How To Download Whatsapp To Ipad Tablet

How To Download Whatsapp To Ipad Tablet

Fans of the most popular messenger in the World of Whatsapp often ask themselves: is there a given application for a tablet and can it be downloaded to an iPad? Indeed, this is not as easy as it seems at first glance, since in fact the application developers have not yet released a full version for the iPad.

Today there are two of the most popular ways to download Whatsapp on iPad in Russian:

  • The first is with the help of Jailbreak. Jailbreak is actually a firmware hack, but at the same time the owner of the device gets unlimited opportunities to download third-party applications and use his device without borders, but with this option the warranty is lost. In most cases, not every Apple owner agrees to this step.
  • The second – using the iFunBox file manager, iTunes, computer and iPhone. The main principle of this method is that the files with Watsap settings are changed from iPhone to iPad using a computer and iFunBox. This option is safer than the first one and does not require hacking the device. Perhaps not every user will cope with this option, since it requires certain manipulations, although you cannot call them complex.

There are two ways of “hacking” the device and “replacing files” that are very responsible and can lead to irreversible consequences without certain user skills.

The easiest and fastest way to download free Watsup on iPad without additional registration is Messenger for WhatsApp. To do this, simply click on the button:

Benefits of Messenger for WhatsApp

This method, in our opinion, is the most optimal for using Vatsap on the iPad and is compatible with all Apple devices with versions greater than iOS 8.0. To do this, you need to download the Messenger application for WhatsApp for free on your iPad, after which you need to open WhatsApp on iPhone, go to settings and select “WhatsApp web”. After that, you need to scan the code from the tablet screen and instant connection and synchronization will occur on your iPad.

You can use all your usual functions, such as viewing and sending photos from videos, chatting with your friends and relatives, etc.

Step-by-step installation instructions

To get started, you need to go to the App Stor application, type the phrase "messenger for whatsapp" and click search. Then click on the download button. Depending on your personal settings, the iPad may ask you to confirm this operation and enter your Apple ID under which you are registered in the iTunes Store.

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After downloading, open the program. We agree with the request to send you notifications and after that you will see a qr code on the tablet screen.

Next, you need to take your iPhone and open Vatsap on it. We go into the settings, find the function “whatsapp web” and enter it. On the screen you will see a scanner that you need to point to the qr code in your tablet.

The iPad will do all other settings by itself, namely: it will automatically synchronize with the phone and load all the information with your contacts, chats and history on Vatsap onto the tablet. The main advantage is that these devices can work simultaneously.

That’s all, the issue has been resolved, and you can communicate with your loved ones using your favorite iPad device.


As you can see, downloading and installing WhatsApp on your iPad is possible. Of course, the method we proposed does not replace the full version of Vatsap and requires synchronization with the installed application on the iPhone. But given the fact that the WhatsApp developers have not released an iPad version, this method is the easiest and safest for Apple connoisseurs.


In today’s world, there are many different applications for sending fast messages. Regularly replenishing its versatility, all of these systems have learned to exchange images, music, and videos using the World Wide Web absolutely free. The whatsapp app is one of the few that has achieved tremendous success. Download WhatsApp for iPad iOS for free from the Apple Store.

The expensive SMS provided by mobile campaigns and ICQ are forever in the past, because they are fully replaced by social portals and applications that can be easily installed on any modern smartphone. Cash losses of mobile operators associated with a decrease in profit for SMS messages due to the huge popularity WhatsApp, according to some reports, they reach tens of billions of dollars.

Whatsapp messenger on ipad – This is a convenient application through which you can easily send text messages, as well as multimedia using the contact list selected from your iPhone. This system is absolutely free, and many additional features make it comfortable and versatile. So correspondence has become much more convenient and enjoyable. Download also Whatsapp for iPhone Phone, free without registration.

Whatsapp Messenger Properties on iPad

Let’s look at the capabilities of standard SMS and MMS, which are more advanced in the Watsapp application. Using this system, you can send text notifications via 3G / EDGE / Wi-Fi connection to another Watsapp participant anywhere in the world.

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Download other versions of Whatsapp:

Here you can use such a convenient service as group chats. Forget about sending one message to several people and discuss all the important issues in the dialog box. A collective discussion can be called a specific topic and establish a thematic image for the group. With WhatsApp Mesenger, you can easily send videos and audio recordings absolutely free. The list of contacts is replenished automatically by scanning the address book, studying the user base of the application and adding them to favorites. Immediately after launching the application, you will find out which of your friends uses WhatssApp and start chatting.

The application also has a voice messaging function. By clicking on the button with the microphone icon, you can record and quickly transmit a voice notification to the right person. More recently, the application has a function to send your location, which can be indicated as a separate point on the map.

Messenger interface Whatsapp

After a recent update, which was released by developers on December 2, the design has become much better than before.

But the design principle Whatsapp for iOS Remained the same: before you are five main tabs: Favorites, Status, Contacts, Chats and Settings.

  • The Favorites tab includes all the contacts of your mobile device that use the WhatsApp application. This feature is very useful after the first start of the system.
  • A function such as “Status” was developed using the ISQ example and is very popular with users who communicate via WhatsApp
    anytime and anywhere. You can choose a template status or set custom statuses as you wish.
  • Using the “Contacts” tab, you have the opportunity to invite a subscriber from the list of your address book who does not yet use the Watsapp application. (via paid SMS sending).
  • Recent communications are displayed in chat rooms. Lists for sending and creating groups are also placed on this tab.
  • The design choices for the WhatsApp app are very wide and varied.


Apple devices are fashionable, so they have a large audience of followers. True, such devices have their own characteristics and limitations. For example, the standard way to download WhatsApp to your iPad will not work. To help those who want to know how to install Vatsap on iPad – this review with instructions.

Whatsapp on ipad and ipod touch

Preliminary reservation – installing the messenger on the iPad will require the help of additional devices and programs. Programs will need to be handled with extreme caution in order to avoid malware.

Installation via iFunBox

iFunBox is a special conversion program with system control elements. To carry out such an installation, you will need an iPhone, iPad and a desktop computer.

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Installation steps for installing WhatsApp on ipad are free and will include the following steps:

Stage 1 Install Vatsap on iPhone:

  1. On iPHone, enter iTunes.
  2. In the search bar, enter WhatsApp.
  3. Agree to install.
  4. When the download is complete, click on the file so that it appears in Explorer.

Stage 2. Install iFunBox.

  1. On the computer, enter the browser and type the name iFunBox official site.
  2. Select a computer OS and download software in Russian.
  3. Open iFunBox.

Stage 3. Uploading data to the tablet:

  1. Next, you need to connect your iPad to your computer (preferably via USB).
  2. In iFunBox open the folder "Application install"(Top right).
  3. Download complete.
  4. Do not be scared if the iPad shows a compatibility error.
  5. Disconnect the device from the computer.

Stage 4. Reinstalling the messenger on the iPhone:

  1. Launch the program manager.
  2. Agree to the complete removal of software.
  3. Initiate re-installation (do not agree to a copy from the reserve or cloud).
  4. Connect iPhone to computer.
  5. Go to iFunBox, select a section "Application programs".
  6. Select and copy the Library, Documents folders from the iPhone (select a storage location so that they are easy to find).
  7. Disconnect the gadget from the PC.

Stage 5. Transfer data to iPad:

  1. Connect iPod to PC.
  2. In iFunBox open the folder "Application install"(Top right).
  3. Copy folders downloaded from iPhone there "Documents" and "Libraries".
  4. Upload WhatsApp to iPod.
  5. Launch the messenger.

For such an option, such tablet PCs as iPad mini and iPad Air are suitable.

Direct installation via iPad

There is a simpler option how to install Vatsap on iPad without a phone. All you need is an iPad and network access.

A step-by-step algorithm will include the following steps:

  1. On the tablet, go to the safari browser.
  2. In the search line, specify the command
  3. As soon as the software icon is displayed (white cube on a red background) – click download or download.
  4. Allow the application access to create a profile (a password may be required – enter it).
  5. At the end of the installation, start the cell.
  6. Go to section Tweaked apps.
  7. Agree to download options Watusi.
  8. After installing it, access to the WhatsApp download will open.
  9. Follow the standard procedure for installing the messenger with subsequent verification via SMS message (you will need a phone number here).
  10. Pass verification and launch software for communication.

Well, the whole process of how to install Vatsap on an iPad without an iPhone is distributed in stages and described in detail. It is only important to observe the sequence of actions and the desired Vatsap will successfully work on the iPad.