How To Flash A Tablet

How To Flash A Tablet

In the modern world, mobile devices under the control of various constantly progressing operating systems are becoming increasingly popular. Their development is primarily associated with the desire of developers to provide users with a comfortable use of the device. Adding new features, improving performance – all this provides convenient work with the gadget.

How to get rid of errors?

In order to minimize negative moments in the device’s operation, software developers regularly release updates for their products. This allows users to comfortably work on their tablet or mobile device. Updating the operating system to the latest version is called firmware. However, firmware is not always – this is a software update. As a rule, users resort to it when their device starts to work incorrectly and produce a large number of errors.

What to do if the tablet slows down

Unfortunately, the “braking" of the tablet is on the operating system "Android" It turns out to be a frequent occurrence. For this reason, for users of such devices, the question of how to flash a tablet "Android"will be very relevant. There are several ways to complete this operation.

The first way, as many have guessed, is to take the tablet to a service center. Of course, this option will be the most correct, but the cost of such a service will unpleasantly surprise. As a rule, all the actions performed by the master can be easily repeated at home “on the knee”.

The second most popular option will be self-gadget firmware. There is nothing complicated and unusual in this, and if you have doubts about official software, you can easily find and download it from the manufacturer’s website of this device.

Flashing tablets

Nowadays, a huge number of portable devices have entered the market, among which devices from Chinese manufacturers occupy a separate niche. Among these devices, gadgets with unstable operation of the operating system are also found, and the question of how to flash a Chinese tablet, in view of the growing popularity of these devices, remains extremely relevant.

In general, the firmware of the Chinese gadget is no different from the firmware of any other, and a person who knows how to flash a tablet will not encounter difficulties on his way. However, this operation also has its own subtleties that need to be understood.

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Chinese Tablet Firmware Procedure

For the correct firmware of the tablet you will need a microSD memory card, also called TF. On the Internet, you should find a suitable version of the firmware, which can be downloaded either on the manufacturer’s website or on any other thematic resources. An existing memory card must be formatted in FAT32. This is done either on a computer or directly on the tablet, if it is working. Then you need to move the firmware to this memory card and follow the installation instructions. MicroSD card is ready. Before flashing a Chinese tablet, the gadget must be fully charged and turned off. Now you can insert a memory card into the device and turn it on. The tablet will automatically start to boot from the flash card and update the firmware to the specified version on its own. After the download is complete, you need to remove the memory card and reboot the device.

Things to remember

When flashing a tablet, several important things to keep in mind at once. Firstly, this is the security of the version of the operating system that will be installed on the gadget. The duration of the device’s functioning, its hardware, largely depends on this item, because if the system does not work correctly, it will certainly affect the tablet’s processor. Secondly, before flashing the tablet "Android", you must carefully read the instructions and pay attention to all the details of the operation, because the success of the action depends on it. Thirdly, use only current versions of firmware programs. This will ensure the most secure operation to change the version of the operating system.

In case of unsuccessful firmware

It happens (especially Chinese devices are prone to this) that after updates the tablet does not turn on. How to flash it in this case. the question is quite complicated, because nothing will be visible on the screen.


It was described above how to flash a tablet through a computer. This should be done using special installation programs that will correctly record the latest firmware on the SD memory card. Among the most popular and used programs, the products Odin, RKBathTool and ClockWorkMod stand out. The correct use of these applications will allow the user to qualitatively install a new version of the OS.

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Samsung tablet firmware

One of the most popular brands on the tablet market is Samsung. Among the other advantages of the devices of this company there are certain disadvantages associated with the "freezing" of the operating system after prolonged use. For this reason, the question of how to flash a Samsung tablet is often found on forums that like to delve into software. Actually, this is nothing complicated. So, firmware instructions.

  1. Charge your tablet computer to the maximum battery value and unplug it.
  2. Download the official firmware version to your computer.
  3. Download the Odin firmware program and unzip it to your computer.
  4. Turn off the power of the tablet.
  5. It is required to enter the “Odin Mode” mode, for which you need to simultaneously hold down the key on the volume rocker "Way down", the “Home” button on the front panel and the lock button, after which a warning message will appear on the screen. Next, you need to release all the pressed keys and, as a confirmation of your consent to enter the bootloader mode, press the key "Up" on the volume rocker. If the green icon appears in the middle of the screen "Android", then the actions were performed correctly. Otherwise, repeat the above instructions.
  6. Run the Odin program.
  7. Connect your Samsung tablet using a USB cable to your computer.
  8. Next, in the program, you must press the PDA key and select the required firmware, the extension of which is either md5 or tar.
  9. After completing all the steps, you need to click the "Start" button and wait for the operation to complete.

Now the question of how to flash the tablet does not seem so confusing, because this really is nothing complicated. All software work is done automatically.

How To Flash A Tablet

Explay Tablet Firmware

Relatively recently, the Russian manufacturer of portable equipment Explay entered the market. This brand has gained popularity largely due to its MP3 players and tablet computers. Low cost and good reliability tightly secured the status of "workhorses" for gadgets. The tablets of this company occupy a significant niche in the market. However, like many devices of this kind, they have a problem with the speed of the operating system at certain points. That is why it is advisable that every buyer of this gadget know how to flash an Explay tablet.

  1. Download the firmware for the tablet to the memory card in any way.
  2. Go to CMW Recovery, select the Wipe Data and Cache operations.
  3. From the list you need to select the desired firmware and install it.
  4. Reload tablet.
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Prestigio Tablet Firmware

The Prestigio brand, based in Belarus, has in recent years firmly entrenched in the tablet market. One of the distinguishing features of the products of this company can be called the fact that the latest models were released on the Windows Phone operating system, which in itself is unusual. However, most gadgets in the lineup are equipped with Android. If the Prestigio Multipad tablet does not work correctly, how can I flash such a device? The general scheme of actions is exactly the same as in previous cases. We will analyze in more detail.

  1. Download the official firmware from the Prestigio website. It should be remembered that in no case can you install an older version, otherwise it may damage the device.
  2. In order to start the operation, it is necessary to fully charge the tablet, turn it off and make sure that there is no memory card in the slot.
  3. Then, holding down the key "Way down" on the volume rocker, you need to press the Reset button located on the rear panel once. You need to do this with a needle.
  4. The next step is to connect to a computer. Holding the key "Way down" on the volume rocker, you need to connect the device to the computer using a USB cable and release the key.
  5. Next, you need to go to the device manager on the computer and update the driver for the tablet.
  6. Now you can proceed directly to the firmware of the tablet. To do this, disconnect the tablet from the computer and run the RKBatchTool program, select the firmware version in it. Then you need to connect the tablet to the computer in the previously described way and click the Upgrade button. The firmware update of the device will begin, after the end it must be disconnected from the computer and rebooted.

After we figured out how to flash the Prestigio tablet, you can regularly update it to the latest versions offered on the manufacturer’s website.


As a rule, even an inexperienced user can cope with the firmware of his pocket friend, because there is nothing complicated in it. In order to know how to flash a tablet, you do not need to have the skills of a programmer.