How To Disassemble Xiaomi Mi 5

How To Disassemble Xiaomi Mi 5

Screen cracked, battery or camera not working? Unfortunately, such troubles quite often arise for all users, the owners of Xiaomi flagships are no exception. But only few people know how to disassemble the Xiaomi Mi 5 correctly, without damaging it "Vital" elements for a smartphone, Do not break the case and accurately perform the rearrangement of parts. We’ll talk about this.

Complete phased disassembly

The most important thing is the basic disassembly of the phone, and it does not depend on specific goals. You need to replace the display or just remove the battery – it doesn’t matter, the smartphone will still have to be taken apart one by one. Make sure that all the necessary items are located on the table, and for this, read the paragraph below.

Preparation for the process

From the tools you will need:

  • Special suction cup. Used to remove the top panel of the phone. Of course, you can also use a spatula, as it was when parsing a smartphone from the Redmi line, but in this case scratches and dents on the case are not ruled out if not used carefully.
  • Plain metal tweezers.Poddevaet all small parts, necessary for removing screws.
  • A sharp flat screwdriver. Unscrews panels, bolts, disconnects small parts. Cross-shaped is also allowed.
  • Safety glass. If your display is not protected, we recommend that you do this when parsing. As a result, you will avoid traces and scratches on the screen, because contacting the front of the smartphone with the hard surface of the table is undesirable, and this cannot be avoided during repairs. Will you replace the display or just the screen? In this case, skip this item and move on.
  • Scissors or a thin small knife. Ideal in situations where you need to pry off tiny parts that tweezers cannot handle. But be careful even minor scratches on the “insides” of the device can bring it to a complete inoperative state.
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The process itself

  1. Turn off the device, remove the tray for the memory card and SIM card.
  2. How To Disassemble Xiaomi Mi 5
  3. We attach the suction cup to the back cover, check the fixation (it should not move or slide) and smoothly pull it up. There should be a click at which the panel immediately disconnects. Do not jerk too sharply: even though the scanner wiring is attached to only one side, jerking can still harm the phone.
  4. We see the "insides" of the smartphone, namely the battery and the panel, covering absolutely all other details. To get to them, you must remove the "protection". We take a screwdriver and just unscrew the bolts over the entire surface. Put them aside. Gently pry the panel on the side and remove it.
  5. We unfasten the battery mount and get rid of the screws located under the battery with the same screwdriver. We remove the bottom panel, where the speaker and antennas are located.
  6. The battery adheres to very thin ribbons that almost always tear when trying to carefully remove them. If this happens – do not panic, do not worry. Now we warm up the battery for some time, even under a normal vacuum cleaner. This is required for its softening and easy removal. We arm ourselves with a sharp object and pry off the battery, and then remove it.
  7. Using tweezers, remove the camera modules and move on, removing the remaining bolts. We take out the panel located under the processor, and, finally, remove the chipset. At this, the standard disassembly of the smartphone ends.

How to disassemble Xiaomi Mi 5 without suction cup

You can use an ordinary household suction cup, only slightly moistened with water, but if this does not suit you or the lid does not want to be removed in any way, try to use a special mobile spatula.

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But sharp objects such as screwdrivers, scissors, tweezers should not be used to remove the panel. It is unlikely to succeed in prying, but it will be possible to scratch the case or break the mount.

Battery Replacement

Now we proceed to a specific goal. In this case, this is a battery replacement. Of course, for phones where the battery is removable from the factory, this procedure generally goes very quickly, But Xiaomi will have to pay a little more time and attention to smartphones.

Display replacement

  1. Preparing a new display module in advance. Color doesn’t matter, the main thing is so that according to the model it suits you.
  2. Now almost the most difficult thing is to remove the old display. We warm it well with a vacuum cleaner, only in moderation so that the glass does not crack or shatter.
  3. Since the metal is very hot, we put on either tight gloves or use a piece of cloth. Do not touch with your bare hands!We attach a suction cup to the screen, and hold the back of the phone firmly. If nothing happens, the suction cup just flies off – we resort to the help of a scapula or screwdriver. We carry out by point movements on the sides of the display; at the same time, you can gently help the suction cup. Again, do not cut yourself with shards of the screen!Be prepared for the fact that the old display is unlikely to be able to remove the whole.
  4. We also recommend removing the bottom board. To do this, fold the cable and unscrew the remaining screws.
  5. As soon as the display is removed, we get rid of the remnants of glue and tape, using either a brush or a spatula. Thoroughly clean the frame.
  6. We are preparing a new display module. We remove the protective film, stickers, adhesive tape from it.
  7. We take reliable glue (we recommend using the "B-7000") and draw a thin layer along the edges of the frame. If in some places it turned out too much, we remove the remains with a cotton swab to prevent the glue from getting into the backlight.
  8. We hold the display with one hand, carefully attaching the upper part to the frame, and with the other hand we pass through the screwdriver with all the necessary cables at the bottom.
  9. Finally we fix the module to the glue, carefully pressing each centimeter with your hands.
  10. Let the glue dry. To do this, put the phone face down on a soft surface (even a package will do), and press down on top with some object, but not too heavy.
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Glass replacement

And here we already strongly do not recommend conducting this operation at home. The fact is that replacing the glass without touching the common display is a very complicated procedure, and it can only be done in good quality at good service centers. If you do not want to completely change the display afterwards due to an incorrectly replaced screen, contact a reliable wizard.

Power Controller Replacement

The smartphone does not charge, the charge level is constantly decreasing, without lasting even two hours in the operating mode? This is a clear indication to replace the power controller, but the problem can be fixed quite quickly and easily. For this:

  1. Remove the back cover of the phone using the above methods.
  2. We see the motherboard. We disconnect all the cables, unscrew the bolts and take it out. It is on the motherboard that the power controller is located. You can find it and determine it by appearance: a black small square.
  3. For security, remove the camera. We put on the part we need with a thick layer of Flux-gel Plus.
  4. We warm up the controller, take it out. We clean the place where it was installed. We impose a new spare part. Warm up again. Done. It remains only to assemble a smartphone, and it is ready to go.