How To Find Out Iphone Warranty Period Check By Imei!

How To Find Out Iphone Warranty Period Check By Imei!

Hello! Another short instruction, without which, in principle, could have been dispensed with. since there are already a lot of articles on this subject on these internet of yours. After all, any search engine asking "find out the iPhone warranty" gives on the first line the correct link to the official Apple website. enter the serial number, but check.

Then why is this note at all? A few important reasons. Firstly, I’ll tell you as many as 2 (!) Ways to find out the remaining warranty period of your iPhone. Secondly, unlike the official Apple site, I can always write my question in the comments and get an answer. Thirdly, since we have a blog here about the iPhone and iPad. useful text "in the subject" will not be superfluous 🙂 It seems to me that all this is quite enough for the appearance of this article.

And if enough, then there should be instructions. One two Three. Let’s go!

So the first way:

  1. We open the special page "Check the right to service" on the Apple website. link.
  2. In the line "Enter the serial number of the hardware" indicate the IMEI of your iPhone or iPad. how to recognize him.
  3. We enter the verification code and click continue.
  4. If the device has just been bought and is brand new, then you will see this message: "IPhone must be activated. Warranty information could not be displayed". If activation has already been completed, a page opens where the estimated date of the end of warranty service will be indicated.
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Prior to this date, you can safely contact any of the authorized service centers in Russia to receive free repair. The only moment your iPhone model should match the one that is eligible for service in the Russian Federation. the list is here.

When checking, they will not always show the estimated expiration date, there may be other, less clear labels. full interpretation of the status of “right to service and repair”.

And everything would be fine, but in some cases (for example, if the server crashes), the page may simply refuse to open. What to do if the site is “lying”, and at this moment you are buying a device and the seller simply will not wait?

The second method is useful to us. All information can be found through technical support, just by calling them on the phone and dictating the serial number. Believe me, they will not refuse. By the way, this is the only option to deal with the terms of repair services for iPhones replaced due to marriage. for such devices, the warranty on the official website may not be displayed, although in fact it is. So we’ll call and don’t be shy 🙂 And why be shy when it comes to your money and rights.

How To Find Out Iphone Warranty Period Check By Imei!

This article could include some more alternative checker sites, but:

  1. They take all the information directly from off. Apple Resource.
  2. Sometimes they can trick a little bit.

And that means that there isn’t much point in using them. Though. write if necessary. add.