How To Enable Call Recording On Xiaomi

How To Enable Call Recording On Xiaomi

Why is recording conversations on Xiaomi so important? There are many reasons why telephone conversations can be provided as evidence. Proof of your innocence or the guilt of another person can serve on time recorded conversations on the phone.

Call recordings are needed if:

To always have evidence, it is recommended that you turn on the “call recording” function on your smartphone in automatic mode.

The fact is that the function is already built into many modern phones. But the manufacturer prudently disabled it in the settings. To fix this, you need to perform a number of simple steps.

Consider what you need to do to record conversations on a Xiaomi smartphone. Immediately make a reservation that the instruction is designed for all models of this manufacturer, without exception. They have no difference in settings.

  1. We find the section "Challenges", we go into it.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, select the "Menu" button and press it.
  3. In the list we see the item "Call Record". Opposite it is the inscription “disabled”. Push it. Now “disabled” changes to “enabled”.
  4. After that, a menu of two items “Recording Notification” and “Auto Record” will appear. In our case, click on the “Automatic recording” checkbox.
  5. Select the mode, if necessary, “All numbers” or “Selected numbers”.

You can set the recording mode that is needed at the moment.

Recording can be made in three modes:

  • all conversations without exception;
  • only those from the contact list that you install yourself.
  • conversations with subscribers from unfamiliar numbers.

If you select the recording mode for all consecutive conversations, then over time the folder becomes full, and there is no space left on the smartphone. Therefore, we recommend that you clean this folder from time to time.

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