard ZH066_MB_V2.0 (MTK MT6580):

RWFS505JD (G) 0000000 or RWFS505MJD (G) 000000

Summarized: if the identifier after the RWFS505 characters contains a letter "S" – before you Fly FS505 with a processor Spreadtrum SC7731, when the other letter is the processor-based model MTK MT6580.

Having determined the hardware platform, go to the section of this material that corresponds to your device and follow the instructions step by step.

Firmware Fly FS505 based on MTK MT6580

The devices of this model, which are based on MTK MT6580, are more common than their twin brothers, who received the Spreadtrum SC7731 as a hardware platform. For MTK devices, there are a fairly large number of custom Android shells, and the installation of system software is carried out by well-known and generally standard methods.


As with any other Android device, you should start the Fly FS505 firmware based on MTK with preparatory procedures. The complete step-by-step implementation of the instructions for preparing the device and the PC below almost 100% guarantees a successful result of operations involving the direct equipment of the smartphone with an operating system.


The paramount task in providing the ability to reinstall the Fly FS505 OS from a PC is the installation of drivers. The MTK platform of the device dictates the methodology and specific components that must be installed before specialized programs begin to “see” the device and get the opportunity to interact with it. Instructions for installing drivers for devices based on Mediatek are described in the lesson:

In order not to bother the reader with the search for the necessary files, the link below contains the archive containing all the drivers for the model in question.

  • Use the auto installer "AutoRun_Install.exe"
  • After the installer completes its work, the system will be equipped with all the necessary drivers.
  • Verify component health by activating USB debugging and connecting the phone to the USB port of the PC.
  • Device Manager when pairing a smartphone with it turned on "Debugging" must determine the device “Android ADB Interface”.

    For operations with the device’s memory at the lowest level from a PC, one more driver is required – “Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM (Android)”. The factor of its installation can be checked by connecting the phone in the off state to the USB port. "Device Manager" with this pairing, for a short time it will display the device of the same name with the mode.

    In case of any problems with the auto-installer or ascertaining unsatisfactory results of its work, components for manipulating the device can be installed manually – all inf-files that users of different versions of Windows may need are found in the corresponding directory folders GNMTKPhoneDriver.

    Root Rights

    Superuser privileges will be needed to find out a very important point when choosing system software for Fly FS505 based on Mediatek, this will be described below. In addition, root-rights are necessary to create a full-fledged backup of the system, help remove unnecessary, according to the user, system applications, etc.

    Getting the root on the model in question is quite simple. Use one of two tools: Kingo Root or KingRoot. How to work in applications is described in the materials on our website, and as regards the choice of a specific tool, it is recommended to stay at Kingo Root. On the FS505, Kingo Ruth does its job faster than a competitor and does not clog the system with related components after installation.


    All important information accumulated during the operation of the smartphone must be saved in a backup copy before the firmware. This can be done in a variety of ways, and the choice of a particular one depends on the preferences and needs of the user. The most effective methods for creating a data backup are described in the article by the link below, select the most acceptable one and archive everything important in a safe place.

    In addition to the loss of user information, errors during an intervention in the phone’s system software can lead to the inoperability of certain components of the latter, in particular, the modules responsible for wireless communication. For the device in question, it is extremely important to create a backup section NVRAM, which contains information about IMEI. That is why the instructions for reinstalling Android on the device using the methods described below include items that require creating a backup of this critical memory area.

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    Do not ignore the backup procedure. NVRAM and follow the steps necessary for this, regardless of the type and version of the operating system that will be installed as a result of the manipulations!

    System Software Versions

    When choosing and downloading a package containing an OS for installation in the MTK version of Fly FS505, the display model that is installed on the smartphone should be taken into account. The manufacturer equips its product with three different screens, and the choice of firmware version depends on which module is installed in a particular device. This applies to both official and custom systems. To find out the version of the display module, you need to use the aforementioned Android application Device Info HW.

    For effective research, you will need previously obtained root-rights!

      Launch DeviceInfo and go to "Settings" applications by tapping on the image of three dashes in the upper left corner of the screen and selecting the appropriate item in the menu that opens.

    Activate the switch "Use root". When prompted by the Superuser Rights Manager, click "Allow".

    After granting the application root rights on the tab "General" in point "Display" There is one of three values ​​indicating the part number of the display module:

  • Depending on the version of the installed screen, Fly FS505 users can use the following system software versions for installation:
    • ili9806e_fwvga_zh066_cf1 – official builds SW11, SW12, SW13. Is preferred SW11;
    • jd9161_fwvga_zh066_cf1_s520 – exclusively versions SW12, SW13 official system;
    • rm68172_fwvga_zh066_cf1_fly – a universal display in terms of using different assemblies of system software, any firmware can be installed on devices with this screen.
    • As for custom OS and modified recovery – both within the framework of this article, and in most cases when third-party packages are posted on the Internet, it is indicated which version of the official Android you can install each specific solution.

      OS installation

      Upon completion of the preparatory procedures and a clear explanation of the hardware modification of the Fly FS505, you can proceed to the direct firmware of the device, that is, equipping it with the desired version of Android. Below are three ways to install the OS, used depending on the initial state of the smartphone and the desired result.

      Method 1: Native Recovery

      One of the simplest methods to reinstall Android on almost any MTK device is to use the capabilities of the recovery environment installed in the device during production.

      As for the Fly FS505 Nimbus 7, this method is applicable exclusively to owners of devices with a screen rm68172_fwvga_zh066_cf1_fly, since for other versions of the device, packages installed through factory recovery are not publicly available. Download package with system SW10 You can follow the link:

      1. Download file "". Without unpacking or renaming, put it in the root of the microSD card installed in the device.
      2. Run Fly FS505 in recovery environment mode. For this:
        • On the switched off device, hold two hardware keys: "Vol" and "Power" until the boot mode selection menu appears.

        In the list, select with "Vol" paragraph "Recovery Mode", confirm the start of the environment with the button "Vol-". After the image of the failed robot appears on the screen, press the combination "Vol" and "Power" – Factory recovery menu items appear.

        Navigation through the menu items of the recovery environment is carried out using the volume control keys, confirmation of action – "Power".

        Clean the memory areas of the information that has accumulated in them. Follow the steps: "Wipe data / factory reset""Yes –- Delete all user data".

        Select the option on the main screen of the environment "Apply update from sdcard", then specify the firmware file. After confirmation, automatic unpacking of the package will begin, and then reinstalling Android.

        When the installation is completed, the inscription appears at the bottom of the screen "Install from sdcard complete". It remains to confirm the selection of an already highlighted option "Reboot system now" at the touch of a button "Food" and wait for the reinstallation of the OS to load.

        Since in paragraph 3 of these instructions, the memory was cleared and the device was reset to the factory settings, the main Android parameters must be redefined.

        Flashed Fly FS505 Nimbus 7 running system version SW10 ready for use!

        Method 2: PC firmware

        A universal way to manipulate the system software of Android devices, which are based on the Mediatek hardware platform, involves the use of a powerful tool – the SP Flash Tool application. The latest software version can be downloaded from the link from the review article on our website, and the archives with software for installation in Fly FS505 can be downloaded from the link below.

        Select and download the package of the version corresponding to the display model of the existing device!

        Before proceeding with the instructions involving flashing the Fly FS505 using FlashTool, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the program’s capabilities and methods of working with it, having studied the material:

          Unzip the package with the system images into a separate folder.

        Launch Flash Tool and add scatter file

        from the catalog with system software components.

        To create a backup section NVRAM:

          Go to tab "Readback";

        Click "Add", – this action will add a line to the working field. Double-click on a line to open a window "Explorer" in which indicate the save path and the name of the future dump of the area NVRAM, click "Save";

        Fill in the fields of the next window with the following values, and then click OK:
        "Start Address" – 0x380000;
        "Lenght" – 0x500000

        Next click "Read back" and connecting the FS505 in the off state to the PC. Data reading will start automatically;

        After the window appears "Readback OK" the backup creation procedure is completed, disconnect the device from the USB port;

        At the previously indicated path, a file will appear – a backup copy of the partition 5 MB in size;

        We proceed to the installation of the OS. Go back to the tab. "Download" and making sure the mode is selected "Download Only" in the drop-down list, click the button for starting the procedure of transferring files to the device’s memory.

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        Connect the turned off Fly FS505 to the USB port of the PC. The process of rewriting memory partitions starts automatically.

      3. The process of reinstalling Android ends with the appearance of a window "Download OK". Disconnect the USB cable from the smartphone and start it by pressing "Power".
      4. After all OS components are initialized (at this time, the device will “freeze” for a while on boot "LOADING"), the Android welcome screen will appear, on which you can select the interface language, and then define other parameters.
      5. Upon completion of the initial setup, the official Fly FS505 Nimbus 7 operating system of the selected version is ready for use!

        The above instructions are an effective way to restore the crashed phone’s operating system. Even if the device does not show signs of life, but when connected to a PC, it is determined in Device Manager for a short time as “Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM (Android)”, follow the above steps – this saves the situation in most cases. The only caveat – before pressing a button "Download" (step 4 of the instructions above) set the mode Firmware Upgrade.

        Method 3: Install custom firmware

        Due to the shortcomings of the official Android builds, under the control of which Fly FS505 is initially running, many owners of the device in question pay attention to custom firmware and systems ported from other smartphones. There are many similar solutions for the device in the vastness of the Global Network.

        When choosing a custom system, one should take into account on which version of the official firmware it can be installed (usually this is indicated in the description of the package with a modified shell) – SW11 or SW12 (13). The same applies to modified recovery.

        Step 1: equipping your smartphone with custom recovery

        By itself, the modified Android is installed in Fly FS505 using the advanced recovery environment – TeamWin Recovery (TWRP). Therefore, the first step that must be taken to switch to custom firmware is to equip the device with the specified recovery. The most correct and effective method is to use the above-mentioned SP Flash Tool for this purpose.

        Downloading the recovery image, as well as the prepared scatter-file for quick installation of the environment using the flasher, can be done using the link:

          Select the TWRP img file corresponding to the build number of the official OS installed in the device and place it in a separate folder. It is also necessary to place the scatter file available for download at the link above.

        Open FlashTool, load scatter into the application from the directory obtained as a result of the previous paragraph of the instruction.

        Uncheck the box "Name", that will uncheck the boxes and opposite the other sections in the program window field containing the names of the device’s memory areas and the path to the image files for overwriting them.

        Double click on the field "Location" in line "Recovery" (this is the designation of the location of the image of the environment). In the Explorer window that opens, specify the path to the img file TWRP_SWXX.img and press the button "Open". Check the box "Recovery".

        Next is the button "Download" and connecting the turned off Fly FS505 to the PC.

        Recovery is installed automatically after the computer detects the smartphone, and the whole process takes only a few seconds and ends with the window "Download OK".

        Disconnect the USB cable from the phone and start the device in TWRP. This is done exactly the same as in the case of native recovery (item 2 of the firmware instructions "Method 1: Native recovery" above in the article).

        It remains to specify the main parameters of the environment:

          Select Russian language interface: "Select Language" – switch to item "Russian" – button "OK";

        Next set the mark "Do not show this again at boot time" and activate the switch Allow Changes. The main screen of the modified environment appears with a choice of options.

        Step 2: Installing an Unofficial OS

        Equipping the Fly FS505 with a modified recovery, the user gets the opportunity to install almost any custom on his smartphone – the methodology for installing different solutions is practically the same.

        The proposed solution is universal and can be installed on top of any version of the official OS. Owners of devices operating under the control of SW12-13 must take into account one thing – they need to additionally install the package "". The specified addition, as well as the Oct OS zip file, can be downloaded from the link:

          Download and place the zip file with the firmware and (if necessary) an addition to the root of the Fly FS505 memory card. This can be done without leaving TWRP – when connected to a PC, a smartphone running in recovery is determined by the latter as removable drives.

        Be sure to backup NVRAM on the microSD card of the device using advanced recovery! For this:

          On the main screen of the environment, tap "Backup", then “Drive selection” and specify as storage MicroSDCard and press "OK".

        Check the box "Nvram". Save the remaining sections of memory as desired, in general, the best solution would be to create a full backup of all areas.

        After selecting partitions, slide the switch “Swipe to start” right and wait for the archiving procedure to complete, and then return to the main recovery screen by pressing "Home".

      6. Format Partitions "System", "Data", "Cache", "Dalvik cache":
        • Click "Cleaning", Further Selective Cleaning, check off the above areas.
        • Slide Swipe for cleaning to the right and wait for the procedure to complete. Go to TWRP main menu again – button "Home" will become active after notification "Successfully" at the top of the screen.
        • Be sure to reboot the custom recovery environment after formatting partitions. Button Reboot"Recovery"Swipe to reboot.
        • How To Flash Fly Fs505 Nimbus 7 Smartphone
        • Tap "Mounting". In case of absence, check the box "System", and also check the absence of a tick near the option "The system partition is read-only". Return to the main screen of the environment – button "Back" or "Home".
        • Now you can install custom firmware:

            Select "Installation", specify file "";

          The step is only for smartphone users running SW12-13, the rest are skipped!

          Click "Add another zip", specify file "";

          Activate the switch “Swipe for firmware” and wait for the rewriting of memory areas to complete. After the message appears "Successfully" Go to the TWRP main screen.

          Click "Recovery", specify the backup created in paragraph 2.

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          Uncheck all but "Nvram" in the list "Selecting a partition to restore" and activate Swipe to restore.

          After the inscription appears at the top of the screen "Recovery Complete Successfully", restart your smartphone in the updated Android – button "Reboot to OS".
          Installed by performing the above steps, the modified system first runs for about 5 minutes.

          Wait until the application optimization process is completed and you will see the updated interface of the installed system software.

          You can begin to study the new functions of the informal system and evaluate its performance!

          Additionally. Installed as a result of the above instructions, the OS, like almost all unofficial Android shells, is not equipped with Google services and applications. To get familiar features on Fly FS505, running one of the most custom, use the instructions from the following lesson:

          Recommendation. Download and install for Fly FS505 the minimum Gapps package – Pico, this will allow to some extent save the system resources of the smartphone during further operation!

          For installed in the example above Oct OS Install through the TWRP package from the TK Gapps team.

          Firmware Fly FS505 based on Spreadtrum SC7731

          A variant of the Fly FS505 model, which is based on a processor Spreadtrum SC7731 is a fresher product than its twin brother, built on a solution from Mediatek. The lack of custom firmware for the Spreadtrum hardware platform is in some way offset by the relatively recent version of Android, on which the official builds of the system software in the current version of the phone, 6.0 Marshmallow, are based.


          The preparation carried out before reinstalling the operating system of the Fly FS505 smartphone based on the Spreadtrum SC7731 includes only three steps, the full implementation of which determines the success of the operation.

          Hardware revisions and OS builds

          The Fly manufacturer, when developing the FS505 smartphone, used an unprecedentedly wide range of hardware components for one model. A variant of the device, built on the SC7731 processor, comes in two versions, the difference between which is the amount of RAM. A specific instance of the device can be equipped with 512 or 1024 megabytes of RAM.

          In accordance with this characteristic, the firmware must be selected (more precisely – there is no choice here, you can only use the assembly that was preinstalled by the manufacturer depending on the revision):

          • 512 MB – version SW05;
          • 1024 Mb – SW01.

          You can find out exactly which device you have to deal with using the HW Device Info Android application mentioned at the beginning of this article or by opening the section "About the phone" at "Settings" and having looked at the information specified in paragraph "Build number".


          The installation of system components that will be needed to interface the Fly FS505 Spreadtrum with a computer and subsequent firmware update using specialized software is most easily accomplished by resorting to the auto-installer capabilities SCIUSB2SERIAL. You can download the driver installer from the link:

            Unzip the package obtained from the link above and go to the directory corresponding to the bit depth of your OS.

          Run the file "DPInst.exe"

          Follow the instructions of the installer.

          confirm by "Install" a request to install Spreadtrum software.

          Upon completion of the auto-installer, Windows will be equipped with all the components required when interacting with the device in question.

          Information backup

          The importance of saving the data accumulated in the smartphone during operation is, of course, extremely high in the case of the Fly FS505 variant under consideration on the SC7731 chip.

          It should be noted that there is no simple possibility of obtaining Superuser privileges, as well as limitations of the Spreadtrum hardware platform, which will not allow a normal user of the device to create a full backup of the system. Here you can only recommend saving your own information by copying everything important (photos, videos) to a PC drive, synchronizing information (for example, contacts) with your Google account and similar methods of data backup.

          Android installation

          Again, the user of the Fly FS505 smartphone based on the SC7731 processor is extremely limited in choosing the system assembly for the device, and the effective way to install the official Android is actually one and this is the use of a specialized software tool Researchdownload.

          You can download the archive containing the tool suitable for manipulating the model in question here:

            Download the archive with the official system software of the desired version from the link below (depending on the amount of RAM of the device).

          Unzip the resulting archive with the image of the Fly FS505 system software into a separate directory, the path to which should not contain Cyrillic characters.

          Unzip the package containing the program for manipulating Spreadtrum devices, and run the file as Administrator "ResearchDownload.exe".

          Press the first round button with the image of the gear at the top of the flasher window. Next, specify the path to the file .pac, located in the catalog resulting from the implementation of paragraph 1 of these instructions. Click "Open".

          Wait until the decompression is complete and the system image is loaded into the program.

          After the inscription appears "Ready" in the lower left corner of the ResearchDownload window click the button "Start Downloading" (third on the left).

        • Connect Fly FS505 to PC as follows:
          • Remove the battery from the smartphone and connect the cable that is connected to the USB port of the PC.
          • Press and hold the key. "Volume". Without releasing the button, replace the battery.
          • The volume up key must be held down until the firmware progress indicator begins to fill up in the SearchDonload window.

            Expect the completion of the installation of system software in the device – the appearance of notification labels: "Finish" in field "Status" and "Passed" in field "Progress". This procedure can be considered completed, disconnect the USB cable from the device.

          • Remove and replace the smartphone battery and start it by pressing "Power".
          • As a result, we get on the Fly FS505 Spreadtrum a completely reinstalled official OS!
          • In conclusion, it should be noted once again the importance of correctly determining the hardware revision of a particular smartphone instance that is supposed to be flashed. Only the right choice of a package with system software for installation in the device, as well as software tools and components can guarantee the successful result of the process of reinstalling Android on Fly FS505 Nimbus 7!

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