How To Delete Icloud Data Directly From Iphone21

How To Delete Icloud Data Directly From Iphone21

To delete various data from applications that support iCloud, just go to the desired program and select all the necessary elements. In extreme cases, you can delete the application itself, but even this is not able to completely remove all unnecessary information from your device. Apple’s cloud service is certainly very convenient to use, but it has the habit of storing completely useless data that takes up extra space in your account.

Now we’ll look at a simple way to quickly and painlessly delete this kind of data directly from your iPhone. First, go to the "Settings" of the gadget and scroll down a bit to the iCloud menu. Here we find the “Storage and copies” section, where backups of all your devices registered with this Apple ID are stored.

We are waiting for a couple of seconds, and under the names of the gadgets the “Documents and data” block will appear – it is he who interests us. First, let’s look at working with this section using an example application for viewing Keynote presentations from the iWork office suite. The fact is that I deleted it from my smartphone a long time ago, but, as you can see, all the presentations were safely saved in iCloud. I don’t argue, in a sense, it’s convenient, but in this case, my goal is to free my “cloud” from excess load. Since these presentations are not of special value to me, you can safely click "Edit" and delete all these documents. Also, a similar operation can be turned with a swipe to the right.

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So we replenished iCloud storage with additional 135 megabytes of free space. In addition to office applications, some iOS games like Sprinkle are very fond of being saved in the “cloud”. This application has also not been living on my iPhone for several months, but the cherished place in iCloud takes. Of course, the size of the program’s data is laughable, but some serious games can win up to 100 megabytes with their save. We delete.

Why is this needed? It seems that such applications do not take up too much space. However, five programs with data sizes of 30 megabytes each are already able to significantly reduce the capacity of your storage. Given that most users prefer not to expand its space with free five gigabytes, the bill is already clearly going to megabytes.

Be careful!

Clearing information from iCloud in a similar way will delete it from all your devices. In particular, after deleting documents from Pages, you will no longer be able to take and open them from your Mac computer. Therefore, carefully choose which information you can donate and which, for the sake of security, should also be saved in Dropbox. Just in case.