How To Disable T9 (Autocorrect) And Keyboard Sound On Iphone And Ipad

How To Disable T9 (Autocorrect) And Keyboard Sound On Iphone And Ipad

One of the most common questions new Apple device owners have is how to disable T9 on their iPhone or iPad. The reason is simple – AutoCorrect in VK, iMessage, Viber, WhatsApp, other messengers and when sending SMS, sometimes replaces words in the most unexpected way, and they are sent to the addressee in this form.

This simple tutorial shows how to turn off AutoCorrect in iOS and some other things that may be useful when entering text from the on-screen keyboard. Also at the end of the article on how to mute the iPhone keyboard sound, which is also often asked.

Note: in fact, there is no T9 on the iPhone, as this is the name of the predictive input technology developed specifically for simple push-button mobile phones. Those. what annoys you sometimes on an iPhone is called auto-correction, not T9, although many people call it that.

Disabling input auto-correction in settings

As already noted above, what replaces the words you enter on an iPhone with something worthy of memes is called auto-correction, not T9. You can disable it using the following simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Open Basic – Keyboard
  3. Disable the item "Auto Correction"

Done. If you wish, you can also turn off Spelling, although usually there are no serious problems with this option – it just emphasizes those words that, from the point of view of your phone or tablet, are spelled incorrectly.

Additional options for customizing keyboard input

In addition to turning off the T9 on the iPhone, you can:

  • disable automatic capitalization (the item "Autocase") at the beginning of the input (in some cases it may be inconvenient and, if you often encounter this, it may make sense to do this).
  • disable word suggestions (Predictive typing item)
  • Enable custom text replacement templates that will work even if auto-correction is disabled. You can do this in the menu item “Text Replacement” (for example, you often write SMS to Lidiya Ivanovna, you can configure the replacement so that, say, “Lidi” is replaced by “Lidia Ivanovna”).
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I think they figured out turning off T9, using an iPhone has become more convenient, and obscure texts in messages will be sent less often.

How to mute keyboard sound

The default keyboard sound on the iPhone is disliked by some owners and they are wondering how to turn it off or change that sound.

How To Disable T9 (Autocorrect) And Keyboard Sound On Iphone And Ipad

The sounds when you press the keys on the on-screen keyboard can be configured in the same place as all the other sounds:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Open Sounds
  3. At the bottom of the list of sound settings, turn off “Keyboard clicks”

After that, they will not bother you, and you will not hear taps when you type.

Note: if you need to turn off the sound of the keyboard only temporarily, you can simply turn on the “Silent” mode using the switch on the phone – this also works for key clicks.

As for the ability to change the sound of the keyboard on the iPhone – no, such an opportunity is not currently provided in iOS, this will not work.

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