How To Disable The Find Iphone Feature

How To Disable The Find Iphone Feature

Useful effect of "Find iPhone"("Find my iPhone») It is difficult to overestimate: the function allows you to locate the lost gadget, remotely delete the owner’s personal information from the device’s memory, block the iPhone, thereby turning its theft into a completely pointless thing.

However, this option can also cause problems for the user. Let’s say if the phone “freezes” and its owner expects to fix the problem by restoring the OS through iTunes, disappointment awaits him – Aityuns will give an error and recommend first turning off "Find My Phone". The service center will also not accept a gadget with the “Find iPhone"- simply because it can’t do anything with such a device. Therefore, the primary task of the owner of a broken iPhone is the remote deactivation of the "capricious" function.

4 cases when you need to turn off "Find iPhone"

Without deactivation "Find my iPhone»Do not do if necessary:

  • Restore firmware or update the device’s operating system.
  • Recover data from backup iTunes (this procedure is described here).
  • Make a complete reset (along with the content).
  • Contact a service center to resolve any system problem.

Experts recommend the rest of the time to keep the function "Find iPhone”Enabled, but in fact, users do not always benefit from complying with this rule. If attackers manage to get hold of a password from iCloud user, they can easily turn the gadget into a useless bar of metal for the purpose of subsequent blackmail of its owner.

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How to disable the Find iPhone feature through Settings?

The easiest way to deactivate the option "Find my iPhone" across "Settings»Smartphone. In this way, you can use it in the absence of a “crisis situation” – for example, if the gadget owner wants to recover data from a copy or just made an informed decision to refuse to use theFind iPhone"So as not to get into a stupid situation.

Disabling is done like this:

Step 1. Go to "Settings"IPhone and select the"iCloud".

Step 2. Scroll down, find the toggle switch "Find iPhone»And switch it to inactive position.

Step 3 In the window that appears, enter the password for Apple ID and press "Switch off".

After that, to the email address (which acts as the login account iCloud) a notification will come that the function "Find my iPhone"Off.

How to disable the Find iPhone feature remotely?

If for some reason access to the gadget on which you want to deactivate the option "Find my iPhone", No (the smartphone is broken, stolen or lost), you can use one of two methods to remotely disconnect.

Both methods are able to give a result only if the lost device is “offline”, that is, turned off or is in “Airplane Mode".

Via the Find iPhone app

Install the program "on any other device with iOS operating system"Find my iPhone"- in the AppStore it is available at this link. Then proceed as follows:

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Step 1. Go into the program, indicating the credentials from the account iCloud lost gadget.

Step 2 Wait until the program finds the account tied iCloud devices.

Step 3 In the list of attached gadgets, find the iPhone on which you want to disable the function.

Step 4 Swipe from right to left on the line with the device – a red button “Delete". Click on it.

How To Disable The Find Iphone Feature

Step 5 In the confirmation window, click "Delete".

Then you can safely try to restore the gadget through iTunes or carry to a service center.

Through a computer on iCloud

You can untie your mobile device from the Apple “cloud” like this:

Step 1. Go to the official portal iCloud and log in.

Step 2 Open the "Find iPhone".

Step 3 Enter password from iCloud again.

Step 4. In the navigation menu, click on the "All devices"And find the device you want to untie from iCloud.

Step 5. Click on the line with the name of the gadget.

Step 6. You will find yourself on the page with a description of the device, where you will see the button "Remove from “Remove From Account” in the center. Click on it.

Step 7 Confirm that you want to remove the device from iCloud – click "Delete" (“Remove”).

If instead of a page with a description a small window appears in the upper right corner (offering to enter the device into loss mode), then disable "Find iPhone»Need a little different.

Click the small gray button with a “cross” located on the right side of the line with the name of the gadget.

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Then confirm that you want to untie the iPhone from the cloud.

If the device is online, the delete button will not appear.


Does iPhone need to be tied to iCloud and activate the function "Find iPhone"Is a big question. Since 2012, the Internet has been periodically shocked by the news that another vulnerability has been discovered in Apple’s security program that allows fraudsters to turn off "Find my iPhone", not knowing Appleid and password from iCloud – many of the identified methods are effective.

The effectiveness of the function is very doubtful, while the main drawback is obvious – if the phone freezes or breaks with the “Find iPhone”, Repairing it will be very problematic.